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  • Justin Carpenter

Rising out of Mirkwood "How to Quantum Time-Jump into the Higher Timeline Realities" Part 1

The show will be centered around bringing clarity to our situation that we find ourselves in. We'll talk of this dark reality the cabal has thrust us into, as symbolized by Tolkien's Mirkwoood, and how to rise above it. We must climb... Climbing higher and with each step new clarity, new perspective, new vision. All by the grace of God...

This episode will be centered around the attached pdf on "How to Quantum Time-Jump into the Higher Timeline Realities" where we'll talk about how to be responsible for our frequency and where that takes us... Take a look and see what you think!

Easily one of the most powerful conversations around such an important topic... How to be responsible (response-able) for our emotional and mental states as this truly creates our reality!

A big thanks to for putting this beautiful document together!

Download PDF • 2.38MB

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