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  • Justin Carpenter

Seeking Equity and Justice In The Cradle-to-Grave System of Commerce

Absolutely amazing show where in the first half Mike of @DecodingTheStorm covered the roots of this system of injustice and the recent events of insanity that he faces. False charges and a demonic legal system attempting to beat him into submission... But he is rising to the occasion! A true David vs Goliath story emerges as this amazing warrior stands firm.

About 2 hours in the show, Charlie comes on with a passionate account of how we are complicit in the suffering of others when we capitulate to these pirates and ALL who are responsible for perpetuating this satanic system will be held to account...

There were then other beautiful shares including Darth Phaedrus about the power of word and our role to not only speak truth and bless the righteous, but also to curse the evil and banish it from the earth...

And angels were reaching out in supporting Mike through the linked donation campaign. We stand with you Mike!


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