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  • Justin Carpenter

Edenology Project in the Northern Mariana Islands with Eugene aka Korean Tarzan

What has Eugene been up to? Where has our dear shirtless brother been? Well he's been searching through and dancing with Mother Nature. At times he cultivates her and at times she cultivates him in this harmonious partnership in self discovery. He's traveled various regions and has landed in a very exciting space, surrounded by fruit trees growing in abundance... Climbing coconut trees is a regular part of his days as the utopia we all know and dream of begins to take shape all around him... So let's find out what his vision is in this regard and hear all about where life's adventures have taken him. Those who are serious about making a radical shift to an exciting new way of life, getting back to our roots in nature, definitely will not want to miss this...

Find all of Eugene's links here ( and ways you can help support him here ( or you can contact him via email at

This was from one of the amazing chats we had on


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