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  • Justin Carpenter

Q Based Metaphysics - How We Got Flipped Upside Down

When we genuinely start observing, it doesn't take long to see that our sense of reality has been completely flipped upside down... Where so many are careless to what's going on around and no real desire to connect with themselves or anyone around them... Apathetic towards living... As if God made mistakes in creating us, not even comfortable in our own skin... Stuck in a victim mindset, where we're just bound to the effects of our environment and feel powerless to change it... That's the result of the lie. But how did we get this way? The truth is we are children of God... Here to witness this magnificence from infinite perspectives. The pinnacle of God's creation here to activate our highest, Christed self and create in absolute abundance, serving this incredible creation and naturally receiving the reciprocal rewards. So how did we get so off course? Where did we start to go astray? How did we fall away from our natural state, aligned with our highest purpose?

This presentation is one of the best I've seen on the topic... I'm honored to be joined by a new guest and friend who goes by "Darth Phaedrus" who chose the name as a representation of "Dark to light", to keep him reminded of the path out of darkness, and that this darkness exists within us all in balance. We must confront the darkness in order to move back into the light and ultimately find balance with both of these aspects of self. Within this presentation, he clearly and simply breaks down this process of falling that we have undergone... Those who align with evil can't just switch us into that mentality, we realize it and their evil plans don't work. So it has to be a slow, incremental approach, like the allegory of slowly boiling the frog (don't hurt the frogs please 😉). They had to do it very carefully over a long period of time so that we didn't realize we were slowly losing our sense of divine foundation, our connection with who we truly are and our connection with God. Learning this gradual process is so incredibly valuable as we reverse this curse... Stepping away from the lie and coming back to the truth. This is one not to be missed...

To find more from and support Darth:

And! Now we have an incredible written resource, also provided by Darth Phaedrus!

Q Based MetaPhysics and Healing with LifeForce V1.4
Download PDF • 30KB



Dr. Susan Duve
Dr. Susan Duve
Dec 20, 2022

This was absolutely what I have been looking for! Simple truth. Not more complexity or confusion to invert the mind further, but SIMPLE TRUTH. Thank you. I would like to learn this myself to the point of knowing absolutely so that I may teach it with absolute knowing. Please connect with me, my brothers, as I reach for you both.

Dr. Susan Duve
Dr. Susan Duve
Dec 21, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Justin! I would like that. I have been tuning in and following you and Charlie and Colleen for some time now, over 2 years I think. ….And the other video with DP was great on the Life Forces. I used the Prime Mover Technique to end a migraine in 30 minutes just two days ago. I typed up all of the energy lock locations and found a chart for ease of use for my patients. If it’s simple and fits on one page they will use it. Any more than that and they are less inclined. So thank you both!


Nov 29, 2022

Wow !!! Changed my whole way of thinking ! Downloaded the notes and watched this twice ! Brought me to tears too ! What amazing and loving information ! Now I must continue to grow and share all of this information to those who will listen ! Thank YOU ! ❤️


Shirley Jones
Shirley Jones
Nov 11, 2022

Wow that was amazing. I can’t wait to hear the next segment. Thanks Justin.💖💖


Nov 09, 2022

Can‘t wait to hear the healing session. Thank you 🙏❤️

Nov 02, 2022

Well done and thank you, to both of you, for sharing this information. A breath of fresh air to share such positive and loving information - that just erases all fear based nonsense. Looking forward to seeing the show on healing. Thank you!

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