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Quest-i-on - Quest to turn 👁💡28-MAR-24

Artist Played: The Postal Service


-Update from Rome, God's Conduits

-Crucifixion and Death/Resurrection of Hero's Journey

-How best to speak on food journey with those unaware

-We create our reality, only Love/Goodness exists absolutely

-Outer Space? And this expansive experience

-Don't stress about cleansing/detoxing

-Vesica Piscis

Questions are an invitation to the divine to bring us an answer. As Jesus says in Matthew 7:7 (Christ=77): "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you". So let's spend this time asking and seeking by asking Quest-i-ons on this grand Quest to illuminate the single eye... This Quest I am on...

Here's one of the amazing chats we have on my Telegram Channel "Justin Carpenter". To join in live for future conversations or for updates in Telegram, feel free to join my channel If there notes/timestamps have been submitted, they will be below the show video. Don't see notes/timestamps and you'd like to help out by writing them? That's always very much appreciated... You can reach me on telegram or on my connect page

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Quest-i-on 28-MAR-24

Songs The Postal Service The District Sleeps Alone Tonight and Be Still My Heart

8:08 Song Decode begins

22:08 Introduction and Update on Rome journey

Working diligently writing and meeting with other writers. The seed within = the connection point with God. Allow it to grow

into a flourishing tree. I’m this conduit. I’m allowing that flow from Earthly plane below and Heavenly plane above.

Enjoying allowing this flow to flow through … and when you do miracles are abundant. Ate gluten in pasta, suffered the

consequences. It is okay to experiment … be conscious while in it. No need to be hard on ourselves.

28:35 [Lannette] Shares the title of the motion picture, “God’s Conduits”. Ties into seed movement. Good to be the

clearest, cleanest, conduit at all times allowing the divinity to flow through. Working with a team of writers. Process: Script

finalized, a few people will come forward, create the film in team play … going back to being God’s children in a fun

creative way … films can take up to a year to finish. Wants it to be free to watch in unusual places, like parks and such.

Doping things in an open and inviting way. Once the momentum starts, things happen fast, knowing it is God’s timing.

Storyline, The three ‘The Seed’ books gives the inspiration. Based on a true story, Lannette’s experience in the afterlife.

Purpose, to show in a beautiful way, in the same way we create our life, we will experience that in the afterlife. Abandon

all logic to allow ourselves the believing… Awareness we are so powerful we can literally create everything. There is

nothing we can’t create... Gematria on 741.


It is not a term describing nailing someone to a cross. Crucifixion is a term for crossing the fixion, to magnifying

power one-thousand fold. Looking at chakras rising up the spine; as soon as we cross the threshold from the throat

chakra, the last of the lower body chakras, leaving Earth and crossing from Earth into Heaven or crossing the fixion.

So, the 5 below represent the five physical senses. When bound by those, we are led only by temptation of the flesh,

beastly nature. It’s about sacrificing the lower energy self … cross the throat into Ajna, the third eye and 6th chakra … the

literal story about Jesus being crucified, what we’ve been taught … trauma, violent images etc. Could have happened,

don’t know, however the emphasis ad focus is on it. We are made to feel guilty because Jesus had to die for our sins and

we are told to worship him because of it… we had to have a savior, we are worthless, he is God … This is not what Jesus

taught. He taught - recognize this process (raising the chrism oil and crossing the fixion) and you will do greater things

than him. Passing from Chakra 5 to 6 you have to cross the fixion, gaining twice the power. Onto the 7th gains 1000-fold

power [adding up the number of petals on each chakra flower] … humility, penitence and alignment with goodness that

aligns with all of creation are required to receive the 7th chakra, the crown. How we crucify is an internal process. Sacrifice

of self, the beast nature required. Death and rebirth process is infinite – ascend past the ego layers, attachment to

something that was, happens moment to moment … winter solstice is crucifixion, the sun doesn’t move for three days, 22,

23, 24, and rises again on the 25th of Dec. Model this process, cyclical process, the 4-fold nature of man, when we feel the

stagnation, it’s an invitation to die to what was, to be born anew into what is … we are here to expand … (Justin reads his

post about the dark night of the soul, March 27, 2024).


Lila speaks about this as far as human design goes. The heretic type, is a trendsetter, a way shower, a trail

blazer; someone that recognizes a need for change or to break free from the status quo. There are two faces of the

heretic. One is to recruit and the other is inaction. It is important to note this two-fold process because most of the time

heretics get stuck in the recruiting and they don’t move to action. Suggest to go by the power of three. When recruiting

suggest a new idea or way even if we are so certain this way is the right way, etc. only mention it three times. After that

and the individual does not want to look at the new way, then let go of that recruiting process moving to action …

energetically we know it’s time to stop. Projectors’ (Justin) strategy is to wait for the invitation … energetically an invitation

has to be there for projectors energy to be received … We are not to cast pearls before swine … counterproductive. This

applies everywhere. Q did not speak about food. It is a polarizing subject. Josh X channel, says people are eating things

based on their frequency … no judgement … Josh will tell you exactly how he’s eating but doesn’t press others to eat that

way. … food may be our/their only solace in a traumatic existence … need to be ready to let go … have compassion for

where others are … generally, it is not our place to go into other’s space to tell them what to do … counterproductive …

Where is the energy that I have coming from? … Am I trying to prove myself right and the other person wrong?... Highest

vibrational foods come from Mother Earth freely giving, with no killing involved. … smooth transition.


Netflix series ‘3 Body Problem’. May be a big topic of conversation. Video link posted. Healthy caution with Jason’s

narrative. Any narrative portraying us a victim, is false. If we believe we are powerless, then we are. … black pill narrative

… the solution is within us, always. Jack says Jason is wrong about his diet but right about the other stuff. Psyop???

Left brain will never lead to peace … we are light connected with matter, the mother; we are that divinity incarnate is the

foundation we need to explore all these ideas about our history.


Explains that reality is a hybrid mirrored television sort of thing and we are all looking at the same mirror television and it is

reflecting back to us what our own expectation of the story is … asking yourself why am I seeing this, not what am I

seeing … (much more) … collective decisions … if we all decide to look for a unicorn, we will find one … the power of

stories … we can’t escape our stories until we acquire a new story … the narrative exerts force … the future is real …

Jason may be gathering a lot of followers with one story only to change his message … Everyone is subject to the Master

Force of love. Or he may be serving as a gatekeeper, waking up all kinds of people to black pill conspiracies until the

message becomes stale to them and they move onto better content. … All things are being brought into subjection to the

force of Love. … Everyone is being walked closer and closer to the truth. … There is no such thing as absolute falsehood,

there is an absolute truth, greater than our ability of human minds to conceive … Watch the stories we take because they

exert force. … whatever we are doing make sure we are subject to the force of love because the order of reality is love,

wisdom, power, then justice … start with love and you’ll end up with love.

2:11:46 [Justin] Fearing God – subjecting to the power of love, always having that aspect as the dominate energy within

everything where nothing ever exerts over that … building a solid foundation of the solid rock and not the sin … don’t

leave that stable footing, and from there, explore out. Nothing wrong with exploring hidden histories and possible ways

that we got here … leading from that stable foundation of love, then I can always come back to it and nothing will shake

me from that foundation. If building my reality off of aimless research and wanderings, then that’s what I will manifest …

loose sand unstable footing …

2:13:57 [Sonshine] When listening to other’s opinions, am I in my timeline or shifting into others’ timelines?

[Darth] There is a Master frequency that runs everything, only allowing certain actions … no one can violate our free will

… I can view your timeline, if you allow. Two primary laws of reality, the Law of Will and the Law of Power. These laws

work together to make the other principles … you will see timelines more like your viewpoint … the less the timeline has in

common with you the more difficult it is to view … especially relevant when we are viewing into the past … eventually the

past become meaningless … event horizon we can’t see past … Love, that which is good, is the only thing that’s

absolutely real … everything else is relative to that goodness, to each other and to itself, that’s the order of relativity …

Reality is relative and will conjure up anything … Yes, you are viewing other peoples’ timelines, timelines overlap … its

why we can interact with each other … (more discussion about what comes in our timeline and the need for awareness)

Things happen and we give it meaning … there is no one better to write our story than divine love.

[Justin] Changing things in the external will have no effect. It’s all about what I am projecting onto the screen, the mirror,

that’s where I make the most change.


If we live on a flat earth does this mean we can’t go to outer space? Flat earth term is polarizing and weaponizing.

We live on a level, stationary plane … not moving … so we can find stillness, connecting with the Mother Earth which

allows us to be that conduit, that receiver of divine force … if we believe we are on a ball hurling in space then in certain

ways we create that reality … we change our reality energetically … harmful to believe this because we cannot find

stillness and becomes difficult to connect with that divinity. The whole concept of outer space … this experience is

protected by God’s firmament, spoken about in all ancient texts … impenetrable dome … no way that physical matter can

pass through … can look at it as what separates the physical and metaphysical … it allows light to slow down in frequency

to become what we see as physical matter … Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album cover, prism where the white

photon light of God penetrating this experience coming in as the 7 color aspect … the firmament represents the physical

barrier to the white photon light (like in the prism). It is all light manifest into physicality. Spark = consciousness

transmuted – physical space – life – we are the perfect symbiosis of physicality and meta-physicality – the X, the perfect

balance point - light slowed down to something physical … outer space is in our consciousness … (much more narrative)

All about expansion, consciousness loves expansion … perpetual change … recognize I am the cause … step into full

potential and rule my own reality … we are all collectively bound to each other to an extent … creates a more enjoyable

experience when we are in the collective experience of WWGOWGA, (where we go one, we go all). We can get stuck in

the victimhood asking why do I have to be bound to the idiots!!! To others people’s choices? That’s a challenge and it

makes it more fun to overcome the harder challenges … outer space, a conscious playground of experiences …the

firmament protects our experiment, the experience that we chose to be within … like any good science experiment … limit

external influences … God, you, created a layer that no external influence is going to affect, so that the experience is

perfect, and everything that happens within it has infinite variation built into it so you don’t need anything else. You don’t

need any other variation coming in from elsewhere, i.e. aliens, asteroids etc., that we’ve been told … there is enough here

to never grow tired of, it never gets old, we can experience this physicality as long as we want to … we can either ascend

up out of this experience, in our choosing, or, we can descend out the bottom and cease to provide meaning to the

experience, as well. Both choices are available, we are just here to have fun and do not have fun take it so seriously.

Balance point of seriousness … playing … give it your all … recognize it’s a game … the pineal is the portal … connects

us to the astral, the meta-physical space. The inner space is infinite. Allegories used, from the watch party for Spaceman,

the WH are going to use outer space as an allegory for inner space … movie is showing the journey of man, it all goes on

within us, we don’t have to look anywhere else (externally). By connecting with each other within ourselves we can have

experiences where we all jump on a spaceship and go travel to far off distant planet and find aliens and whatever we

want. But it all exists within us and it is all being created within us. Tapping into collective, creative, massive sandbox

experience, just now remembering the capabilities of doing this. Inner space has Unlimited Potential within us. Any

reference to outer space … there are beautiful allegories in shows like Star Trek and Star Wars and other movies where

it’s all about the journey within. All telling the same story, The Hero’s Journey, what we all are here to go through and have

fun with.


Do whatever suits you to do. Maximum benefit would be to be all fruit but if you are not, don’t stress. Not having

stress on the body will allow it to release what it needs to. Do not want to create resistance. Find your balance point …

2:51:43 [Sharon] Invisible cage we shackle ourselves into and create it often in the I cant’s, the phrasing.

Language is a two-dimensional representation of a toroidal wave … fear paralyzes us … the hero’s journey is the journey

we have within us, we are all capable of walking this path if we choose … the only way to feel what love is, is to look in the

mirror and love yourself … the magical solution is sitting within us … we are the spark … we attract what we are …


[Mike] The ship that crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge decode. Gematria that represented the fish of

Mary and Yeshua … Comms. Enjoy the show.

3:12:53 Song The Postal Service Such Great Heights


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