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  • Justin Carpenter

The Choice

Here, Charlie Freak gives an incredible encapsulation of this time of revelation and choosing, with Colleen and myself adding in as well. And in part inspired by a situation where a very special guest has joined in the conversation 😉 This time of choosing is where the hell we were living in reveals itself and God's truth emerges to burn it all away... Inevitably in this time we will face many choices, but really there is only one choice... Truth or lies? Life or death? God or devil? Each choice we face represents this one choice... And when you really know, it's no choice at all... So choose, but choose wisely...


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1 Comment

Desiree Jamroz
Desiree Jamroz
Nov 02, 2022

We LOVE Charlie and Colleen, fantastic teachers! My husband and I faithful listen to their show. We've omitted many followings and narrowed down to predominantly the Freak Family because they are sensicle & truthful ❤ Keep up mankind's teaching!

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