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Quest-i-on - Quest to turn 👁💡 30-JAN-24

Topics Covered: Arcade Fire

kidney health protocols

lyme protocols

trump coins

plant medicine

God intervention

Questions are an invitation to the divine to bring us an answer. As Jesus says in Matthew 7:7 (Christ=77): "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you". So let's spend this time asking and seeking by asking Quest-i-ons on this grand Quest to illuminate the single eye... This Quest I am on...

Here's one of the amazing chats we have on my Telegram Channel "Justin Carpenter". To join in live for future conversations or for updates in Telegram, feel free to join my channel If there notes/timestamps have been submitted, they will be below the show video. Don't see notes/timestamps and you'd like to help out by writing them? That's always very much appreciated... You can reach me on telegram or on my connect page

Thank you Nancy for these amazing notes!

Question-i-on 30-JAN-24

10:00 Song Decodes

Arcade Fire - Neighbourhood #1

Arcade Fire - Rebellion


Look at the language used/Dark spells

Know about the healing crisis

Diet-Fruit is best - Alkaline Electric - Mucusless - Dr. Morse ( -

Andres Moretz kidney and liver teas - Fasting (3 days)

Breathing - Healing with Life Force (Jin Shin Jyutsu)

Orin therapy/Distilled water

Cayenne pepper and castor oil pack on kidney area

47:22 Theraphi - plasma - same physics as creation - use with above protocols

Gerson protocol - coffee enemas - LifeWave patches - glutathione - MMS



Orin therapy for Lyme disease - Brother Sage interview

All protocols listed above

Fasting - Orin Fast (fastest way to health)

Detox then Rebuild

Zappers - use electromagnetic frequency to stimulate white blood cells and

boost immune system and purge. Some anti-parasitic herbs are not good for children and

those with sensitive stomachs. Those who can’t keep up with herbal regimen. Slowly work up

time with zappers. and




Allowed by white hats so we learn not to blindly follow and not let greed guide

Learn to use our God given discernment.

Invest in real silver coins with Trumps face on it. That has real value or just plain

silver and gold. In time the value will increase significantly.



Lots of antidotal evidence saying plant medicine has enhanced people’s lives

Micro-dosing psilocybin, ayahuasca, peyote, cannabis discussed

True micro-dosing does not cause impairment.

Helps smooth out erratic behavior, especially from trauma, and erratic thoughts

Caution on utilizing as a crutch, using continuously

Recognize we are the perfect antidote, the plants are here to help us.

Plant medicine is a tool to recalibrate.

}Short burst of heaven dose can also be used, i.e. psilocybin, ayahuasca,

peyote, helps one get out of a trauma loop.

We can get out of loop without plant use, it’s not something we need, it’s if we

find ourselves stuck.

Caution using these higher doses. It can overstimulate consciousness to where

it no longer aligns with body and mind any longer and can lead to schizophrenic state of being;

completely ungrounded and unable to connect in this reality any longer.

Ideal way is a slow moving path to ascension.

Tony Robbin’s study…found psychotropic prescription drugs do not work…

found the best results came from the plant medicines…

also found his workshops help as well.



Shared with children



Decoding the Storm shares from his experience


Plant medicine experience…A cautionary tale…2:11:26

Strengths and components (Terpenes) in cannabis discussed

Different genetics and strengths for specific maladies.

Know the terpenes and terpene profile of strain.

The Entourage Effect - the genetics of cannabis


Lila discusses artificial growing versus sunlight growing of plant medicines.

Michael Palin book “How Tom change Your Mind

Remember these are God given plants.

Be aware of dependency, these are tools

Like fire, have both positive and negative attributes



Some get paranoid and anxious.

THC stored in our fat, stays in the body a long while

Work up to higher doses.

The more you ingest the body gets used to it and the sensation is less.

The body gets rid of things that aren’t good for it.

Body stores cannabis.

Consuming cannabis by eating it may cause more anxiety

Know the characteristics of your supply and where/how/what it comes from

Key is to take it slow until comfortable

Find a terpene profile that’s relaxing

Sativa - more heady and uplifting

Indica - more relaxing

Dan Winters Structured Water


Refugees from Ukraine ordered to move to Canada

This ever developing movie has real moving parts and people’s lives are

affected. It’s necessary to give us a taste of what the Cabal agenda was. Fear is pushed.

Constant pressure is being put on everyone so we will stand up and say enough! Stop these

stupid mandates and people telling people what they ought to do. More stimulus until we stop

being easily controlled. Don’t fear. Don’t be a victim. Don’t let people tell you what to do.



Story of how God guides us through situations

Doubts are expressions of our shadow - good to see them and deal

Spiritual experience with the Bible and Facebook

Profound moments where we feel God’s protection.


SONG Arcade Fire - Wake Up - from Funeral Album

Lyrics: If the children don’t grow up,

Our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up.

Justin: If we are stuck in a state of trauma then we don’t develop. We stay in an immature state

of; easier to become a slave.

I guess we’ll just have to adjust. With my lightening bolts a-glowing I can see where I’m going

to be when the reaper he reaches and touches my hand.

let the ego death happen, let the old me identify go; the the lightening bolts a-glowing, the

Light within us shine . The song ends with

You’d better lookout below, oh how we will rise.


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