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  • Justin Carpenter

Pranic Living - Myth or Esoteric Truth?

Noa and Justin are back! And this time to unveil the seemingly enigmatic world of Pranic Living, a journey that transcends conventional wisdom and taps into the ancient knowledge of life force energy. We'll examine our divine blueprint and discover the sacred architecture of our existence, where every cell and fiber of our being is intricately designed to resonate with the universe’s vibrational energy. Through recalibration back to Pranic Nourishment, we can liberate ourselves from the perceived "need" of physical food and tap fully into Cellular Regeneration and Remembrance of our natural form... We have chosen to experience the physicality of this creation, yet let's not forget where we come from, that we are truly light beings having this physical experience. So come join us in this dynamic discussion as we approach higher forms of being!

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