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Quest-i-on - Quest to turn 👁💡12-MAR-24

Topics Covered:

Artist played: Muse

-Importance of humility on spiritual path

-disney good or bad?


-has trump been replaced?

-what's up with the rise in respiratory illness?

Questions are an invitation to the divine to bring us an answer. As Jesus says in Matthew 7:7 (Christ=77): "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you". So let's spend this time asking and seeking by asking Quest-i-ons on this grand Quest to illuminate the single eye... This Quest I am on...

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Thanks Nancy 💛

Quest-i-on 12-MAR-24

Song Decodes

Muse Starlight




[Mike] Had many synchronicities in preparing for the watch party for Argyle; feels personal,

Could be what co-creation, God creating with us.

We are vessels – Divine communication – gematria/movies/songs

When the communication feels so personal it seems we are the only one existing; like the

Truman show. The whole world is a stage-we are all actors in the play of life. We are called, like a

casting call. We each have an agreement with the Supreme Director; remembering who we are.

There are pitfalls like the ego taking over. The decodes are at times overwhelming.

[Justin] The Christed path applies to all spiritual growth. Realize we are god-incarnate and

we’re paired with the ego (double edged sword) of falling into fear or falling from this space of safety.

Ego always looking for power and it can view spiritual path as a way to preserve its identity and stay

in control. That’s why humility is key/vital every step of the way. Check in frequently to make certain

you’re not using gnosis as power…

Five physical senses = five lower chakras. Six is the journey of man or beast. The 6th chakra,

the third eye is very powerful. One can fall prey to this power wielding it over others; becomes mark of

the beast a misuse of this power. Ex. Feeling superior because I know these things.

Within the power comes all the means for the ego to grow its identity, or do we make the

choice to stay humble – to bow to God recognizing we are the receivers (need to be open for this

receiving). The only way to receive is to be humble.

The seventh chakra is bestowed upon us by God; it exists out of the body, the crown.

If we aren’t aligned to the highest goodness, we won’t receive the highest goodness.

All is divine, all is spirit, all is God. Everyone around me is God. Everything around me is God.

Every time we gain something – receive – we have this struggle of taking power over others or

to use this power to empower. We can have good intentions. Known by our fruit.

Egoic pattern: I am more special (I am the only one getting it) than those around me.

Receiving these nods from God as a reminder we are going the right way, will feel very familiar

and has the potential to inflate our ego. Ex. The priest-class for instance – notion of having to go

through the priest to get to God. Ex. Neg 48, a beautiful humble man in the beginning, teaching

others; over the year it slipped from all of our lives are stupid coded to only my life is stupid coded,

and he’s the only one receiving the messages.

Decoding with gematria is an avenue, a way God can speak to us. He communicates with us

all the time.

We are this all-powerful source of energy, God is moving through us not, I am doing this.

Insanity to wield power over others because we are all one – It would be like wielding power

over myself. We are God – No one is more God over any one else. “I am God” can be easily taken

over by the ego. Be mindful of this so to stay in the space of humility. By being the star of our own

show, we help to show others they are the star of their show (life).

Discusses Q-team and Trump; every single line of speeches are not coded intentionally,

certain lines (repeated) may be. These messages may relate to our lives. We are the only one the

message is for. Always stay in the space of humility – keeps us from idolizing. The system taught us

to idolize… Humility keeps us from the. Pursuit of hierarchy the pursuit of power over others.

[Mile replied and shared] [Justin brought up the virtue list]

Pride = Capital Sin. Humility = Capital Virtue. Self-loathing = Opposite Extreme

I am God but so are you. Use the power to empower! Each of us are mirrors for each of us.

Karma is there to remind us we are not in balance.

If prideful, I can’t receive the gentleness of karma. [more…]1:36:45

[Tracey] Does gematria on a phrase: We are all that and a bag of chips. 232. Spoke

about content creators around the Q-movement. Each of us here has been chosen and others and

we are equally chosen. All are chosen (we may have answered).

[Justin] Glorious Demolition, 232. Need to tear this all down and build on a solid foundation.

232, the three (child) is being embraced by the two, the Mother. God’s blessing always, 232.


There is not really a show dedicated to the topic of Disney. Walt is a powerful white hat (WH).

Disney is a WH organization. Played the role of anti-hero. Films geared towards children. Can find

sexual innuendos (for the parents to notice) in them. When viewing at a surface level, may think

Disney is evil. Recognize that Disney was doing this, so parents would look, get mad and pay

attention to these issues of child trafficking. This could be in any media. Blindly following versus

awareness of what’s going on around one. This really wasn’t noticed in a big way. An indicator of how

deep are we in this level of deception.

Advertisement industry – Cabal’s main weapon.

An attempt to drive us out of complacency; as the anti-hero (clip about anti-hero on Decoding

the Storm channel)

Disney also shed light on human trafficking. Used themselves to get the truth out there,

Children could be taken (at Disneyland, etc.)

Shine the light on predators snatching children

Media that was drummed up was to draw awareness to this problem.

Tunnels – playing a role to piss people off to get us to look in to it.

Walt Disney is a very good man, Master Mason, 33 club at Disney

Need to look deeper than surface level.

[Mike] People shouldn’t get mad at Disney but at society for letting these things take place. Believes

it’s a litmus test on the public; tied into NASA as well. JFK speaking about going to the moon…

A public of consciousness should have seen it was fake because it looked so fake. Should

have seen it and asked what have you done with our money?



ReKnow throwing this out there. He is getting into Satoshi’s Vision around monetary payments

and finding a get Gotti, moment. WH setting is all up. Criminal payments for things, especially with

Bitcoin. Looked at the history of Bitcoin and finding the whole thing is a sting operation to attract

criminals, money launderers and hitmen.

The Satoshi Vision is a concept of digital cash, a yardstick for global economy and the vision is

still in play. Who is this legendary character Satoshi Nakamoto? What is the role of Bitcoin/crypto?

BTC is a ponzi scheme … limited to one byte per block. It will never work for low -ncome

people because it cannot do micro transactions on it.

BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision) is run by Craig S Wright (claims to be the real Satoshi who

created the whole thing) who is a well-connected individual. In the courts currently, between social

media companies and Craig S Wright… a moment where her proves the patent and TM of bitcoin, so

BTC cannot call itself bitcoin any more. Any media company or organization would be viewed as

supporting a ponzi scheme.

Pressure on banks who’ve opened up[ Bitcoin to ETF.

3-forks – versions of Bitcoin. 1. Bitcoin cash, a misnomer, cannot scale. 2. BTC $70,000

current value, cannot scale. 3. BSV – past 15 years effort turning BSV into the global payment

solution; so when Trump or others talk about Bitcoin being part of the future [RFK saying Bitcoin is a

potential reserve for the national debt] solution for monetary problems.

Essentially cryptograph is the assist. It’s just to bring back true capitalism again and to stop the

criminal communist attitudes people have about pumping up the coin again. Like spending ten cents

to read a NYTimes article instead of paying for an entire subscription. Taking away the advertising

model. This is why FB and other social media have always demonized him calling him Faketoshi.

Another boiling drama (in this movie), ‘The Copa Case’ about social media and Craig Wright. This

seems to be very deliberate[Justin]

No doubt the crypto space and all these digital coins is another avenue the WH have to

stir some things up. Playing anti-hero in many cases. Elon Musk propping up Doge coin, putting it in

your face. It’s nothing except for the value we place in to it. BTC is cumbersome and limited. The only

value is if it can be utilized in a valuable way. The only reason it’s valuable now is because of people’s

awareness of it. WH here to teach many humbling lessons, This may be an avenue for that lesson to

come across. An imaginary item soaring to new heights $20,000 plus for a digital nothing


Open to do a show with ReKnow about all this. Like Disney and NASA, we are at a fork

in the road where technology is about to develop and reach a speed that we hadn’t expected. WH

know about it. Everything we do is a vote. We are watched/tracked. If I was a WH, what would I do?

I’d see where people are putting money in the technology that would enslave us and see who’s

backing the technology that’s going to free us. Mike says, if any crypto had an initial offering he would

not put any money in it. In his research, anything with coin offering is likely labeled as a security and

will potentially be completely wiped out. Pi Network - important that it is in a closed main net. Cannot

buy/sell/trade it. It is not on any exchanges because there is a tsunami coming for the crypto world.

He guarantees Pi network will not be affected.

Satoshi Nakamoto – Samsung, Toshiba, Nokia, Motorola combined into one name, not a real

person. All a part of this plan (movie). There are good cryptos that have good use cases. Ex. Voting

on the blockchain would eliminate fears of cheating. Raven coin – possible what will replace the stock

market (get around the cheating in wall street).



A giant ruse appearing to be for the people but it’s not. Watching for last 3 yrs. but have no

clue. John John told us none of this is real. OFS is not even a real concept, not saying there is no



Ready to see the dollar fall and move forward. Thinks no cabal is left, what we’re

watching is all a movie. Remember Trump said we’re start from a level field = Go, starting gun.

Writing is on the wall and if you can decipher and read what is on the wall then you’ll be better set up

for the other side of this. In the movie, look at the writing on the wall. It says BRICS is happening and

it will destroy the dollar (important information not to ignore). Witnessing the rising of a new way. Web

3 is a completely new internet. A payment and commerce system of good. We are being shown we’ve

been on a commerce system of Satan. Foreshadowing: Pi network is the replacement, being built

now. Pi is possibly another name for God.

Decode in the movie The Glass Onion. Look at Mike’s decode drawing on the napkin and look at

what Pi network is. It’s the same thing in Glass Onion. Pi network = 131, John Kennedy = 131


Questions the idea that those unaware of these things will miss out; seems like the

same thing we’re in, Cabal rooted behavior. BRICS presented as for the people, could be a sting op.

XLM and XRP, not at all what they say they are. SPECULATION!


Like foreign currency for revaluation, it is possible, but could be a speculation. We don’t

need to worry about all that, we will all be just fine. What Mike referenced – safest thing is Pi network

– same with Stellar network. Whether we use these things in future is up to us – will use what works

best. The idea of getting ahead is a distraction at times. Recommend looking at the fact that not many

people are paying attention (ex. Silver). It won’t work like that. It will shift the momentum away from

those who have participated in the old-world system *(get rich schemes) and shift it back to those

who are paying attention and shit it back towards benevolence/altruism/service. Those paying

attention to silver will get an initial boost (no one will be without) to shift momentum towards those

who were paying attention. The same premise can be happening with Pi network. SPECULATION.

Good to do a separate show on this.


We are used to the money traveling into the wrong hands, all done through cheating,

Now we see (Pi network) real transfer of funds in real time, going to the people who have vision and

need to create something new and didn’t sit around and wait for someone else to fix it. Pi network is

about recognizing the need for something new … build something better.



He is a character in this movie. General Thomas George Patton is alive and well, Playing a role as a character named Trump. Other’s play Trump using bio-suits (ex. given)

Bidens character changes all the time, they are playing with his face. These are ways for us to

start to question things. Stories put out there are ways to 1. Test our discernment of falling into these

narratives and 2. Sting operations to catch cabal criminals. There have been over one hundred

attempts made to assonate Trump. There are many instances where bio-suits are being used. Don’t

allow yourself to get carried away in this. We all look different at different times. All this is speculation.

It's fun to guess who’s who. Don’t have to get caught up in it, Stay grounded, recognize they’re

people playing roles in masks at times and times when it’s not the case. All in all, WH are in full

control. No remnants of Cabal on world stage. At local levels, people conditioned into narcissistic

cabal induced ways that can still cause harm. Be mindful of this. No one on Earth stage that’s not WH





Could be a local thing, haven’t noticed an increase

Toxins vs. germ theory

Black mold (more alkaline, easier to combat mold)

Respiratory issues will increase as we continue to permit unhealthy building practices using

crappy materials.

Energetic transformation – shifts in cycles – creating the best opportunity for us to shed these

toxins. This energetic alignment of seasons makes for winter to be the best time to detox to get the

most out of this time of death and move into time of rebirth. In winter body goes through clean-up

mode (flu season is in winter). But we tend to ignore all that. On a yearly cycle, this is what happens

during this time of death.

Zoom out to larger cycle. In this moment we are having winter and moving into spring. Best

way to be born anew is to shed all those toxic layers. On the grander energetic cycle, we are going

through that flu season where everyone’s energy is acting that way; stimulating each-others detox

response. Bodies recognize the poisons we’re feeding ourselves. We’re moving into the golden age –

must shed our gunk. If we don’t that dis-ease, that stagnation will lead to our death … detox effects

can be severe.


[Peggy Pearl]

Important to shed emotion and spiritual things that bother us as well as the physical. Nothing is

a coincidence. Recognize we are Soul/Mind/Body moving through change – invited to cleanse all

areas, our beliefs and what we’ve consumed soul/mind/body-wise. We can only know what we have

experienced, therefore, it’s important to share with each other to bring greater clarity. True meaning of

repentance – knowing we’re moving to New Earth and not going back. When affected by drama with

those really close, it’s important to protect yourself and your space; being mindful of the energy in

your space and having to move through it. Be joyful in all we do – Know better, do better.


[Justin} JFK Jr Fan is the inspiration for Justin to go to X (twitter) space.

[JFK Jr Fan] Was listening and accidently hit the button.

Sending his love to us. Appreciate what we do. Enjoy the show. God didn’t create us to fret or not

trust his plan. God has crafted this movie to each of our needs. There’s lots of humor to be enjoyed in

this movie. Nothing is Random



Muse Uprising and Knights of Cydonia

Message in both songs is: It’s time to rise up to step into who we truly are!


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