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  • Justin Carpenter

Let's talk about Dental Issues...

Noa and Justin are back with another dynamic and invigorating discussion! This time, we'll be exploring the world of dental health and the interconnectedness to the rest of the body... Noa wrote an extremely well written post that I'll share below the video.

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This was from one of the amazing chats we had on

Noa's Wonderfully written post, initially posted on facebook:

"Let’s talk about 🦷Dental issues🦷

They seem to be running rampant all over the world.

Within the span of two days, I had 4 different people sharing their dental issues with me; which is only a drop in the bucket of millions of others.

What I’m also noticing is the tremendous amount of dental issues in children, even as young as 2-3 years of age!

That is not “normal” my friends.

Yours truly here, have had a LOOOOONG history on the dentist chair - from root canals to extractions, to implants, and everything in between…

Just recently actually, I had a major procedure done in my mouth as part of my diligent quest to restore my TRUE health as God intended.

So now, after many years of experience both with dental procedures and regenerative naturopathy, I would like to offer valuable information that has the potential to not only improve your health exponentially but also help U avoid unnecessary pain, oral trauma, and astronomical expanses.

First, let us explore the big WHY behind dental issues in the first place.

Like all other health-related issues, dental issues are no different - it ALL stems from the exact same root cause 👇🏻 👇🏻👇🏻

Accumulation of lymphatic waste to various degrees due to blocked elimination channels.

This stagnant accumulation causes the body to be systemically acidic which is the number one cause of the deterioration of cells, tissues, organs, glands, and yes, teeth and gums.

Those with extensive dental issues (like mySELF) have major lymphatic stagnation in the head area.

There are two main reasons for that:

1. It is very much an inherited thing - the mama and papa are going to pass the shape of their lymphatic system to their offsprings.

2. The head sits on top of the torso, the trunk of the tree which houses our GI tract (and all other digestive organs). The mouth and everything in it is a part of that GI tract. A clogged up, malfunctioning GI tract seeps toxicity into the entire body and into the mouth in particular.

**Side note - even the shape of one’s GI tract in an inherited thing. Matters only continue to get worse through the years as one ingests unsuitable foods that overburdens and damages the GI tract (and the whole body as a result).

Lymphatic stagnation in the head /brain area could manifest in various ways, not only dental issues. The specifics for each person will depend on the inherited genetic weaknesses.

To no surprise, we see those specific issues “run” in the family -

🦷dental issues

👃 sinus issues


👂ear infections

😮‍💨sore throat

👁eye/eye sight issues

🧖🏼hair loss and balding

🙃memory loss



…(Just to name a few)…

As U can tell, these are all issues located in the upstairs department - head & brain.

The effects/symptoms might be different however, there’s only ONE common denominator.

ONE cause.

It’s that simple.

I swear, it is.

The notion that it’s the bacteria damaging your teeth and therefore we need to go after the bacteria is bogus! This approach only focuses on the effect, not the CAUSE.

The important question to ask is WHY there is bacteria overload in the mouth which continues to destroy one’s teeth no matter how much they brush, floss, and use magic oral potions.

The simple answer is that the teeth and gums get weak and deteriorate as a result of a deadly combination 👉🏻 lymphatic stagnation + acidic environment in the mouth.

The bacteria will proliferate in an acidic mouth which, indeed, does create dental havoc. However, the bacteria is NOT the DIRECT culprit of cavities, tooth infections, gum recession, and various dental issues.

Although it’s important to keep a clean oral environment (especially if U do have dental weaknesses to begin with), the only real solution to dental issues comes from cleaning the INNER terrain and changing the chemistry in the body. There are various nuances for each individual case but that doesn’t change the fact that chemistry is chemistry and EVERY effect has a root cause.

In order to eradicate the effect (and its long list of different manifestations), we first must locate and eradicate the cause.

Doing anything else is merely wasting time, money, energy, and Life force on the merry-go-round of symptom management and surface-level treatments.

That’s all they do - TREAT, not HEAL.

Big difference.

That’s one of the reasons why so many people (including mySELF) are now dealing with the irreversible consequences of previous dental procedures.

Those procedures did nothing but destroy the integrity and vitality of the teeth without addressing the underlying issue.

Live and learn…

Boy, have I learned 😅

For some odd reason, dentistry has been separated from the rest of the body…

Hmmm… 🤔 have U ever wondered why?

And not only why but wtf?? Like the teeth are not part of the entire body?? 🤦🏻‍♀️

So without getting into the shady business of the dentistry industry, let us innerstand something very crucial about teeth 🦷

They are living beings like every other organ and gland in the body.

Additionally, every single tooth is connected to a particular organ and/or gland via the meridian system; that also includes all digestive organs and small & large intestines.

This very simple connection means that a toxic organ/gland/colon has a direct effect on the particular correlated teeth.

The opposite is also applicable - an infected/unhealthy tooth will have some correlative effect on that respective organ and/or gland.

I’ve seen it time and time again.

The connection is undeniable.

These days, there are more and more holistic dentists that are revolutionizing dentistry with their deeper innerstanding of the body and how teeth are connected to everything else.

They surely weren’t around when I started going to the dentist as a very young child so progress is being made.

However, after seeing and speaking with several holistic dentists, there seems to still be a missing link for most.

It’s just not common knowledge (yet).

Since I cannot explain all this information in one FB post, Justin Carpenter and I will be dedicating our upcoming live show to this topic 👇🏻

✨The underlying cause of teeth & gum issues and what to do about it.

✨Tooth infections - why they happen and how to heal them naturally.

✨The detrimental effects of root canals.

✨Teeth & your nervous system.

✨How to regenerate teeth and gums at home (yes, it can be done).

✨How to properly prepare for & recover from dental procedures (minor and major) without the harmful use of antibiotics.

✨And much more…."

A big thank you to all who help make what I do possible! I am 100% donation supported and if you'd like to help support the work, please visit Sharing the content is always appreciated also. Thank you 🙏



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