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Personal Health Q+A With Charlie Freak, Colleen, and Special Guest Remembrancer

Here's a throwback to 2021, but definitely a good one... We were fortunate to have the vibrant and energized Remembrancer join us for this special Q+A that focused mainly on physical health. Video is below and check out the incredible detailed notes/timestamps courtesy of Nancy J!

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Notes/Timestamps by Nancy J

“It’s all about rock-n-roll; rock steady” ~ CF

0:00 Amber: Refers to techniques to optimize our temples to assimilate the finer

forms of prana. Includes diets for transition to fruit, mucusless foods and ideas

for the cooked food transition state.

3:55 Justin: QUESTION Is it possible that rheumatoid arthritis won’t be helped by a

raw food diet? Tried all fruit and had kidney problems. How to work the way off of


---- Amber: Research the chemical formula of the meds online, looking to see if it is

acid forming. Most often it will be. 100% yes, you can wean off the meds slowly

by decreasing dose (amount depends on how body is reacting; work with doctor

who prescribed). Anything we are taking can be weaned off. Refers to video

“How to Get Kidney Filtration”. Most of us are not filtering the lymphatic system

so it’s accumulating acids back into body. When the kidneys are down the

adrenals are down. Arthritis is hyper acidity in accumulation in parts of the body.

6:54 Charlie: Arthritis is in places of 45 and 90 degree turns; angles-only having a few

angles of light flowing through crown chakra. Eyes are closed (said

metaphorically); not receiving 360 angles of light-not enough. We need God’s

photonic light to enter us so we can rise. Elemental Core Building Blocks:

Breath/Thought/Food. Look at the cooked vegan diet being eaten; why isn’t it

working? We need the Garden of Eden diet; Ah-man-ra; we’re meant to eat raw.

Yeast in diet=demonic. We need the candlestick maker, not the butcher or baker.

Blast through the belief system we have; like the notion of rheumatoid arthritis;

it’s a blockage in any of our angles. Do this by awareness-opening of the

elemental core blocks to allow the light to shine in. Arthritis is a symptom of hyper

acidity; congestion. Take no thought, control breathing which controls brain

waves, and the food we eat; be raw.

13:20 Justin: Pay attention to the source of water you’re drinking. Purpose of water is

to constantly give us that eternal baptism and wash away all excess minerals we

ingest. Our body produces all the minerals we need; we provide the glucose for

fuel. Distilled water is the purest form of water; removes excess inorganic

minerals; reduces areas of blockage.

14:41 Amber: Body can only use organic minerals. Plants/fungi transmute inorganic

minerals into organic minerals the body can assimilate. find

spring water. Alkaline structured water from fruit is the best.

16:33 QUESTION about nutritional yeast.

Nutritional yeast is not nutritional; contributes to colitis. Craving dairy, try tahini,

coconut butter or almond cheese. Get cheesiness from nuts and nut butters. Stay

away from cashews-related to poison ivy-always steamed, never raw. Focus on

sesame seeds/walnuts/almonds.

18:03 Charlie Colleen: Make sure you drink enough fruit juice; enough to flush out

acidity. Watermelon has so little pulp; no need to juice it. Eating a watermelon is

drinking from God’s tap. Coconuts and cucumbers too.

19:48 Amber: Ayurvedic aspect: cucumbers are slightly poisonous. Make sure kidneys

are filtering and body is clear. To know if you’re clear, urine should taste like what

you ate. Urine is just filtered blood plasma. In the womb we are encased, even

the lungs, with our mother’s urine. Feels urine therapy is more hydrating than

watermelon, in own experience. Must have purity in body for urine therapy. All

truth passes 3 stages: Ridiculed/Violently Opposed/Accepted as self-evident.

22:23 Charlie: We are brothers and sisters-have so much in common yet we are

different. (food) Experimental process, results are immediate.

Colleen: Urine therapy is amazing-took me a long time to try it. Lots of ancient

literature on healing with urine, Talks about her experience. Disagrees with Dr.

Morris on this subject.

27:42 Amber: Speaks about Dr Morris-discernment is part of our process (elaborates).

Disagreement with other health promoters is about knowing your own body and

what is best for it to maintain a high frequency; to serve. The taste of the urine is

indicative of the foods that should be in our vessel.

29:03. Charlie: Absolute truth; Can’t have say-one-thing-do-another in leadership


29:39 QUESTION What is the ultimate water fast?

Charlie: Its Juicing! And urine therapy is the ultimate juicing. Do research Ask

yourself, why that miracle exists; just to waste it? Call the Ouroboros: shit in=shit

out (mind/body/spirit). What’s the work? Take no thought for your life; Buddha

breathing, cleansing breath; then the food eaten. How did Jesus go through the

dessert 40 days/nights? With urine. In time the journeys and relationship

between Jesus and Mary Magdalene will come to the forefront. Yeshua is the

master alchemist. Alchemy=Alkalinity. Starts in the claustrum, its why limbic

system endocrine system is everything; the ether inside (expands concept). The

Mother is the way; observe her, she’s 100% pure truth. Ouroboros : to make the

eternal 8 there are 2 O’s. 2 ouroboros-the red and the blue bulls, the red and

blue shift. Alkaline foods make us lighter. Acidity blocks us up, turn into blimps

(obesity, a symptom).

Colleen: We’re like a sewer backing up; waste accumulates inside. Mucus builds

up blocking flow. We’re draining the swamp inside us.

QUESTION How do we know if kidneys aren’t filtering? Symptoms?

35:54 Amber: First symptom is acute inflammation, puffiness, pain. Pee in a glass jar.

Let sit for 24 hours. If clear-No filtration, through kidneys, lymph is stagnant.

Want to see little flakes and eventually a semi-gelatinous swirl at the bottom of

the glass. KJV Proverbs 5:15-19-“Drink waters out of thine own cistern and

running water out of thine own well.”-urine therapy. Brothers (Broth-ers) / Sister

(Cistern). Getting old matter out of body: Called colonization-colon (explains

further ties to way we are living). Juice feast is the #1 take away today (expands).

Average person carries around 15-20 pounds of fecal matter.

42:15 Justin: Juice feast gives us a neutral starting point to know ourself and how our

body reacts to certain foods. Once clean can adopt new practices like urine

therapy and see the result.

43:13 Charlie: As creations of light experiencing ourself as matter, it’s all about the

balance. Expands on urine therapy healing physical wounds-toothpaste-oil pull

with coconut oil or urine; teeth can heal. Reclaim our divinity. White board

explanation of the ultimate Water Fast-Juicing. Top O of the eternal 8 is the

limbic system, bottom O is the skeletal aspect. In the middle X marks the spot,

endocrine system, balance, Jesus. Magnetism=Alkalinity / Electricity=Acidity. X

unifies the two and they begin to flow. Clarifies the algorization of Yesuah and

Jesus Christ. It’s because Jesus Christ has to stand for all things at all moments;

a title one earns. Jesus Christ is about the endocrine system. The magic world

that unifies these two systems; limbic to skeletal and in between is the endocrine

system and it begins in the brain with the 3 key components:

Pineal/Pituitary/Hypothalamus = Melatonin/Serotonin/Dopamine (expands

relating it Biblically). We want to be a factory producing melatonin (life of Father),

serotonin (life of Mother) and Dopamine (life of Isaac). Cast thy net to the

right...pineal gland illuminates (expands) Talks about how to begin now. Bless

your food-we have that power. Bestow Jesus and God’s power upon our food to

heal it. Be the conduit; it’s real. Invoke God/Christ consciousness on the food.

56:23 Justin: Powerful to get to the foods that require only our hands to consume. The

more we come into contact with what we eat, the more connection we get.

57:05 Amber: Refers to his work PADRE; Prana Absorption Diet Regeneration Energy.

Each chakra feeds off of an energy that has an elemental correspondence.

Root/Earth, Navel/Water. We are fed by fire, sound thought, light; AL-KA-LINE;

the spirit body line of ecliptic the sun passes through (expands). Realize we are

microcosms to the macrocosm. We can’t add to something that is already

everything; the problem with materialism; false sense of security.

1:00:20 Justin: QUESTION. What do we do about the bad breath that occurs

when embarking on raw diet?

Accelerate detox with a juice feast. Bad breath is normal; the candida dying off; a

good sign.

1:01:15 Colleen: Discusses the healing crisis. Example of 100 days on juice feast and

still releasing solids.

1:03:00 Charlie: World forces us to live in the butcher and baker scenario.

We must become the candlestick maker. Making gold and brass holders for the

angelic light. Urine is UR = Gold; ‘ine’ is the divine river within. Become the

golden vine that constantly rises to seek God. Oil pulling draws toxicity out; done

with urine it is very powerful. More discussion on benefits of urine; doing the

work; body is temple. (expands). Jesus is the representation of the alkaline man;

mind (God consciousness) and body (Christ consciousness). White Board

Lesson-Plane of inertia (Mother Earth); X marks the spot between Father & Child

living between two worlds.

1:07:32 Amber: Digesting the Breath. Abel is light body; Cain is spine (carbon).

Spiritual body/Physical Body (expands). Parasites and candida are our friends at

this time because they are breaking down the foods that we were never

supposed to be in our body (expands). We are what we absorb. Density inside us

needs to be removed. Juice Feast. More on urine therapy results.

1:11:25 Charlie: White Board Lesson:

OS(opening, Ra) + MO(motion, magnetism, mother) + SIS(oneness, union)

Expands-The union between these two worlds is the Bible, the two bulls

(red/blue). We are Cain and Abel; body and higher mind; left and right brain.

Colleen: Cain toiled the earth, he was dense with earthly pleasures. Abel came

with a perfect lamb, empty handed but full of mind; full of light.

1:15:40 Charlie: We are here to raise the chrism oil Speaks on the hieroglyphics of the

English language. There is no ending, only eternity. We go round and round until

we get it right explains). As we clean ourselves-discernment is better.

1:19:50 Justin: QUESTION. What is the best sleeping advice?

1:20:20 Amber: Discusses sleeping of hard floor vs. soft bed. Rolled towel under neck.

No screen time 2 hours before bed. No eating 3-4 hours before sleep. Eat

walnuts which contain tryptophan, a precursor to melatonin.

1:22:50 Justin: Use blue light apps: Flux (PC) and Twilight (phone) and blue light

blocking glasses. Blue light reduces melatonin secretion.

1:23:30 Charlie: Discusses the eye and the twilight. White Board Lesson – Virtuous

Man. Stop eating food at night to sleep better. Ultimately if you want to sleep,

become righteous; being in the moment. If you can’t sleep it’s because you can’t

see yourself in the mirror because you’ve lost yourself. Virtue=Sleep.

1:26:30 Colleen: When on Garden of Eden diet, body conforms differently, becomes

more aligned; so, the body is more comfortable lying flat.

1:27:10 Amber: Waking between 1-3am means liver issues. Organs have a circadian

rhythm. Clean GI tract, liver, blood, lungs, in that order. Discusses other

remedies he uses to help sleep.

1:28:39 Justin: QUESTION. How to prevent involuntary ejaculation during sleep?

1:28:45 Charlie: When that happens, it is a sign that you’re still in the carnal world.

Speaks about becoming righteous; uniting two worlds. As you control the

physical orgasm, one realizes the higher orgasm as the peaks continue

(expands). Pulling up the Christic energy within; that’s the real orgasm. Master

lower orgasm to achieve this. There is always more...higher orgasm occurring in

the 3rd eye; the osmosis.

1:33:30 Colleen: What we think upon, grows (expands).

1:34:34 Charlie: Speaks on how to practice diaphragmatic breathing. Become the

observer (OS-open eyes). All breath originally is from diaphragm. Focus on

diaphragm first. Buddha breath is a regenerative breath. We are pipe organs;

breathing is a song. Breathing as cleansing. Long, slow, focused breathing.

1:41:28 Amber: Tip of the breath demonstrated. Peace sign orientation. Expands on

bellows concept. ‘we are a song. Comments on nocturnal ejaculation-possibly

over eating, explains. There’s an orgasm for every element. Strengthen the

perineum. Don’t overeat, don’t pressure prostrate, learn to master ascension

process of the chrism. Christ means anointed with oil; Mary is magnetism.

1:46:07 Justin: QUESTION on tooth health, dentistry.

1:46:30 Charlie: No, nor doctors either. Seek practioners of the Mother (expands). We

will become our own dentist. Once we start doing the work. Alkalinity-the key-

teeth will last. Gen on the right side of this energy-everything is energy. Oil

pulling best for teeth health-clove oil and organic hand pressed coconut oil. Your

pure urine is best (expands). Floss has its place top get the stuck particles out

(expands). Lots of you-tube videos about teeth regeneration.

1:52:12 Justin: See a dentist only to remove mercury amalgam fillings-leech mercury-

toxic to brain. The rest is all about alkalinity to heal. It will take some time.

1:53:30 Amber: Allopathic medicine is good for emergencies.

See a holistic dentist. Each tooth can be traced to a certain organ. Intelligence of

the body-look for Teeth Meridian Chart. Work from the root of the problem.

1:54:58 Charlie: Electrical meridians throughout body. We are master creations.

There is a circadian rhythm for everything. Speaks on born day circadian rhythm.

To connect back to the womb-di-electricity-must be still and silent. Speaks about

birthday party games; exclusion games, get presents instead of giving. Explains

purpose of born day. White Board Lesson: ‘Y’ (Jesus Christ). Goal is to go from

the C to the Y.

2:00:42 Colleen: Think of words start with cy...cymatics.

2:01:06 Justin: Raising arms above head is how we bring the breath in.

QUESTION Talk about becoming alkaline and decalcifying the

pineal gland. What about pH balancing powders?

No good inorganic mineral to ingest-must be organic to be absorbed by the body.

Powders are gimmicks-doesn’t look at how alkalinity is formed in the body.

Lemon juice is acidic. When we drink lemon juice our body becomes alkaline

because fruit juice has glucose, so when we take it into the body it is easy to

digest. It’s not necessarily intaking alkaline substances-it’s intaking things that

are easy for the body to process. Highest form of food is fruit. Avoid inorganic

supplements. Address the root cause. Juice feast-best way to neutralize.

2:04:10 Colleen: Agrees, no supplements or inorganic minerals. Money grab/toxify us

more. Clever marketing; infiltrated health industry.

2:05:20 Amber: Needing supplements? Something missing in diet-too much salt we

don’t need. We need cell salts, better is seaweed (B12). Balance cell salts in diet

(zodiac sign dependent-explains). Talks about transition diet.

2:09:25 Colleen: Asks about salt/sweet cravings.

2:09:47 Amber: Craving salt-celery juice. Taste is intelligent. Our body constantly

speaks to us. Bags under eyes-coffee addiction/adrenals low. Find patterns to

cell salts and weaknesses in organs.

2:11:40 Justin: QUESTION. Do plant-based protein powders help to transition to

fruit/plant-based diet?

Not really. Powder is processed-life giving properties removed. Better to eat

straight from the earth. Transition by working in raw foods to existing diet.

2:12:48 Amber: Not giving the body what it wants. Might help coming from meat/dairy

to help with feeling energy loss. Look up protein theory. “The mucusless Diet

Healing System”, Arnold Ehret. Protein idea is a distraction from the way our

body works to build its own protein. Fruits contain the most amino acids. Body

breaks proteins down into amino acids, then uses these to rebuild proteins.

2:15:30 Colleen: Take out middleman in everything; mind/thought. Speaks about

Arnold Ehret and her own healing experience. Hoi\w long depends on the state of

health we start from.

2:17:15 Justin: QUESTION. Speak on menstruation and fasting-effects or


2:17:35 Colleen: Changed diet from vegan to more fruit-body is coming into alignment-used to have menstrual problems; now doesn’t and is pre-

menopausal. It cleanses the body so it can’t hurt you (her experience).

2:19:00 Amber: Knows some who actually stopped having their period. Periods are a

natural detoxifying process-get into a gnosis that they are clean.

2:20:11 Colleen: It actually is a cleansing-purification-different innerstandings about

the whole process. Suggests the body is so miraculous when not needing to get

pregnant, the body doesn’t need to make the extra blood etc.

2:21:10 Justin: QUESTION. Diabetic; what to eat to get more energy?

Depends on health start point, many factors: takes a stabilization period for the

body to adjust. Has large effect on energy/how things are processed. Juice feast

fastest way of transition. May be uncomfortable for a time.

2:22:22 Amber: Noted from comments - Period=Stop; so, when period stops, maybe

cleansing has finished. Period ends the sentence! Speaks on colonic therapy.

Juice feast gets to root of problem-host of parasites taking energy away. Clean

the gut. Look at possible adrenal fatigue (kidney filter test).

2:24:00 Colleen: Diabetes and parasites are saving us; eating the junk. Asks what

happens once parasites have no more food source?

2:24:40 Amber: Iridology-road map to within. Shows where parasites are, then use

process of elimination to see the species. Refers to ‘Blessed Herbs Colin Detox

Kit’, has ingredients-Bentonite clay and psyllium husks (explains). Clove oil kills

parasite eggs. Wormwood/Black walnut hulls and others will kill the parasites.

Refers to his video on parasites-will get one motivated. Interesting correlation to

world-diet-porous-opening for undesirable energies.

2:30:42 Justin: QUESTION about bananas and panel’s thoughts.

2:31:11 Colleen: Loves bananas.

2:31:25 Amber: Banana is a starch. Iridology discussed; acids produced by eating

starch; refers to Arnold Ehret’s work. Sweet potato is good for transition diet.

2:34:43 Justin: QUESTION about animal health and diet; staff and yeast infections;

and homemade diet.

2:35:25 Colleen: Not vet advice, through rescue experience, dogs on the kibble had

more illness/diseases/mucus/infections. They usually come to shelter in poor

health. Researched and tried vegetarian diet; dogs fared much better. Diet used

consists of: fruits/vegetables, rice/lentil base, sweet potatoes, avocados,

bananas, over ripened fruit and all the pulp from juicing. Used many different

variations. A raw diet of fruits and vegetables only is easier with 1-2 dogs only.

Dogs have less mucus/infections and their eyes and coat are brighter. Some

dogs won’t eat certain things

2:40:00 Justin: Rely on the dogs own intelligence-offer lots of things. Dogs may need a

transition diet too. Listen to the dog and experiment.

2:41:15 QUESTION Will raw diet heal Hashimoto’s disease?

With no experience with this disease, want to echo everything can be healed,

relying on the Mother.

2:41:57 Amber: The history of Lyme disease; looks weaponized. Discusses a recent

video done with Santos Bonacci-helping people with Lyme disease.

2:43:21 Colleen: Asks about curing their work with curing autism-magnetic technology.

Amazed at video.

2:43:58 Amber: Great awakening, access to this treatment; reversing autism. Killing

parasites; basically, resonating the core frequencies of the body’s aura (physical body/Cain and Abel), and it is resonating at their perfect toroidal expression

(expands). Inflammation as a response to infestation; essentially colonization.

Stop pedophilia by mastering sexuality, rid parasites. Change self by projecting

this experience/co-creative projection (expands). Return to wholeness. We are

transitioning from Pisces to Aquarius; fish traveling the right direction (expands).

Some resonating in Aquarius, some still in Pisces.

2:48:12 Justin: Videos linked in show notes.

2:48:48 Colleen: Asks about Santos Bonacci’s center.

2:49:05 Amber: Magnetic Healing Center, Puerto Morales; may have sister sites.

2:49:58 Justin: QUESTION on urine therapy. Will it benefit a diabetic? Daily dose?

Can someone else’s urine be used?

Not a good idea to use urine that’s not yours because the body creates a loop

providing information feedback to itself. Urine that is not yours will give body the wrong messages. Taste response; big message for body. Will benefit diabetes-

needs the whole process of cleansing (alkaline diet/juice feast) before beginning.

2:52:15 Amber: Refers to Gabriel Cousin’s “Rainbow Diet, Get Rid of “Diabetes” book.

Kidneys and adrenals are also affected. Wouldn’t recommend drinking urine until

organs are healthy. Don’t drink anyone else’s urine, it’s customized.

2:54:19 Colleen: Read where doctors were giving someone else’s urine to really ill

people. “Absolute our body is a bio-feedback of ourselves. Suggests doing the

reading; Chinese doing this a long time. [Links in Justin’s linktree]

2:56:40 Justin: CLOSING COMMENTS

Hard to give specifics on each individual issue. Main idea is going back the t

he Mother. Be our own doctor-can only happen when dedicated to wholistic

diet/state of being/breath/thoughts/meditation. If serious, rewards are built-in. No

half-way, transition, be all in.

2:58:16 Colleen: Appreciates sharing gnosis together. To-Get-Her. Speaks about this

month (Mar 2021-Aries).

3:00:15 Amber: Shoutout to those on this journey. Shares his experience with raising

chrism, breathwork and diet. Expands on enlightenment of masters happening

under a tree. Trees; masters of breath. Expands on the importance of sunlight on

the body, body as a work of art, returning to natural essence. Juice feast is most

effective tool. Mentions Essene Gospel of Peace and references to eating. Email:

3:13:37 Charlie: Reads a beautiful passage he wrote that day; “our one true home is a

song...what was stolen must be returned... “. God’s creation is eternally

rejuvenated; our kingdom to share with one another. March 22 -Resurrection of

Jesus Christ.

Amber: Share art: right brain is the artist, left brain is the scientist, mid brain

is the healer.

3:21:40 Charlie: I-mag-i


“We are the nation, we will rise.”


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