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  • Justin Carpenter

Master Manifesting New Earth in Team Play

New Earth is here... And all we have to do is step into it. Release the old and embrace the new. What does that look like to you? How big can you dream?

Let's put our dreams together in another wonderful conversation where I'll be joined by Lady Lannette Jamieson of @theseedmovement and @theseedchannel. We're going to share some very exciting things coming down the pipeline and reveal some manifestations in the works. As always, we'll open up the conversation for any who would like to join in and ask questions and share any New Earth manifestations that you're calling in and miracles you're experiencing. In team play we pour our collective intent together to magnify our energy exponentially - aligning with the angelic goodness just waiting to reach in to assist. And all we have to do is ask... So come join us!

Lannettes book was referenced in the show as well and its a wonderful representation of this divine dream and vision coming to fruition. Feel free to check it out here! The 2nd book will be back ready to order soon and the 3rd is in its final stages.

Please remember that I am 100% supported by donations. So if you'd like to help support all that I do, please consider visiting my contribute page and/or sharing my work. Thank you 🙏

This was from one of the amazing chats we had on


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