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  • Justin Carpenter

What is Christ Consciousness?

From the Telegram Show: Rising out of Mirkwood, aired on 16-MAR-23 Justin Carpenter brilliantly explains CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Do you have oil in your lamp? 🪔

Thank you Joanna for this wonderful video and slideshow! Wow... She's putting up so many of these amazing creations of clipped videos on her channel

And here's the post referenced by Benjamin Carter of The Divine 52 Intervention on what is "The Work"

It really is that simple isn't it.

Kindness is King. 👑

Love how you all talked about the smile. 😊

What you give to others you are giving to yourself.

Instantly when someone acknowledges the smile and responds, you get a release of natural endorphins within.

We have mirror neurons within.

That's your reward from God from the G-lands.

Life will change very quickly when you do the following:

- Devote your entire life and existence to God;

- Wake up every day with absolute gratitude for your existence and god breathing life into your body through the soul;

- See God in every thing, experience and man/woman, as having being sent from God as a part of your learning experience;

- Ask God every day how can you be of service;

- Take guided action on those godly thoughts or intuition and practice the heavenly virtues in every moment; (even the most smallest of actions like picking up some rubbish to clean the beach, asking how someone's day is at the checkouts of a shop, open the door for someone, give a dog a cuddle, someone a hug, tell someone how much you love them and value them etc)

- Put a smile on your face and greet everyone you meet as though they are of the divine and of need of your loving smile and energy;

- Give all the love and energy you have each day to assist others as a service to God and then replenish this energy each day through meditation; (if you fill someone else's cup up, god will fill yours up again when you meditate)

- Practice meditation daily; (begin with concentration exercises to reduce the chatter and thoughts and then eventually your meditation will be without any thoughts while focusing on the atom points of the 6th and 7th chakras.

We want to bathe in the ocean of bliss through meditation. There is no greater feeling or reward than the bliss from meditation.

This comes in the state of "no mind" after all thoughts have been dissolved from the mind)

- Surrender everything over to God each day; (both good and bad - breathe in deeply and then sweep the negativity away saying "peace and love")

- Stay non-attached to all situations and experiences; (be the observer all the time and see this experience as happening for your growth - this is a complete mindset change)

- Consciously focus on "every breath" throughout the day through the nostrils in a slow, subtle & rhythmic nature, (up the back of the spine to the crown and down the front to the root chakra) as this will enable you to be in an absolute calm state of mind in which you can control every thought and hence your mood.

The present moment/now is where our power resides and where the ego has no control. When you are outside of the now, the ego is controlling the show. The aim is to be calm and composed in every moment and it's the rhythmic breath that keeps you in this state and continually in the present moment.

- Act as though everything you have been told is a lie and that you need to replace all old beliefs that are lies that no longer serve you with the ultimate truth; (It's time to look at life through a new lens and from a higher perspective)

- Send loving prayers and healing energy to your friends and your foes. (Forgiveness is a must and will drain the toxicity from within your mind and body)

- Forgive yourself and others for past actions. (You can only act out in accordance with your current level of awareness - you can only do better if you know better)

- Give up your old negative story; (you are not your past so stop playing out these events as if they are happening to you in the present moment. Altering brainwave states to theta will assist with this process- meditation/hypnosis/plant medicine and tapping)

- Bless your food and beverages before consuming them and digest them with saliva; (eat and drink in a calm state)

- Sungaze every day and worship the sun/son.☀️ (sungazing has multiple benefits such as sharpening your intellect, stimulating the pineal gland, assisting with digestion of carbohydrates, strengthening the immune system and recharging the water cells of our body(our battery)

- Do the same with moongazing 🌚 - the moon relates to your mind so will assist with purifying your mind.

- Walk barefoot on the earth and bow daily (touching your forehead to the ground facing the sun☀️ - this is being penitent to both god and the sun/son/Christ;

- Exercise daily; (as well as stillness our bodies need to be in motion - even a small walk)

- Spend as much time during the day out in nature and observe the natural rhythm; nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished.

- Bathe in the ocean or a river if you are close by as a purification to the physical body. (The ocean also has minerals that can soak into the skin)

- Be careful who you spend the majority of your time around; (Birds of a feather flock together - spend your time around inspiring and like minded people)

- Be careful with the music you listen to, what you watch on tv, social media and listen to on the radio or podcasts etc as this information is overlaying your current mind program that plays out repetitively each day;

- Keep your environment clean and tidy and apply feng shui to utilise the natural frequencies of the universe;

- Be careful of the environmental pollutants and toxicity around you. (Clothing material you wear - hemp is the best, exposure to EMF's, (crystals like orgonite, tourmaline, shungite etc will assist), cooking utensils, personal care products, (no heavy metals in them)pesticides, (be careful of local parks etc) heavy metals, (remove any metal fillings within the body, remove root canals, (teeth care is important) no sun cream which is full of poison, or wearing sunglasses. (Blocks out the infrared and uv light the body requires and only allows the blue light in)

Avoid blue lights within the house especially at night time. Filter the water you drink and shower in)

- Allow for air to circulate around your environment. Have a window open at home with access to outside air. Be careful of stagnant air and reactive oxygen species from air conditioning units. Similar to office, aeroplanes, cruise ships, hotels etc (being locked inside without purified air will poison the cells)

- Consume an alkaline diet; (food, beverages and thoughts - mainly raw fruit and some vegetables)

- Purify the mind and body with regular detoxing; (liver/kidney/colon/lymphatic system/heavy metal/parasite cleanses)

- Target specific organs with detoxing herbs such as dandelion, elderberry, cascara sagrada, burdock root and then after each detox make sure you revitalise the body with revitalising herbs such as black sarsaparilla; (iron fluorine), contribo, parvana and raw sea moss) - The body has lost a lot of energy from the toxicity within and also the detoxing process so we must give it the care and attention of rejuvenation.

- Practice fasting for cellular repair, hormone and neurotransmitter resetting and stronger connection to your soul; (juice/water/dry fasting)

- Practice semen retention; (you are draining your life force energy every time you spill your seed so literally killing yourself)

- Practice reading the scriptures or similar books like Lord of the Rings regularly and then apply this knowledge and metaphorical interpretation in your daily life until you become someone of wisdom/prajnana (bible, Quran, Torah, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Brahmasutras, Vedas, Tripitaka, Buddhist scriptures, Egyptian scriptures etc)

- Begin to ask the right questions (as king 👑)that will move you closer to God and towards your life purpose. (The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of questions you are asking yourself and others)

- Look at other healing modalities for healing/cutting cords etc if your intuition is guiding you to them. (Body talk for cutting active memory/past life generational trauma etc, reiki, sound healing, light healing, acupuncture, kinesiology, float tanks, chiropractic, massage, scenar/rife therapy, Rolfing, plant medicines, crystal therapies, essential oil therapies, infrared saunas, infrared mats, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, hydrogen water therapy, ozone therapy)

- Allow for natural sunlight to enter your house and work environment; (Darkness attracts mould/fungus etc that is toxic)

- Learn Etymology/Gematria/Numerology/Sacred Geometry/Astrology/Human Design and other similar tools as this is Gods intelligent design and communication mechanism with us.

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm and these are manuals and guides of what is going on inside of us and what inner work we need to do like raising the chrism/Christ oil inside of us.

To put oil in our lamp and to eventually illuminate the optic thalamus to become the light of the world.

Our body needs to be clean and alkaline along with practicing breath control/meditation for this process to occur. (We can establish our signature blueprint, karmic lessons for being here and use these tools to get to know thyself - keep in mind it is only a guide and a blueprint with epigenetics (environment) altering the blueprint to who we currently are)

Remember “The ultimate goal of life is to achieve perfection in every thought, word and deed and to reach self realisation/attain liberation through renunciation/non attachment.”

Everything described above will take you one step closer to reaching this goal.



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