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  • Justin Carpenter

Harmony of Heavens- The Dance of Divine Duality

Justin Carpenter & Noa Gaia Lakshmi present “Harmony of Heavens: The Dance of Divine Duality” - a transcendent exploration of the dance between the archetypal forces that shape our existence. Two seemingly opposite forces converging and coalescing into one...

In this ethereal performance, the Divine Masculine is embodied by the number 1, letter A, lustrous gold, and life-giving sun— commanding elements of fire and air to forge reality with unwavering resolve. He is stationary and firm, providing a solid foundation, a canvas to paint, a framework to focus and a consistent, logical will ready to blaze forward wherever pointed.

Contrasting this is the Divine Feminine, represented by the number 2, letter B, reflective silver, and ever-changing moon— nurturing the elements of water and earth to weave the tapestry of life with intuitive grace. She is motion and movement personified, magnetically breathing life and animation into all aspects of creation, caring and cultivating as her own children... The vibrant colors and emotional spectrum, she energizes and enlivens all.

He provides protection and safety, a container of creation for Her to do magic. She invites and receives. While represented by the curvacious 2 and B, she really Begins the Borning process with openness to divinity and the Force of Love... As a guide, she Brings this creative essence in and passes to her perpetual partner in Him. Who then propels the creative spark into action. From metaphysical through her to physical through him.

These two primal forces journey towards an inevitable convergence—the Divine Union. From their synergy emerges the Child, signified by the number 3, letter C: Christ Consciousness. This union transcends the physical, giving birth to the quintessence of creation, the element aether, a space where potential becomes actuality, and duality merges into oneness.

1+2=3... and the process begins again and again. Every creative moment a love story and union, forming the Family.

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