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  • Justin Carpenter

Inner Faith - Bible Breakdown and Spirituality

This was SO good! Lyndee of @thelionsclubchannel brought in myself, Ben Carter @thedivine52intervention and Darth Phaedrus of @DarthPhaedrus_DarktoLight for a BRILLIANT discussion on all things spiritual. The big picture of everything! I was absolutely buzzing the entire time with the depth that was being shared. Thank you Lyndee for leading another amazing conversation! 🙏🔥

From Lyndee: "I’m so blessed to welcome the incredible gnosis of these 3 divine masculine men to the show!!!

We will discuss all aspects of the Bible.

How we read and interpret it. Discuss verses, the allegories and connections to them. Knowing the true meanings of the scriptures, language used and how we can apply these into our everyday lives. Who is God, and how do use this information to do the inner work ?

Bring your bibles and favourite verses and let’s discuss this very popular topic!!!!! "


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