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  • Justin Carpenter

What is Human Design? LIVE Chart Reading - Generator

Justin here and I'm excited to continue this series with Lila on "What is Human Design?"! She'll be doing another LIVE chart reading, but this time with the Generator energy type. Allisa will be joining us as we go through her chart and uncover just what it reveals about how she shows up in this realm... Should be a fantastic show!

To review the last show where we gave an introduction and covered my chart as a Projector, feel free to review here:

Want to review your own chart? Discover it for free here!

Lila does an absolutely phenomenal job going through this kind of stuff... It's all there for anyone to learn, but it's certainly helpful to have an experienced eye to go through it quickly. If you're interested in having your chart read by Lila and setting up some kind of fair exchange for the time and energy, please feel free to contact her via Telegram: Email:


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