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  • Justin Carpenter

White Hats and Black Hats - 2 sides of the same coin?

I had someone promote a theory that white hats and black hats are just two sides of the same coin trying to control us. I'm sure others have stumbled across these theories. Here's my response that might help:

"We should always be aware and never let anyone have authority over us. But this is jumping far too quickly to dismal conclusions. With the assumption that the white hats are going to usurp power again over us. This is an unfounded assumption because actions and words indicate otherwise... Trump repeatedly talks of bringing power back to the people, as it always has been. Just look at any JFK speech... full of bringing power back to the people and calling out corruption. This is completely Q's message... All actions taken support this benevolent freedom of mankind (even the more obscure war time chess moves). If they truly sought power over us, they wouldn't push this idea of power to the people nearly as much. And they certainly wouldn't allow any idea of Christ within to proliferate, as this is the key. They're working on the government to break all governments - where we are merely organized sovereigns creating heaven on earth...

Here's something to consider. If the black hats, who use fear to control, know without a doubt they are losing power at this moment. Wouldn't they have a desire to plant doubtful and fearful seeds into everyone, so that a narrative to "overthrow" benevolent leaders would be more effective in the future? To create chaos and instability, stir the public with newly regained power into a frenzy and easily trick them back into another control scheme? Those who are lost to evil ways will NEVER completely give up, just like our ego will never go away. So they will try any which way to spread fear and regain power. And anyone peddling these narratives is either consciously or unconsciously helping their fearful narrative...

Good leaders are helpful as guides, but should not exert power over another. The white hats have done nothing but demonstrate benevolent leadership - guides giving us an opportunity to free ourselves. And unless I see real indication of intent otherwise, these kinds of narratives you're promoting are just as I described - a fearful seed for malevolent purposes. Fear/doubt are tools of the devil. And yes we are primed to be deceived, obviously. So wouldn't a deceiver try to convince everyone that people who are actually good are bad? To spread unfounded paranoia and fear - discord and chaos. I have no doubt that this fearful narrative you're promoting will be pushed by those seeking to regain control at every step of the way. You're welcome to entertain this all you like, but this is not the place for that. There are plenty of fearful groups who love these dismal realities.

All goes back to the importance of the inner work... Because when we're good with God, when we are using our 6th and 7th senses of intuition and telepathy, there is no way that anyone could ever deceive us ever again. If I see ANY group of people that are trying to limit this highest truth within us, this innate connection with God, I promise I'll be the loudest contrary voice. But making paranoid conclusions based on irrational fear is certainly not a route I'll be taking or advising."


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