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The Book of Jedidiah... Healing with Life Force Comprehensive Guide

Some of you might remember the show we did called "Healing with the Life Force" with Darth Phaedrus where he introduced many of us to the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu and the idea that we can truly heal anything simply by our conscious intent and guiding this energy through our body... If you missed that one, I'd highly recommend checking it out here:

Well in this show Darth mentioned how he wanted to prepare a comprehensive PDF to act as a guide to that show and expand beyond. And after an awesome amount of time and effort on his part, he's revealing this masterpiece of a creation! A whopping 126 page guide full of diagrams and step by step instructions on how to address a wide variety of ailments we face, with nothing but simply your hands, your breath and your intention... You can view that on his channel here: Just browsing through this guide, you can quickly see the vast effort that went into this and I am SO grateful we have such a generous man in our midst. And! I am beyond excited that he's agreed to come do another show to go over this guide and share some more of his mindblowing gnosis with us.

About Darth Phaedrus: ”Darth Phaedrus is a Master Arcanist knowledgeable and proficient in rhetoric, literature, the arcane and esoteric, philosophy, history, metaphysics, alchemy, sigilry, runeology, symbolism, martial arts, alternative healing methodologies, alternative technologies, kundalini, pranayama, and yoga meditation."

This man is a gift, his wife JoAnna is an angel and their family is absolutely beautiful… If you feel inclined to support and say thanks for all the hard work and gifts we’ve been provided, please use the following link to help out and find more from them. Darth Phaedrus truly just wants to help people learn, heal and rise... The more we support, the more Darth will be able to have free time to devote to providing more written and presented content like this. He’s expressed a true passion for taking the gnosis that Charlie and this group shares and compile it into guides like this. So let’s make that more easy to do and let’s shift this space from a debtor to a creditor based experience! Venmo: House of Jedidiah CashApp: House of Jedidiah, $DarthPhaedrus Givesendgo:

Darth Phaedrus can be reached at: Email: Telegram: Linktree:

Follow Darth Phaedrus on Telegram:


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