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Natural Nourishment for Dogs and Cats - Ideal Diet for our Furry Loved Ones with Lauren Whiteman

We've had lots of discussion around what our species specific diet is as we realign back to our natural state. But what about our dogs and cats? What is the best way to nourish their bodies for health and longevity?

For this discussion, I'm thrilled to introduce and be joined by Lauren Whiteman who is such a powerful voice and guide on this topic. She has extensive experience in returning ourselves and our beloved animals back to nature. And this show will be focused on our four legged family.

How can we model the wild, natural way of being in our homes? What does transitioning away from the toxic kibble look like? What's the best method for healing our furry friends as we move away from conventional means? We'll answer all of these questions and more in the show! Feel free to come on by with any additional questions you have as we go deeper into the discussion.

To help support Lauren and all her work at the animal sanctuary:

This was from one of the amazing chats we had on

A big thank you to all who help make what I do possible! I am 100% donation supported and if you'd like to help support the work, please visit Sharing the content is always appreciated also. Thank you 🙏


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