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What is Ascension?

What is ascension?

It's the straight and narrow! The Christed path that Jesus showed and walked. It's being virtuous in every moment, baptism of water (purity of the body) and baptism of fire (purity of the mind). The further along we go on this path, the more we unlock our regenerative self and eventually leave the death cycle. Everlasting life... But this isn't just given to us, it requires work and dedication. Diligence to achieve. The 7 virtues bring us towards this, the 7 sins bring us away, take us off the path. We have 33 vertebrae in our spine which signify the rungs in Jacob's ladder we must climb. This is why Jesus was 33 when he died... And as we climb, we illuminate each of the 7 chakras—6 in body and the 7th bestowed by God—to symbolize this internal process. This is why there are 7 churches in revelation, to signify the 7 chakras that must be lit. Ascending means we grow closer to light and also lighter physically. We're either ascending or descending with every action, thought, word or deed. The cabal tricked us into forgetting this through all the methods of distraction they use, including the satanic church's distortion of the Bible or even the alien agenda lie. Because when we realize who we are (children of God) and what we are to do (follow the Christed path), there's nothing that anyone can do to deceive us into being their slaves.

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