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  • Justin Carpenter

Saving Souls and Stacking Silver - Silence DoGood

Here I'm joined by Silence DoGood who has been a prominent anon voice in this great awakening. Silence has focused on the financial side of this awakening, always encouraging his followers to get out of the fake satanic fiat and get into precious metals. And through that he has consistently stayed on the goodly godly path with his message and has always been a big support for me, Charlie and Colleen as we spread a message of faith and hope. And prior to just recently, SDG only did posts in writing. But God has led him to taking a more vocal approach and so I was so grateful to have him on for a wonderful conversation. We discuss this spiritual war and what it means to us and go over the importance of stacking silver. In short, don't delay... This was a great chat! Thank you SDG for joining me in this 🙏

You can reach SDG on his website here along with his social media links:

And his telegram channel:


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