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If men are not supposed to "spill their seed," why did God make us that way?

I was recently asked this question on my Telegram channel and thought it would be a great question to answer here on my website as well.

Answer: So let's first examine this initial separation of God and you, how you'd ask a question like that. God is everything, which includes you. This creation is designed as an experiential playground, to pretend to separate (descend) and then come back together (ascend) - and learn/grow all the way. God is everything, so we were, to some degree, part of that creating and also signed up to participate in this experience (still all God). So the question might be better looked at as "Why did WE make us like that?". This would be similar to why does food that is not good for us make us salivate? Why are we tempted to do anything that hurts our health/wellbeing? Well it's simply that the challenge of the desire/temptation yields a greater reward when the temptation no longer holds you. We've likely done this experience infinite number of times... And it gets harder and harder every time we do it. Like doing a puzzle - you start out with the 10 piece puzzle as a child, but then doing a puzzle like that isn't fun anymore, you move to more pieces, not looking at the box, etc. to make it more challenging. That's what we did here... and man is it a challenge, in so many ways including that one. Hope that helps simplify a bit. Certainly doesn't make it any easier...


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