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Quest-i-on - Quest to turn 👁💡19-MAR-24

Artist played: John Mayer


-What does "eternal life" mean?

-What does going "through Jesus" to get to God mean?

-Sun/Gold Moon/Silver

-RFK Jr and the Q plan?

Questions are an invitation to the divine to bring us an answer. As Jesus says in Matthew 7:7 (Christ=77): "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you". So let's spend this time asking and seeking by asking Quest-i-ons on this grand Quest to illuminate the single eye... This Quest I am on...

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Thank you Nancy 💛

Quest-i-on 19-MAR-24

Song Decode

John Mayor Dreaming with a Broken Heart & Heart of Life

Continuum album


[Sonshine] A certain public figure has said the US is possibly where the Garden of Eden is.

Could this all come out at eclipse time?

Justin finds eclipses’ magical to experience. He saw one in Oregon, describes a line of horizontal

view of 360 degrees all around that looks like evening. During the partial eclipse (not long ago) during

Justin’s Kyrie Yoga initiation, the advice was to not be outside during it; something to do with fungus

and parasites being active … Wouldn’t put too much into what is said and would go see it. This is the

time of prophecy. A significant time period. We are shifting through the ages – a pretty significant

cycle once every 26,000 or so years. Pretty significant change …

Not sure about Eden being this continent. Tend to think Holy Land stories are more allegorical

in nature. The area known as Israel (not a place but a state of being) would exist around where the

historical remnants of Yeshua and Mary and all that occurred …

The earth is going to reflect us. It’s all connected.

Historically it’s hard to say; Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were real.

[Mike] There is a certain part of the eclipse called the diamond ring. Reads commentary on Rev. Ch

19 verse 6. … We have all been being prepared for the great supper of the lamb and it fits perfectly.

[Sonshine] We’re supposed to look to the sky for answers, Genesis Ch. 1. It’s happening for a



[Justin] We are eternal, I am not this body or mind, I am the spirit that is utilizing this body and

mind. I am not bound to my thoughts, I am not bound to my body in any way, I am infinite. We chose

to come into this experience to forget that. It adds to the difficulty and challenge and gives a more

rewarding experience as we ascend back up the levels - this spiraling staircase to get back to

realizing who we truly are, which we are. We are aspects of the one creator, God. Whatever does

happen to this body, is not me. We do get attached to it and identify with it. Those who seek to

control, love to instill this program into us; the threat of our body’s death. That is a threat to our true

essence. Whereas in reality, and this is told countless times by those who have a near death

experience, there is nothing to fear in death. It doesn’t feel like a dream; it feels very real. This life is

the illusion, the dream. [check out NDE (Near Death Experience) Podcast] … After death the

experience is, any limitation of the body is gone. That is our true state. We are here in a temporal

body but our infinite self is far beyond that. When we experience that, then we start remembering who

we are and why we chose to come into this experience, and what we are here to do. Essentially it is

to learn. We are here to immerse ourselves into a challenging experience and to overcome it and

experience the rewards of doing that. It feels good to do something where we find some sense of

accomplishment … We are not bound to one singular lifetime … knowing that we are infinite is

essential to stepping into the difficulty and the challenge of experiencing eternal life in the physical;

tuff but rewarding, if we can do it. So, to bring that infinite reality into a physical body that is

continuously challenged with temptations to dive into foods that do not serve us; to give in to mental

processes and overthinking ways that drive us into a state of decay; or any which way that this

experience can be difficult and not out of that state of flow and trust that I am immortal. As soon as we

believe we will die, (and that we are a finite experience in a body), when we believe it, it becomes

true. We are very powerful. Yet if we believe we are powerless, we lose our power. If we believe our

body has to decay and die, then it does. Creation is brutal in that sense. Energetically, we are giving

off the resonance of a short lifespan, and a lifespan full of hardship and suffering and consuming

toxicity and having toxic thoughts and being in toxic relationships; if that is what our life is consumed

by then creation gives us exactly that. We have freewill and can step out of that but if we don’t know

that we can, it makes it very challenging. Then again, the challenge is part of it too … its not to shy

away from that challenge, or fall into victim mode … God is not doing it to us, we are doing it to ourselves. Stepping out of that and getting into that space of empowerment is essential to moving

through. As we continue, and are truly in that state of responsibility and empowerment, then we can

more easily recognize all the things we do that limit ourselves … limit my ability to have this body

continue. On a cellular level, there is no reason to why a cell dies, because cells replicate. All the best

scientists have no real reason as why a cell has to stop regenerating. But somewhere along the way

the toxicity we’re feeding our body and mind does lead to that state of decay. Those cells can’t handle

too much toxic overload. So, too much thinking leads to acidity in the body. Too much effort spent on

digestion and breaking things down, leads to acidity in the body. Too many parasites in the body from

eating dead flesh and those things that don’t serve our body leads to acidity in the body. We are full of

parasites and we’re full of toxic overload and we’re full of toxic thoughts, leading to a state of acidity in

the body. The cells can only do so much in the acidic environment. … It is miraculous how well our

body handles all the garbage we’ve given it.

We aren’t here to follow these sensations of the flesh … why God would make a potato chip so

tempting and delicious? why would God punish us and make this temptation here? That is still

viewing it from victim mentality. It’s challenging to overcoming these temptations of the flesh because

the reward is so much greater. So, if I need to go through that challenge and I need to experience

what it’s like to give in to the temptation, which me to that pathway of death; which is not necessarily

a bad thing; it just is. So, if I need to experience that death for however many lifetimes, making those

kind of choices, then I will. Each time it’s okay, there is nothing wrong with it, but I have to keep doing

it until I decide I don’t want to do it anymore. … I want to make it in this body, I don’t want to recycle. I

want to see how far I can go. When we start to do that, we start to recognize that we are eternal and

beyond this body then I can make the profound choice that life is worth living outside of the

temptations of the flesh; then I get to start narrowing down what choices are aligning towards a higher

way of being. What choices am I making allowing my body to do what it naturally does; regenerate?

What choices am I making that I’m gunking it up and bogging it down? What thoughts am I

consuming myself with? What worry and anxiety am I putting in my space adding to that intensity. And

one by one we begin peeling these layers and start to pull away those aspects that are leading to the

death and decay. … Its very challenging. This is easy to talk about but putting it into action, when

we’re faced with temptations … when you smell some delicious smell of some food, you’re tempted

by lustful thoughts, you’re tempted to dip into societal norms of talking about fears or gossip or those

things. In those moments that’s when we’re tested. Not that God is testing us, it’s that the situation is

perfectly reciprocating the energy that we’re giving out. Until we decide to do differently. If we want to

do differently, we have to make bold moves and say, no it is not worth it to eat that, I don’t like how I

feel when I do. I want my body to feel a sense of liveliness and health … When we start to feel

healthy in the body, we feel the contrast of when we do things that are not healthy. … If doctors only

treat to mask symptoms, … we never actually examine the root cause. We take more things to numb

ourselves out. Then it becomes near impossible to distinguish; what is this one item/factor/thing doing

to my body? It’s hard to know when we are consuming a plethora of toxic things all at once. … When

we have this period of elimination, moving back into a state of health, we can start to distinguish,

when I eat blank, I get blank. When I watch this news program, I feel angry, fearful. If that’s our norm,

we may never step away to even know the contrast of what it might feel to feel health. To feel a sense

of calmness and peace not consuming that material. … so that’s what has got us into this

perpetuating hell loop, is that we don’t ever take the time to step away and to prevent that we’ve got a

society that is constantly traumatizing us every which way so that it seems like the only solution is to

numb ourselves out as a protective mechanism. I don’t want to deal with this right now so I want to

eat this, I’m going to smoke this, I’m going to drink this, watch this, have sex … all our numbing

mechanisms to distract us away from being with ourselves and truly sitting with the discomfort, so that

I can get to the root cause of why that’s even there in the first place. Instead, we want to skip those

steps and go straight to the numbing. That just perpetuates that loop. … Numbing it out is temporary;

then it just builds and gets worse. So, coming back to realizing how powerful I am and how

responsible I am for the choices in what I’m consuming, then I start to pick away these choices

leading to death and these choices are leading to life. Going outside and touching Mother Earth, that choice will always lead to life. Breathing, focusing on my breath and getting into ta state where that

natural calm rhythmic breathing; it’s just a part of my everyday. And starting to catch myself when I fall

into that rapid shallow breathing. The breath will always lead to life. Then with the food, it’s not about

what you eat, it’s about what you don’t eat. It’s about cutting back on all this stuff that doesn’t serve

us. And really, everything outside of what grows from the ground, and even more specifically, on a

higher level, the fruit. Everything else besides that that has been cooked and adulterated, processed

foods animal products; all of those lead to death. Even over consumption of that which grows out of

the ground is still taxing overload on the body, which is not conducive for longevity and regeneration. I

am not saying all these things that we have to be extreme and make these choices right now. That

doesn’t work. Not having this idea that, I have to do this in this way or I’m going to beat myself up.

That just creates a boomerang effect. …go hard core, cleanse, very restrictive, leads to a boomerang

where we end up bingeing. … The slow and steady pace winds the race. Let it be a pragmatic

process and enjoy the journey. Enjoy every layer that we peel away and do so only when we are truly

ready to do so. … Justin shares his journey with salt… knows it’s not leading to his highest good in

the body. “I know that. But I also don’t know that on the deep level of where I can give it up entirely.

Because if I did know that; if I truly had integrated it, then it wouldn’t be an issue. So, I could sit here

and beat myself up and try to force myself into abstaining from that completely and entirely. And I’ve

done that, but it doesn’t seem to work in the long term. So, I just have to trust my experience with this;

that some point, maybe that layer isn’t ready to be peeled away in this moment, so I’m still going to

partake in that particular substance.” At some point, after many layers have been peeled away … I’ll

get to that point where I feel like it’s not worth it to partake. … don’t want to experiences the

consequences … balance … this is such a challenging part of our journey I’m not going to be

attached to how long it takes … do my best to peel away layers that are not serving me to get as far

as I can step into a space of elevation. … The mind/body/spirit approach will look different for

everybody…. no falling into desperation … we get infinite chances … can eat perfectly yet have

fearful/ego mindset, will not work … there are lessons in the fall… it’s all here for us … appreciate the

difficulty of doing this wholly, abstaining from all physical realm; what we’d need to obtain to not know

physical death. Rewards are beautiful.



We are all sons and daughters of God… have an eternal divine connection always … Mother

is the physical experience; Father is the spiritual experience. We, the children, are in the middle. We

are here to be in the body, embodying the physical. Yeshua represented the Christed path, the way,

the path, the same path all the ascended masters were taught…. We’ve made Christ and idol … not

what was intended … it’s about our choices on how to walk through this realm.


[Sharon shares] Toxicity is acid. The body buffers acid by pulling calcium out of the

bones… discusses her personal experience that brought her to the spiritual path…. [Beth Bliss

shares] discusses her personal experience. Sharing with each other helps us all. [Mike shares]



There is a post in JC Family chat addressing this, too. Jesus represented the way. Distorted

views is the idol worship. Idolatry is placing anything/anyone between us and God. Even pretending

Jesus is the savior that is still idolatry… The story about Jesus represents The Way, The Christed

Path. … Jesus illuminated the pathway to connection with God … The Christed path is the way to

God that’s why he said the only way to the Father is through me [do as He did] Follow me, means

follow this path of living. … As far as speaking to literal Christian friends who have a problem with the

above explanation; it’s best not to spend much time convincing anyone, unless asked. It is not fertile

soil to plant that seed. Plant the seeds in the good soil, leave them and trust it will grow, (when seed

is able to be received). Be invited to share more. Christ represents the way to God.



Dr. Robert Gilbert said the Gold is the material crystallization of the energy of the sun and

Silver is the material crystallization of the energy of the moon. These precious metals are like a

physical indication of the way that meta-physical light and energy permeates into this experience.

Same idea is found in other earth minerals and crystals; it’s the energetic resonance of creation embodied in the earth in beautiful translucent colors and we are drawn to them …healing properties

in each color … We are the seven colored rainbow children. The different minerals represent different

aspects of our chakras so we can use them as ways to channel that energy to instigate and propel

healing further. Gold and Silver represent energetic frequency of the sun and moon and masculine

and feminine side of us, respectively. … Anxiety and worry, etc. build up a positive electrical charge in

us and gold, silver and copper carry a negative charge that will balance us. … Grounding to the earth

dispels these undesirable energies as the earth has a negative charge too. Animals also have

negative charge. Gold, silver and copper can input a negative charge with whatever they come in

contact to … stirring with a silver spoon to input negative charge … creates the vortex, torus field,

[our hearts are in the center of the torus field]. The Cabal hates gold, silver, the earth mother and

suppresses their value … silver is used in so many things.


[Tom Flaherty]

All metals come from the wandering stars. Moon/silver,

Mercury/quicksilver, Venus/copper, Sun/gold, Mars/iron, Jupiter/zinc/tin, Saturn/lead. When metals

are discussed in stories, it is referring to the wandering start; like the Tin Man. WE come from the

stars, we came here to be physical. The physical plane has many things (like metals, etc.) to remind

us of who we are. … The Egyptian healing rods were made of copper and zinc, Venus and Jupiter.

Certain crystals were put in the rods as a healing practice; good grounding practice too.



WH are in control. Anyone we see on stage is either a WH or not interfering at all. RFK Jr isn’t

doing anything outside of this plan. Playing his part – to stimulate conversation. How do you reveal

the aliveness of JFK and JFK Jr? People will freak out. Our role after reveal is to combat any bad

narratives that are out there. Lots of people won’t believe this, or they will think it’s the anti-christ.

Putting the names of Kennedy’s out there will put it into peoples’ consciousness. So, when the beg

reveal happens, it won’t be quite as shocking. … Our consciousness is being seeded in the

entertainment industry and WH controlled public attention. RFK Jr is forcing public attention by

exposing the bad things that are happening. … Putting Kennedy name out there everywhere …

helping people to see corruption at a much deeper level. Taking on role to expose himself so we

could see the inner working of the media beast. … Trump derangement syndrome … people are

consumed with hateful propaganda… great awakening is for the good of all, not just Trump

supporters. … they want to have someone else to alleviate the stress that people have from trying to

view Trump as a good man … Of course, RFK Jr and Trump teams are working together …WH

waiting on the momentum to shift before the reveal will get started ... All speculations … We have to

get really mad about things to speak up. RFK Jr is doing a good job getting the exposure out there.


[Sonshine] We’re told things are going to get bad before it over, maybe from a Q post.


Copper water bottle, wear it as jewelry, take colloidal copper to reinvigorate the blood, copper

rods in a garden (attracts etheric energy and creates a field around it), the stronger the field, the

healthier the plants. …. [Tom Flaherty] It’s a great metal for your water. The negative charge of copper

helps release that energy of arthritis, stored toxicity in the body … [Roseanne] Copper water filtration

system … [Sonshine has a lot of copper and shares about being in the synchronistic divine flow and

what happens] Justin thinks about having a copper bathtub. Spires on top of older buildings, copper,

harnessing energy … transmitted through water … magnetically pulling it in and distributing it

wherever needed …


[Mike] Recommendation for those who want to do video clips. Create a you-tube

channel, upload these programs in there, they have a video editing, clip making, time stamps studio

built in. Mike can walk people through … @TheTruthIgnored



Reads tarot card she pulled for today. Inner child deck, the earth child.

The energy of being reborn. Winter to Spring.


[Tom Flaherty shared about Kryia Yoga initiation ceremony] Taught word of mouth by a



Song John Mayer Gravity (Live version)


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