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  • Justin Carpenter

Level Earth? With Nichole from "The Breakdown 1718"

Notes/Timestamps provided by Nancy. Thank you!

LEVEL EARTH with The Breakdown 1718

Nicole: Firmament vs Establishment

Right vs Left Brain


Establishment vs Firmament

NASA God’s Law

Maritime Law Natural Law

1:06 Nicole’s Why.

Teach the children – Un-school

Question the establishment

6:30 Establishment is NASA


8:00 NASA’s product

8:40 The Firmament

9:00 Stable One Mind

9:20 Genesis Quotes

God is in all Things

11:00 Firmament is Heaven



13:35 Explains picture of the Split between the chaos of the world and peace of mind

Why Level Earth matters

The choice is ours

Jesus vs Satan


15:52 Tangible content for Level Earth

Rainbow and boat photo

18:00 Camera’s zoom

18:55 Earth and sky converging

19:25 Curvature Unexplained

21:40 Centrifugal Force


24:25 Photo of Curved vs Flat Surface

Spinning Earth Model

26:00 Water and Centrifugal Force


28:25 (Decodes)

Kid by The Side of the Road

4 = Foundation

Q post 2622


32:12 Q post 2622

Flat Earth as weaponized term


34:25 15 Days to Flatten the Curve



38:47 Firmament Concept

41:00 Complacency breeds slavery

42:10 Church Story (the lie)


44:30 Genesis: Man made in Our Image


48:48 How does Tesla 3, 6, 9 energies fit into our embodiment level?

Is there something beyond Antarctica and where does it play into our

internal world?


49:22 Antarctica as an ice wall


52:20 Addresses Tesla question

We are the vibrational Field


57:30 How do we get out of the dome, portals?

58:00 Justin: Portals as an escape

1:05:05 Nicole: Firmament-Head-Heaven

1:06:10 Justin speaks

1:07:00 How do we deal with people that are adamant that everything has been a lie except for NASA and the globe?

Nicole and Justin and Darryl respond.

1:18:05 Michael S (Mikola 55D Tesla) and Nicole speak on the “I Am”.

1:20:35 Justin: Words and Spellings matter

1:22:35 Cross shares (he’s 14 and un-schooled), his take

1:26:22 Please speak on Jetson White and his time travel information.

1:26:34 Justin not certain information is correct

1:27:36 Nicole explains time travel as meeting someone where they are in


1:29:40 Justin responds

1:32:53 Golden_Goddess 777 shares experience with astral travel.

1:34:00 Justin speaks on Akashic Records and photonic light.

1:39:06 Disinformation concerning ’flat earth’ could be put out to instill confusion.

1:41:15 Justin responds

1:45:18 Perspective on chakra’s as portals.

1:47:10 Justin responds

1:55:20 Refers to video

1:57:11 Nicole speaks on Fibonacci “square” showing golden ratio spiral relating it

to communication and inner-standing; dimensions.

2:01:10 Justin speaks on phi symbol.

2:01:25 Nicole expands on concept.

2:01:55 Maggie responds/conversation continues.

2:03:40 Kim Oz speaks on chakras and sound frequencies.

2:06:45 Nicole responds with the gematria.

2:07:58 Justin speaks on sound healing.

2:08:36 Nicole speaks on Q post 4915 link to a floating wooden O video.

(Not the correct Q post number)


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