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  • Justin Carpenter

Decoding the Esoteric Brilliance that is... TOOL - Episode 1 - Lateralus

TOOL has arguably been one of if not the most overt truth telling lyricists in the modern day music industry. Consistently portraying this alchemical and esoteric process of ascension within, the dissolution and reunion of left and right brain and the manifestation of our left brain (the cabal) run amok... If you've never heard them before, just brace yourself for the darker elements of truth. Which is where we have to begin... so arguably the most important thing we have to look at now. In order to transmute and balance the dark, we first have to truly acknowledge and observe it. Next comes the action to do what needs to be done... that sweeping fire of righteousness to cleanse the land. Justice.

In this episode I highlighted 5 songs from the album "Lateralus" and they beautifully flow together in the album. Schism Parabol Parabola Ticks and Leeches Lateralus

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