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Charlie Freak Q+A 27-DEC-2022

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Timestamps provided by Lyndee. Thank you!

Justin Carpenter with Charlie Freak Q&A

December 27, 2022

Charlie opened up with

Explanation of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

The hunting of their bloodline

Bloodlines, Freemasons, Actors, Evilness in Hollywood

33:30 Tony Stark - what should we do to awaken our children regarding not eating meat, eating fruit and why it’s important?

*Great suggestions for family, food recipe ideas, and food transition

1:01:17 Merry Mary Mag J - Did we help family/people regarding warning about jabs, truth and disconnecting from Big Pharma or did we possibly cause more fear?

1:20:30 Allisa212 - Regarding leaving their current paradigm.

Are we here to create a new earth or are we going to be shown what to do when the reveal happens?

How do we navigate breaking out of the illusion but also needing to still keep our income to feed our family?

1:52:50 Lyndee - It’s great to see majority of actors/musicians are White Hats but are there any bad/evil actors at all that you can name? And if the Cabal does not reveal their ways why were so many able to pose with symbols, wouldn’t they see this?


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