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Quest-i-on - Quest to turn 👁💡05-MAR-24

Topics Covered:

Artist Shared: Kaleo

Acquiring/using land in new earth

What's up with Pledians, Arcturians, Lemurians?

Learning in God's refining forge

artificial intelligence

metatrons cube/sacred geometry

sacred sex

Questions are an invitation to the divine to bring us an answer. As Jesus says in Matthew 7:7 (Christ=77): "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you". So let's spend this time asking and seeking by asking Quest-i-ons on this grand Quest to illuminate the single eye... This Quest I am on...

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Quest-i-on 05-MAR-24

Song Decode

Kaleo Hey Gringo

Way Down We Go

24:32 Patreon account for monthly donations JustinCarpenter with different membershjp amounts.

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Energetic exchanges too

28:35 Discusses group get together in LA and what the future of his may look like, more get

togethers of small groups of us who live nearby


Tough to know true number of people on earth

Information we have is faulty, may be more may be less

Meditation/Going within to find answer

Accuracy of tracking info is in question

Can’t say for certain earth’s population

Definitely there is enough space for all

Scarcity is a myth


Region specific

Old paradigm will still be attempted

Military around to keep peace

Respect for people who can utilize land and grow in abundance

Will need some organizational oversite

Military run until we create our own organizing structure

Look to Putin’s model in Russia – references “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” book

Every family has a hectare of land freely

Then we can have pride in ownership of space and can provide for themselves. If everyone

has this then we can start to trade and share with each other

Noe one will be without

People grow their favorite things eventually and we all will share and trade

New technologies to allow us to grow foods in cold climates – example Greenhouse

technologies, Copper powder – huge way to bring life back to soil

Washington State – can grow blueberries in winter

Electro culture – copper rods

Abundance of ideas will flow-like bringing groundwater up to grow in arid places

Open up way more areas to produce food

Who’s giving up land they already have? Corporations and Cabal members have gobbled up

the land, this will be returned to us

Those that have lots of agriculture land will probably be generous with the excess of land due

to public pressure

Lose greedy mindset – will take time to balance out

Conflict will arise that will be worked through

U catastrophe will eventually happen for greedy areas

No feudalism – military is for us, reporting to God

Attachment is the root of all suffering, Important to be flexible

Nomads and those who want to establish roots

The natural flow will always find a way to balance out

Write stuff down, these dreams and ides, our visions, but don’t grow attachedCommunity gardens and living spaces



No outer space, in the ways we’ve been taught

There is the firmament, the waters above the firmament, we cannot physically go there.

There is infinite space internally – these are not beings that exist outside of us

Look at it from a frequency perspective. One particular frequency is the angelic realm, for

example. It is all us. We are all of the angels and demons. They all exist inside us, they are us.

Lemurians - Lemuria was a place – maybe names have been confused

Everything exists Now – past, present, future all exist at once – Now

No far-off distant star system coming to help us

They are a part of us – pineal activated people

Stars in the sky are luminaries

We are light. When the sperm hits the egg, it creates a flash of light as bright as the sun and

that is when consciousness is bestowed. In that moment light transcends into the physical.

Consciousness doesn’t exist physically. Therefore, we are (I am) something beyond this


We are star seeds – not aliens – emitting light. Pink Floyd’s album cover with the prism.

Believing that something else is to save us diminishes ourselves. We are gon incarnate

Learn to step into our power so we can serve creation in greater ways

If communicating with these light beings it’s just communication with our higher (in frequency)

self. Angles of light = Angels

It’s our choice whatever way we want to create

It will show up in the way we feel most comfortable

Whatever form we need to see the divine – we will see

The meta physical space is fluid

Its ourselves communicating to ourselves in a different form, a different band of frequency.

Anunnaki – is ancient us, Atlanteans is ancient us, Giants - is ancient us, then we fell

So many lies out there and so little truth known

We can access the Akashic Records through meditation and going within



If third eye is open, we have the ability to see into the non-physical realm

See everyone is an energy. What can shift is the energy

What can shift is the energy. Some can start to see the non-physical layer as their energy

changes. The story of all these alien beings makes us powerless. Cabal members change their

names etc. shapeshifting. Demons = de = to take away, mon = the one; take away oneness. [more]



Mike shared about his coming into faith as he went io court.

Our will used only to invite the support in, God, the angels, etc.

Brandon asked for prayers to continue their mission of providing real food to people

System puts up obstacles to those trying to do the right thing

God sees all

The light within us has grown so strong

Justin expands on how society puts rocks in our backpacks….

This just makes us stronger – our highest expression grows stronger. [much more]

We learn by going through these experiences

Come back to the space of trust

There is an invisible world that our physical eyes cannot see

God is doing his magic and sending His love constantly – Keep pushing forward



Important to use these tools with great care. AI taking over is an allegory for left brain (ego)

taking over. AI is helpful for parsing through information – we still need the right brain to create

Only God bestows consciousnessWhat happens to society where the ego brain (AI) takes over

AL, like the ego are tools never to take charge

Like fire – they are tools having great potential. Use defines them as good or bad

Answer isn’t to get rid of them (same with AI)

AI helps us spend less time toiling. We aren’t here to toil, ex. Information gathering

AI takes collective work and parses through it I a faster way so we ger what we want and can

get back to creating. AI cannot create. AI gives us more. Options

AI is just an ex]tension of ourselves

Where is AI going to go? Sentient AI? Let AI have redundant jobs?

Watch “The Creator” a movie. AI enslaving humanity – allegory for the non-intelligence of

mankind. Where do we draw the line?

AI can grow to learn external environment, only replicating. Has no access to divine

consciousness [more]



Metatron angel around sacred geometry

Merkabah – shape of 2 pyramids coming together – marriage of masculine and feminine

[will have to listen to get all of this]



Deep meditation where two become one

Sacred sex is the most powerful magic in this experience

Mary Magdalene taught this

We are taught to eat death and expel life

Women have less of a karmic lesson to learn with sacred sex then men do

Requires much learning and faith to step into this

Faith in God’s timing when new life is brought in

May take a long time for us to get this

Faith that if intended, conception will occur

This space on earth and ourselves is toxic and not really safe for childbirth, lots of birthing


[Long discussion of abortions and cesarean section]

Videos about sacred sex can be found on JC Family channel



Kaleo I Can’t Go On Without You


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