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Rising out of Mirkwood: Egoic Distractions

The show will be centered around bringing clarity to our situation that we find ourselves in. We'll talk of this dark reality the cabal has thrust us into, as symbolized by Tolkien's Mirkwoood, and how to rise above it. We must climb... Climbing higher and with each step new clarity, new perspective, new vision. All by the grace of God...

Rising out of Mirkwood continues and this time we're going to discuss the murky aspect of the ego... How egoic distractions pop up in our lives, both within ourselves and dealing with those around us. When ego wants to distract us from doing our work by creating side shows where we are taken from our higher frequencies to dip into the lower spectrum, how do we deal with this and stay balanced? How much attention do we give to situations and when do we let them be? Lady Colleen and Justin will be joined by the lovely Lila and the brilliant Darth Phaedrus as we go over this very relevant topic.

And Wow! Thank you Audrey of for the spectacular notes below the video!

Thank you Audrey of for these!

Rising Out of Mirkwood: Egoic Distractions

Justin and Colleen with guests, Lila and Darth Phaedrus

2:40 Semantics around ego... Simply, ego is the false self. It is the twisted, inverted aspect that develops when we are living in our left brain, from our external senses. It's when we base our reality on what is happening out there. We've lost our connection to that which is good and our Godly energy. We get lost in the cave and the dragon emerging is the false self, driving us to justify the fulfillment of the false self desires. Often, this comes from fear. We fall for the madness of separation. Who is the god of the false self? Instead of being the good above all, the god of the false self is compulsions and needs and self- gratification above all else, no matter who gets hurt. Again, for the purpose of this discussion, we will define the ego simply as the false self. False self- dark, Higher self- light/goodly Godly.

13:17 Clip from "The Hobbit"- The Thief/The Dragon

17:00 Discussion of movie clip

This is a powerful representation of our false self. Our treasure, our beautiful and vast/immense Consciousness, is being guarded by a dragon, our ego. We are afraid of it. We feel powerless to it. There's an internal battle ahead! We must remember our ability to see the Divine, not let the ego destroy that ability. Are we going to be an Angel or a Demon? Godly or the dragon, our own worst self? Face down the dragon so it does not consume us, which leads us to consume others. You have no power here! You shall not pass! We are worthy! No fear! The pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of the Divine. We co- create beauty with the Divine. The treasure belongs to us. Have humility and presence to keep showing up to battle the dragon, as it will continue to rise up within us. Be harmonious. Step into the beauty of the virtues.

32:40 Clip from "A Few Good Men" with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson

When others are stuck outside of humility, how do they respond? And, how do we respond, in turn?

34:25 Discussion of movie clip

The Q team/White Hats and The Plan. Don't judge those doing the ultimate work, the hardest work. We do not know the full scope of the truth. Have gratitude for those who have protected us and saved us all from the fall.

When we stand up as the warrior, we are standing in balance with God. Do the work within. Get out of pride, self- loathing and/ or self- serving. Do not criticize those who have done the work. See clearly. You can't handle the truth because you are still stuck in the lie. God bless DJT, showing much strength, taking all those slings and arrows, for all of us.

Remember to help and welcome those who are newly awakening. There's always a second chance. Be humble. We were there, too. Help others rise and you will continue to rise. Shine so others can see the light. Have discernment, not judgement, to call others up, not out. You shall know them by their fruit. Actions can be judged. A single act of goodness disproves evil. Light always pushes back the darkness. It is good, true and right to hunt down people who harm children. Honor, code and loyalty are not just buzzwords. They mean something. Be your sacred self, an emanation of God. Strip away the layers that do not serve you.

1:08:08 Justin on finding strength and setting healthy boundaries

1:10:35 HEARTFELT words from Colleen on right action and letting go of relationships that hold us back

1:11:30 Darth explains that we have to elevate ourselves and create the higher timeline to show it's possible and create the space so other people can follow us there.

Let go of attachments that hold us back. Die and be reborn... Phoenix rising...

1:15:28 God is waiting for us to come back home. Stay on the path of goodness and truth. Be the example for others. Love yourself so you can love others. The consequence of man's law is the cabal. The Divine had to respect our free will so Heaven can manifest. All of our sins need to stop with our generation. We cannot do to our kids what was done to us. Justin talks about holding the door in the higher reality open/ holding space for those we love to step into, when they are ready to raise themselves up to enter.

1:19:55 Lila- As above, so below. You are only able to have that love for those beings because you have that love for yourself and have tamed that dragon.

1:20:55 Darth explains how to walk people into a higher timeline by rewriting difficult experiences with loved ones, in a more positive manner. Exerting a positive force on someone will lend them energy to improve the quality of their character. Even positive experiences can be made more positive by this process. (additional explanation from Darth at 1:52:22)

1:22:55 Addressing the accusations that our group/family is a "cult" of divisive haters

1:25:25 Justin responds and references the second agreement: "Don't take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering."

From: "The Four Agreements"

1:29:42 Cult is just short for culture. We are all part of a culture. Seek that which is good and true.

1:32 How can you tell when you are in ego? If you are offended, off- balanced, you are in ego. You can not be in love if you are in fear. The false self is a lie and is sustained and supported by lies. Lies damage your energy and make you sick. Truth is sustained by the Divine. If we are true, we are sustained by the Divine.

1:39:30 Justin suggests reviewing the series on the virtues:

1:42:20 Lila suggests breathwork and recommends The Divine 52 Intervention on telegram.

Also, Lila asks how much energy do you have? When we are "wearing a mask", we are tired all the time. How is my body supported in this field? Do I have enough support? Do I use coffee to get through the day? When the spirit is moving through our system and we are aligned with it, there is no need to be held up artificially. When you are yourself and you are with God and that energy is moving from the right side of the brain, it's not exhausting; it's amazing!

1:45 Other things we do when in ego- deny, deflect, minimize

1:47:20 Be willing and God will present opportunities for learning and growth. Answer the call.

1:48 Sharing of experiences of catalysts of change from Colleen, Lila and Darth

1:52:22 Darth further explains how to apply the spiritual laws to remanifest the physical construct we call reality to create the future. Co- create with the Divine.

1:55:32 Lila referenced "Being Erika"-


-Question about the word proud

-Question about righteous anger and ego

-Louise Hay book referenced by Colleen- "Heal Your Body"

-Book, "The Body Keeps the Score" by Besser van der Kolk

-Book "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson

1:59:50 Lila talks about anger with respect to human design. Emotions are neutral. It's what you do with them that matters.


-Emotions are felt in the body and interpreted by the mind. Many emotions share sensations in the body.

​*2:06 Colleen talks about depression and storms and imbalance and ego... brilliant... and everyone else chimes in... also brilliant...


-TV series "Silo"

-Question from chat about past/future/force of love... Based on perspective.

-Discussion about neutrality

-Question about Darth's book. The Book of Jedidiah. Darth and Lila to collaborate on a chapter about The Types of Jedi...woot, woot!!! Move the energy within and let it out!

2:23:17 Closing comments:

Lila- thrilled to be part of the conversation. It's showing up in my life in many ways right now. Thanks to everyone for doing the work. Love to everyone.

Darth- So happy I have finally found my tribe. Looking forward to next Thorsday!

Colleen- I hope we can be a light to inspire you to action and help you move toward your true light. Your energy and love in the chat can be felt. We're all connected. The best is yet to come. We are powerful forces for good, for God. To get her... together; we need each other. All that I see in you is part of me.

Darth- His story is a present for her (past/present/future). The false self doesn't identify with other people but the true self can find an aspect of others and say "This is me".

Justin- Thanks to everyone for adding your beautiful energy. We love you all.

Each and every encounter you have in your life is an opportunity to put this to the test. Keep taming the dragon!

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