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Rising out of Mirkwood: Human Design and the Egoic False- Self

Colleen and Justin are back with another episode of "Rising out of Mirkwood" where we examine the ways to move out of the obscurity that is organized society. We're so fortunate to again be joined by the amazing guests Lila and Darth Phaedrus to continue our discussion on the egoic false self and how it shows up in our lives. But this time, Lila is going to take center stage with her expertise in Human Design to show how this powerful modality can really provide clarity in this space... This should be another powerful discussion!

And Wow! Thank you Audrey of for the spectacular notes below the video!

Thank you Audrey for these!!

Rising out of Mirkwood: Human Design and the Egoic False- Self (August 31, 2023)

Co- hosts- Colleen and Justin

Guests- Lila and Darth Phaedrus

Quick recap of how we are defining "ego"- It's our false self, not our authentic self. Doing the work means having humility and awareness to face the dragon with courage and strength to become authentic. It also means honoring our boundaries when coming in contact with others who may not be aware/awake yet. Human design can show us how we show up in the world, how we manifest both our true self and our false self in this experience and how that shows up in our relationships with others.

Lila- Today, we'll be talking about the inner definitions/inner authority and the motors, as far as the false- self is concerned. If you missed it, be sure to check out "Healing is a Feeling" on Telegram, when we discussed the motors, in more detail, on Monday, August, 28th, 2023.

Darth- "Today, I will be the student." :)

Colleen- Human Design is brilliant.

12:55 Lila- I stumbled upon this about 14 years- ago... It's a ton of information. I'm still learning. Go gently on yourself (learning the information). It can be overwhelming and confusing, as well as very nuanced.

14:00 Human Design explained... essentially a combination of Eastern and Western astrology, sacred geometry and ancient esoteric teachings... a grand experiment, not a dogmatic system... Let's use the basic concepts to see if it helps us let the false self slip away, which has been crafted by the conditioning put upon us... This will lead to more alignment and freedom.

All the energy types are available to view on Lila's website ( as well as on Justin's website ( They are also on the FreakSense TV Rumble channel.

21:00 Human Design, along with meditation, healthy eating and communication help us to align to our purpose and to others, so our energies can work well together.

23:28 Question from Darth- How can we identify those that we should be bonding with (working with)?

24:17 Lila suggests the website- - Get your free chart. Reach out to Lila if you need help. Download the free ebook "New to Human Design?", available on the website. Get to know your own design and focus on that first. That will draw people that resonate with you, to you. Lila asks people who she is thinking about adding to her inner circle, from contractors to partners, for their birth information so she can look up their human design to see how they can best work together.

28:00 Lila explains single definition and split definition energy types... how the energy moves within the sacred geometry of your chart... so helpful in terms of relationships...

31:51 Lila explains the human design chart, highlighting Colleen's chart.

It's important to note that, in human design, emotions are considered neutral. The not- self theme arises when we are not in alignment with our charts, our "blueprints".

We can use our charts to have awareness, in order to move energy out of our bodies, so it doesn't get stuck. And, again, it's very helpful for relationships, to see how we may work together.

46:46 The motors explained- The Nine Centers (Root, Sacral, Spleen, Solar Plexus, Heart, G Center, Throat, Ajna, Head) and sacred geometry

1:10:19 Colleen speaks about her experience with the ego/will Inner Authority. Lila expands on this. Important not to label people/ put them in a box/ think we've figured them out.

1:22:22 Darth talks about the charts being like our highest selves. We remove the physical components to get down to the spirit. All our choices and decisions get influenced by these energy patterns, like a ray of light through a stained- glass window. Lila responds, speaking about how we've been influenced by our programming and other peoples' energy. She also addresses addictions.

1:28:36 "sleeping gates"

1:31 Justin speaks about the importance of going on our own journey, asap, to know thy self.

1:33:33 and 136:36 How charts show up in regard to physical health or disease

1:41:40 Marriages that could have been benefited and saved or shouldn't have happened in the first place, through knowing our unique human design and how we relate to one another

1:45:14 Justin's warning about "cosmic human design"

1:49:25 Incarnation Crosses, our purpose, God's law

2:03:39 Jedi math- Darth calculates that with 9 energy centers, 64 gates and 36 channels, there are over 2 billion different combinations possible in human design! Lila has never had the same exact chart/reading in her 14 years of human design/ God's design!

2:05:20 Colleen talks about how she could have had more clarity, less frustration, less anger and more self- esteem had she learned this as a child.

2:10:44 Narcissism... false self... more reasons to stop judging others...we all have light and shadow...

Darth's presentation: Q Based Metaphysics- How We Got Flipped Upside Down

2:25 Lila says we each have an Incarnation Cross. There are very specific themes in our lives that we are supposed to fulfill, and if we don't... there will be a dark hole... you did not complete what you are meant to. So, let's get interested and curious, using Human Design as a tool to continue to do the good work!

In conclusion, we will continue to be met with resistance from those who live in the false self. And, we have to face our own dragon every single day. We're all being called. Let's build heaven on Earth and live in harmony, peace and love. We're standing on the shoulders of giants. This is God's plan; let's get in alignment with it. It's beautiful. We are all a part of the fellowship and it's no coincidence that we all found each other. Serve that which is good.

Please support Lila and Darth, if you can, in appreciation for their generous giving of their gifts to our community. Help Lila continue to "shock" people awake and live out her Incarnation Cross! Thank you!

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