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  • Justin Carpenter

Urine/Orin Therapy With Brother Sage


Orin... Au(gold) R IN. The Gold is inside...

Our Golden Elixir...

Commonly known as Urine therapy, better named Orin Therapy. What is it? How do you practice it? What does it help with? All are questions we will cover and I'm so grateful to be joined by our beloved Brother ReKnow and special guest Brother Sage! Brother Sage has been practicing Orin Therapy for 30 years and has spent much of that time teaching others about this ancient and magical practice.

Truly we have all that we need available to us, at no cost... Abundantly provided every single day. And all we have to do is trust ourselves, our body and the magic of creation that God provides! So this show will be a conversation where Brother Sage will share his wisdom and experience with us.

And you can find more about and contact Brother Sage at


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1 Comment

Martin Lara
Martin Lara
Jan 14

Congratulations Brother Sage, I looked through your website and I stand in awe seeing what you have accomplished. It is very impressive.

Once again congratulations.

I am writing to you to ask for a favor. Would you mind sharing the contact person and name of the “On Demand Printing Company” that handles your book sales. I did not realize how much work is required to handle the sale of my book Uropathy. Thanks in advance for your help.

Respectfully yours

Martin Lara

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