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  • Justin Carpenter

How Vitality Leads to Soul-Self Actuality

This was a presentation I did for "Fruity Fridays" on the topic of "How Vitality Leads to Soul-Self Actuality" for a group of raw vegans. Here's my bullet point list of topics covered to give an idea and then the video presentation below:

  • Who are we

  • The choice

  • The lie

  • Disconnection

  • Fear

  • Parasites

  • Time

  • Lack

  • Death

  • Truth

  • God of living

  • Pinnacle

  • Trinity

  • Christ within/chrism

  • Alkalinity

  • Baptism of water/fire

  • Here to create

  • Holistic reason

  • Transition-be honest/don't compare

  • Fasting

  • Other forms of energy

  • We already know this-remembering

  • Why am I pursuing health


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