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JC Community Chat - The Scarcity Lie

Here's one of the amazing chats we have on my Telegram Channel "Justin Carpenter". To join in live for future conversations or for updates in Telegram, feel free to join my channel If there notes/timestamps have been submitted, they will be below the show video. Don't see notes/timestamps and you'd like to help out by writing them? That's always very much appreciated... You can reach me on telegram or on my connect page

Wow thank you Audrey for these amazing notes! Make sure to check out her channel

Justin- intro

-We are taught that there is not enough oil, money, food, water, land/Earth, making us easy to control.

-We are also taught that we are not enough- we are sinners, random occurrence, insignificant specs (scientism or religion- despair)

-scarcity lie, if this becomes our reality, we will reinforce it by what we do and say

-enslaves us, keeps us small, fear and lack- based reality, fighting/competition to survive, division

-no abundance, we become debtors and we have to charge for what we give in order to survive, misaligned with morals

-we look out for ourselves and not others

-the system snuffs out people who step outside this reality

Around 10 minute mark

-Justin's impetus for this show... he was asked to host a watch party but not able because of the poor internet quality at his home (limitation)

-Justin would like to get Starlink to continue to be able to provide the services/shows he graciously offers

-not easy to ask for help... why? Ego keeps us in a fearful and limited state and in the lack mentality. Recognize that the uncomfortable moments are opportunities to lean in to the discomfort and embrace the moment to realize the greatest amount of growth.

-Justin wrote a request for help (on Telegram and FB) to purchase Starlink to continue to serve us all in the ways that he does.

-FB post met with sarcasm and attempts to shame (scarcity mindset at work)

-Misery loves company and the system perpetuates itself, threats to the matrix are not tolerated.

-showed Justin why he was hesitant to ask for help

-People think you are lazy if you don't have a "real job".

-move to abundant reality, when resources are readily available, but still have to fight to let go of the mindset of lack and the suffering associated with the addiction to the system (fear, lack, shame, guilt)

-We need leaders to usher in this new Earth we desire, a meritocracy.

-We choose if we want to stay in the lack or move into the abundance; welcome to heaven (the price is humility and merit).

29 minute mark- Justin opens up discussion for comments/questions

-"Get a job." Casting judgement. Not enough inspiring things for people to get into. Channel passions to be able to serve.

-"Severance" TV series (

- We don't even know what our passions are.

-Justin referenced song "What It's Like" by Everlast (

37 minute mark- discussion of FB comments, shame surrounding alternative living styles (van/car), must fit in the box

-not harming anyone by living this way

44 minute mark

-interesting how there are no negative comments surrounding evangelists requesting millions of dollars but so much negativity towards people asking for help who are serving others, having hardships, living a simpler life

-negative comments not necessary

-reciprocity- return the favor

50 minute mark

-fear of lack/moving/losing homes/holding on to "stuff", depletes energy, fear of other peoples' perceptions, stuck in ego

-accumulation of money and stuff to stave off the feeling of lack

58 minute mark

-Letting go of what you think you need and step into abundance and possibilities

-How much is enough?

-Challenge yourself to change, support others on this path

-Vulnerability, service to God and others in joy and love

-Take the leap of faith. The version of you (false self) created by society, by ego, has to die and be resurrected. Let go of old reality. Earn and embrace the new. Acknowledge and release the fear. Phoenix rising...

1:11 mark

-daily challenges living in the matrix

-shift mindset from lack to abundance because law of attraction will create our reality

-gratitude, God knows what you have need of

-review the Rising out of Mirkwood series, specifically the shows with Darth Phaedrus on the Law of Attraction (

-Q- pain- consequences and lessons to learn are necessary. The collective experience that we are living is uncomfortable but necessary. Everything happens for a reason.

-We are all here for one another, to support one another. Everyone, reach out to this community if you need help with anything.

1:24 mark

-senior centers pushing seniors to go get jobs to afford living there

-Turn things over to God and He will provide. If you are closed, you can not receive. Thoughts, planning of the ego/left brain/masculine side. Surrender, humility, openness of the right brain/feminine side. Give it up to God because the Divine is the highest version of you and is constantly trying to reach you and guide you and has the best perspective. We are not missing anything; we are whole. Cross the fiction. Move into the eternal. Gain the keys of the Universe. Walk hand in hand with God. We are here to have fun. Don't take things so seriously. Enjoy the challenges and the rewards.

1:41:30 mark


-challenge of surrender

-release of attachments to material things or relationships or the ways of the past/ shed the weight... a continual process/no stagnation

-seasons/4- fold nature of man/cycles of the moon/rotation of the stars... inspiration for growth

-Death/disease is the result of stagnation of the body and/or the mind.

1:57:30 mark

-having the freedom to work on being creative at whatever you like to do, as opposed to getting a "job"

-career of service

-gratitude to the group

-mention of Tucker Carlson interview with Andrew Tate

-Embrace the knowing of Heaven on Earth and embody that now. Live like that. The return on your investment is huge. The challenge is great but so is the reward.

-The night is darkest before the dawn.

-Help those who need it. Invest in others. Opportunity abounds. Recognize and embrace these moments. If it's presented to you, it's presented for you.

-Creation rewards courage, every time. Weakness is stagnation. Creation encourages courage. Creation encourages growth.

-Matthew, Chapter 6:26

2:14:30 mark

-message for Darth Phaedrus... a bar of silver to be gifted to him... gratitude and kindness


How do we disconnect from this lie and move back into the simple truth? We do it together. The lie of (scarcity) is complex... but the truth (of abundance) is simple.


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