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  • Justin Carpenter

Reclaiming Sovereignty - Body, Mind and Soul

In our natural, ascended state, we embody abundance in all ways. Recognizing separation merely as a fun experience and true connection with all around, we're constantly giving and serving, and thus receiving and being served in a beautiful, harmonious flow of dharmic reciprocation and expansion. The way as all Christed beings have taught and lived. The path to life.

However... in our fallen state, we invite and manifest the contrasting force - the demiurge, devil, satan - all allegorical names for the egoic false self. This side of us lives in continuous victim mode, perceiving separation as absolute and scarcity as foundational. The path towards death... Creation responds always exactly what is energetically asked of it, and thus we manifest all forms of this energy. On a physical level, parasites enter our body, influencing our cravings and slowly leading us further into decay. We bring in this energy through actions such as rape, stealing and murder. And on a more collective level, the manifestation of this slave inducing society, where all are forced to choose between victim and oppressor, slave and slave master.

So how do we reverse this? Noa and Justin are going to discuss this. First we must examine the current state honestly, face the darkness. And then we begin to work to transmute it... To return to our natural state. Recognizing that if I want to see change in the world around me, I must BE that change within me.

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4 days ago

The willingness to change by acknowledging the need to do so has to be the first step of the dying off the old and the rebirth of the new. I absolutely was guided to this conversation today. I loved this discussion Justin as it has confirmed what I have in my heart when I am consciously making choices/decisions in any given situation rather than feeling pressure to react due to various thought patterns based on past experiences, rather than calmly respond. I love how you and Noa referenced various movies and situations to (demon)strate how to discern whether we are coming from a state of consciousness or whether we are acting in a state of fear (ego). This is t…

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