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Charlie Freak Q+A 18-JUL-2023 - Truth amidst Lies, Telepathy, Stability in Transition, Sacred Sex

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Charlie Freak Q+A 18-JUL-23
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Charlie Freak Q+A 18-JUL-23

INTRODUCTION - Justin Scammers/Show Notes/Video Clips

Sound of Freedom – Dividing Line – Truth vs. Lies – Peoples Intentions Revealed

8:07 OPENING REMARKS – Charlie – Truth amidst Lies

Canaanites takeover of all forms of education. Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity 1907, which did not account for

motion. Revisited in1910 as General Relativity. All motion was given to gravity and gravity is only a theory that cannot be

replicated. Can’t prove gravity because it doesn’t exist. There is only the Ether inside the firmament. Einstein didn’t really

do all of this but through the release of Special and General relativity it changed the narrative. Some areas of the earth

Yugoslavia and Croatia still held the notion of ether. Canaanites lie and create an army to protect the lie. We are forced to

believe in the lie. All it took was one generation to believe in these lies. We are now three generations in and it needs to

be stopped now. With the release of Sound of Freedom movie and so many other things, Netflix and others working

overtime in all areas of life are changing the narrative back to the truth. When diet changes by not consuming animals you

can spot the lies. Otherwise, you are controlled by parasites. Awakening to the truth doesn’t involve ego, only desire to

share. Truth community is not telling the truth and are not in this for the right intentions. Haven’t found anyone in truth

community being authentic and they are not sharing any work to get to know God. 1-2% of what is shared is truth. Mostly

pointing out corruption which is not sharing truth. Santos Bonacci, Josh X and Charleen telling truth. Religion keeps

people from God, its Satanism. Teachings of Christed people are truth, the religion behind them is not. Charlie and

Colleen are the thorn in the side of the truth community. Truth community is serving Satan, which is service. Truth Social,

Trump re-truthed a clip of Charlie’s Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z. No credit given to Charlie the creator. That’s

piracy. Calling for someone in this community to run Freaksense Truth Social account putting out Charlie’s videos. The

journey is within you, not outside of you. There is a truth, God’s truth. Observe earth in silence, if repeating it can be called

truth. What matters is that those who have fallen can have a clear path back to the one (God’s) truth again. It’s not about

the fame of one person; it’s about the salvation of many. Save yourself first before you can help someone else. The world

that we live in, is the airplane, and it’s going to crash. Put on your oxygen mask first. What truly is real is God inside of

you. Its and inside out reality. Keep your frequency high by living in gratitude. We are the eternal children of Father God

and Mother Earth. They are our real father and mother. Get in alignment with them. Don’t cherry pick the Bible, just

because you still want to eat animals for instance. Use our frontal lobe to decode these allegories and parables. We have

all been each character of the Bible. Milk from the pituitary gland, honey from the melatonin of the pineal gland. When you

wall the path of straight and narrow you receive these gifts. On Charlie’s born day Trump re-truths Charlie’s most famous

video. A coincidence?? Not. We must be close. It is time to take this seriously. Let me help are the three most important

words right now.

What Trump did yesterday was a marker. We all need to start sharing all Charlie’s work on Truth Social and other

platforms, giving credit where credit is due. Charlie and Colleen credit God for this information, the truth. The purpose of

2020 was to get info out concerning all the bad things that were happening. The Freemasons ruined their reputations to

get the truth out, deep cover. It takes personal growth to handle the truth that will come out. Your two eyes are there to

just look, observe; it’s the third eye that sees. Each of us need to step up to being present and sharing the truth of the

straight and narrow way. If people are led to pirates, then no one will learn anything. This family need to stand up with this

and not push people to sites that are not sharing the way of Christ. There is so much goodness in the world. All these lies

are being pushed out there by a tiny group of people who are selling out for money. We, the good ones are the majority.

Moving forward, we must direct this in one direction, the truth of Yeshua and Mary, not the Jesus taught in churches.

We are getting close, people are losing their minds, it’s a military operation. All glory to God and his way. All the confusion

of 2020 was necessary and it pained us, it was necessary to wake people up. The bloodline has been behind all this.

Everything from 1986 to 2016 was a race by the white hats to do everything right, to save lives to wake everyone up to all

the things that have happened. Oklahoma, Waco all filled with errors, 9-11 too. Seeing only comes from the activation of

the third eye. Be honest, we don’t know the truth, only know what media told us. Remember who we are.

1:27:10 QUESTION - What is autism? Have you reached the ability to telepathically communicate with animals?

Is this even possible? I have a hard time getting in touch with my talents, what to do for this?

1:30:33 – Charlie’s Response

The telepathical part is real, its who we are; the learned part is speaking with our words to the animals. Keep your mind

open to God and all these miracles. It starts with the food. Live and live abundantly and God is pleased. It’s about the

frequency we carry. Hell is a mercy, making sure we learn from our mistakes. Much more. Take life with a childlike

innocence, grace and wonderment. We plant seeds by being bubbly, full of life. Begin to focus on your dream, use

imagination, bide the time with dreaming and be in joy. The pale rider is coming to level things out. Have fun with the

dreaming and don’t’ worry with the limitations. The natural thing is for you to be in your right brain to dream and be free

and be happy. People are defining themselves by their depression. Stop listening to the left brain, limitation, worry, fear

and doubt. God made the earth level, stationary, He protected the skies with a firmament and gave you all of His

teachings in the night sky, for you to see, to learn from, to follow and grow. Everything God did is simple, easy and leads

directly to Him. All that is bad in our life, we create by listening to the wrong people, choosing the wrong path and soon we

realize we are going the wrong way.

2:15:45 – Justin’s Response

It’s a challenge to go through the process of burning away all that was before, all this false identity, this egoic reality

attached and connected to this cabalistic created false world. To let go of that is always a challenge, initially. We are

continually burning away and being reborn. The process does get more familiar and we get more comfortable the further

along we go. Acknowledging the challenge and know you are not alone. Through this challenge the reward awaits. The

reward is realizing who you truly are and stepping into your fullest potential; and getting to create and serve in the best

way you can. Don’t get caught in the thinking mind of what am I supposed to be doing. Just do the best where you are

and trust the God will lead you where you need to go in each and every moment. Just continue trusting God.

2:20:00 – QUESTION – Please clarify the immaculate conception part of sacred sex.

2:21:25 – Charlie’s Response

It relates back to Matt 6:6-9. When thou pray enter into thy closet and shut the door. /for it is in secret that this connection

to God is made and do not utter vain repetitions as the heathens do for surely they have their reward and their must need

to be seen … for God already knows what you have need of. The process of immaculate conception works two ways,

happens a lot, no one shares this publicly because of danger of attack. Sacred sex is to bring your partner to the point of

orgasm, and its absolutely essential for the male to pull out and remove any stimulation because its at that point that the

slightest movement can cause the release and that’s not what you want. Because when you allow that process to be

brought to that moment of ejaculation and you prevent it from ejaculating outwards, by automatic response, it has to go

somewhere, so it goes within you and that is up within you, and that is up the spine. This is the CSF, cerebral spinal fluid,

the Christic sacred fluid. … When you suppress this outward ejaculation, … it transmutates into you mind and experience

such bliss and pleasure, divine wholesome feeling good about yourself and your partner pleasure. That can on as long as

you want. Its like fireworks, a light show inside of you. You do not feel tired you feel rejuvenated and can continue as long

as you and your partner choose. Whether or not that leads to immaculate conception is completely different. We are not

here to have children, it’s not why we’re here. Maybe you will. We are here for ourselves and God and we’ve got to find

our way home. Along the way we will interact with lots and lots of souls. If we interact with them with love and kindness

they will respond in kind. If we follow this journey of self-enlightenment where everyone we interact with we improve the

quality of their life, then we are spreading divinity wherever we go. God knows what we are in need of. If it is the way God

made you, and if having a child is so important to you because that’s who you are, then that is the kind of thing that will

happen to you. God already knows what ye have need of. This won’t occur until you cleanse your vessel and you right

your ship. Get on the straight and narrow path. …

From Charlie Freak:

"Please remember friends that Colleen and I take care of 60+ Animals here at our Shire Animal Rescue Sanctuary, if you can comfortably afford to donate a little towards the costs of caring for our precious Family, we would greatly appreciate it...if you cannot afford to help, you can help in other ways, including sending us your Intentions of Love, of Strength and of can send a monetary donation to:


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