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Charlie Freak Q+A 12-APR-22

Notes/Timestamps Provided by Nancy. Thank you Nancy 🙏

Q&A April 12, 2022

Charlie Freak, Colleen, Justin, Aarongorn & Eugene

1:45 Charlie: Moving forward in the meretricious system. Earn trust from

others. The few will guide, not control, the many. Listen, learn, change,

lead from the right hemisphere of the brain.

3:15 Aarongorn: Realize why our souls are here now. Vocation vs. occupation.

Give back to the world.

5:35 Justin: It’s all about passion. Channel it into service.

6:48 Charlie: Instilling the one story into others is joyous. Speaks about

Ewaranon video about mud-floods; finds them not seeing the whole

picture, hears a mockery of the Bible and alchemy, and feels the tone is

disdainful with respect to freemasonry.

Questions the ancient structures origin, ‘estates rich people built?’

Ether is the electromagnetic reality.

What to do when we question ourselves? See things wholistically.

Essene and Gnostic interpretation of the Bible. Out of Gnostics came the

Knights Templar.

13:20 Times changed; Canaanite fraud took control; same within freemasonry.

Ether – Air - Akashic Records – All Information – All Truth of God. (Red Bricks transmuting gnosis from the ether.)

15:20 While listening to other truth tellers – decoding – stay strong in the gnosis

of the One True Story.

16:45 Justin: We are our own barometer with the information. Increase in

wholistic knowledge equals better discernment. Finding the common

thread, no disconnects. Magnetism describes everything, it’s how God set

creation up.

19:15 Aarongorn: The One Story is the cipher, Black pill – fear – limitation


The idea of the ancient cities and buildings being ‘founded’.


22:06 QUESTION: Katie quit teaching so to stop spreading the lie; what to do

with all her education books?

22:56 Charlie: Makes good fire kindling. We are not here for a career. Speaks

about Valentine’s Day, etc.

27:35 QUESTION: Are there any good Saints? (brought up catholic)

27:50 Charlie: Anything coming from catholic church has been obfuscated. The

‘T’ in the cross is for Tamuz, the child of Nimrod and Ishtar. Baal is

another name for Nimrod. Easter is Ishtar. The ‘T’ is not a cross.

Catholicism is the worst plaque of the world; it’s satanism.

30:00 Aarongorn: Instead of burning books, maybe study the lies, see what we

learn and use the template to teach the truth.

31:57 Charlie: Each holiday has a purpose; we just don’t know what it truly is.

32:19 Justin: Canaanites cannot create, only use. We have a choice. Do we

convert these days back to purpose or decide to abandon that holiday?

33:25 QUESTION: Mary Magdalene wants the panels thoughts on the Watch

the Water video about snake venom.

35:40 Charlie: Has not watched the video yet will say that anytime we are bitten

by another creature (get their venom), know it is a gift. After incorporating

the venom (created purposeful by God), we grow. There is divinity in all of

God’s creation.

39:45 Colleen: Asks if venom was added to vaccine.

40:00 Mary summarizes the video.

41:45 Charlie: Remember all creation is divine and purposeful. Speaks on the

snake in his video logo. Double sine wave.

43:10 QUESTION: Colleen asks is cabal put the snake venom in the water or

did the White Hats allow them to do that?

42:36 Charlie: Be cautious. Explains snake symbology. Trump stalks about the

snake on the ground. The King Cobra is a snake always rising, it is good,

good, good. Belief is what kills people.

45:25 Justin: There is a reason for everything that comes to us; bee sting

therapy for example. Colleen echoes that we really don’t know who’s who.

46:24 Aarongorn: Everything seems to be deeply symbolic; he explains. It is

shown to us to poison us through fear/hypnotism. Break the trance of fear￾based reality. We have a choice. The Caduceus – rising or falling?

49:11 Eugene: Snake knowledge is as simple as the sine wave. Chemistry: Acid

to alkaline, 1 to 14. It’s that simple. Hippocrates cured with alkaline

substances 365 years before Jesus . Let medicine be thy food.

51:05 Charlie: Hippocrates said “let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine

be thy food”. Hippocrates also spoke on States of Silence. Through these

silence states the higher truth comes from the ether; the ultimate healing

of the caduceus. Food helps us rise, expands concept. Pineal/Pituitary


53:00 QUESTION: BeBest wants to help his aged father with clotting problems,

is confused by vaccine information.

56:40 Patricia speaks. She watched the Watch the Water video about snake

venom. Trusts Charlie’s take and thinks video shows that we have learned

the snake to be a bad thing instead of the certainty of self wholistic

healing. Luke 10:19 reads … authority to trample…over all the power of

the enemy…. Speaks on gematria of 10:19.

1:03:20 Charlie: How the devil obfuscates the truth. When we become lazy…we

begin to live in the mid-brain or flight/fight. Mid-brain is a VCR, records

everything…assumes what is recorded is truth. We live only 1-2% of our

day in focus. Living in the mid-brain is living in darkness. God – photon

light – rise. Matter is not where we want to get our information. Single

constant truth. Akashic Records/Ether. Core elemental truths then build

outward – magnetism. We are all equally gifted. The ultimate answer to all

things comes from within.

How to get away from the lies? How do we know the truth? Only one way,

Meditation. Relax, breathe, allow. A gut feeling is then generated. Nothing

is complex, simply still our minds. Take no thought. Thinking gets us into

problems. The truth of God will find us.

1:11:40 Colleen: Reads Dr. Ardis’s (from Watch the Water video) statement.

1:14:38 Justin: Initial reaction is it sounds fearful / distraction.

1:15:25 Eugene: It’s our choice to mess up our DNA. Acid foods, thoughts,

behaviors. Spiritual battle is over information. Information is in our

bodies/cells. God’s code is in natural foods.

1:18:25 Charlie: It is a synthetic form of snake venom, not the real venom. What

is being said is the mRNA gets serpent venom inside people –

hybridization. BULLSHIT! Morpheme is synthetic heroin. They patent it

then sell it. Can’t own nature. Our system is divine even though we don’t

feel it. We are the pinnacle of creation. Jesus, Krishna were shepherds,

teaching and living truth., God made us perfect. We are sovereign beings.

We allow it through our belief. What we believe becomes our reality.

Problems of the world don’t reside out there, its what we believe in. Know

the truth. Bullshit takes us away from the moment, the now, the truth.

1:28:15 Nicole followed Robert Kennedy for last 20 years and says the mRNA

vaccine never got made. Explains further what may cause the vaccine

injuries we hear about.

1:31:10 Charlie: We have been toxinated (poisoned) over a long period of time.

Suggests reading Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work on the mid-brain.

1:33:15 Bruce replies to Eugene’s earlier remarks concerning alkalinity and

energy and frequency.

1:35:40 Charlie: Clarifies “Negative energy out there, unto of itself, is actually

alkaline in nature; but once it crosses over within us, and is incorporated

within, it becomes acidic. Like a lime is acidic; but once incorporated

within, is alkaline.

1:36:10 Justin: Alkalinity is all about ease. Ease for the body to convert to


1:36:55 Big Pete has been searching/researching and found that the truth is

indeed found within. Be still and quiet. Give God that silence

1:40:07 Charlie: Quotes Bill Donahue about learning Jesus’ teachings through

the pages of the New Testament (KJV). Then we would be able to solve

any and all problems within us and from there we would be one less

problem for mankind as a whole. Observe how Jesus lived.

1:41:30 Justin: Next speaker: Also searching for information, caught in 4D. Not

working and made new choices – out of love, not fear… (interesting)

1:44:40 QUESTION: Chris asks how do we reconcile that everything taught

about my Catholic God is not true?

1:46:05 Charlie: Every show we do focuses on this. Tapping into

God, Christ’s presence in every show. Movies, songs, leading us. The

more we dispel the lies, the more truth is revealed. References “Seven

Days in Utopia” movie decode.

1:49:45 Chris speaks, Matrix brought such trauma and fear. Finding the truth

helps combat fear.

1:50:35 Colleen: Feels the same. Letting go of fear helps growth accelerate.

1:51:40 Chris replies

1:52:17 Justin: Echoes release of fear. Stepping into 432 Hz – refers to The

Breakdown 1718 (Telegram channel) video on time travel. No longer

bound to time or trauma. Refers to Charlie’s video entitled “The Takedown

of Organized Religion from A to Z”. One Singular Truth.

1:54:56 Charlie: Divinity of the Chosen. Become Virtuous decode. (I won’t do

this justice, I’ll try.)

144,000 God is Creator – He’s 111

We are the child – 33 rising up, Jacob’s ladder, 33 vertebrae

111 + 33 = 144 144 is symbolic of starting on the path of the

straight and narrow.

Expands on how to become one of the chosen ones. Mercy not

constriction, a gift, explains further. Being virtuous – outward spiral –

Golden Ratio – Fibonacci sequence – Gematria…

Think spatially vs. linearly.

Alex Jones/David Icke. Alex is a necessary piece, explains. David

deposits endless storylines going nowhere.

2:01:35 Aarongorn: Speaks on the what is God question. He replies, God is

literally everything, creative intelligence, infinite potentiality, the Whole,

explains further. Choice is between Christ and Satan. References Josh “X

definition of demon. De means be removed; mon means the one, the

singularity. Demon – under the delusion you are removed from the one.

2:05:25 Charlie: God is creator, opposite is destructor. Look at old photographs

from the 1800’s. they’re not restoring buildings, they are destructing the

buildings. Internet/Ethernet cabal destruct explained. Mercury is the

messenger. Ether is not only air but also God’s wisdom. Cities all had

waterways (generators) like Venice; then mud-floods. Evergreen trees

represent change; also happens within us.

Autumn – Au – Golden tomb/3 days, 3 nights, conical shapes…

2:11:30 Center of the Earth/Mount Maru. Boreal Forest, evergreen forest,

Spruce, fir, and pine. Everything is a duality of what is happening

everywhere else. That’s how God made it. Microcosm/Macrocosm. The

one truth is singularity.

2:13:30 Mud-flood creation

2:15:08 Cones of evergreen trees are natural conductors of the ether.

2:15:40 Nicole adds God is all things. Genesis: Let us create man in our image.

Frmament is our head decode.

2:17:20 Justin: Replies about perceived duality/separation.

2:17:55 Nicole states the Firmament translates to Stable One Mind

2:18:12 Charlie: Confirms singularity and explains further. Gematria and the

Trinity. Perfect balance. Real father is God, real mother is Earth. The child

(us) is to rise.

2:20:15 QUESTION: What foods are acidic and which are alkaline? What is a

good resource?

2:21:42 Justin: Suggests nuances between Dr. Morris, Dr. Sebi and Arnold

Ehret, mucusless diet healing system. Also, Toni Wheel takes Ehret’s

work and compares list with Dr Morris’ Detox list. It can get complex (with

all the information available). The simplest fuel is glucose. The fuel the

body wants is glucose The more the food is processed, the more heat is

introduced in the body, acidity. Fruit is the easiest form of glucose for the

body to digest. Grains are discussed. Be conscious about what you eat

and see how your body feels.

2:27:10 Bruce states that the key is to rid the poison first, the unnatural foods,


2:29:32 Eugene: It’s so simple and becomes an inner knowing. Hybrid foods

require a binder (foreign chemical, acidic), He expands concept.

Geothermal spring water healing. We are the scientists for ourselves. It’s

our initiative, experts can only give information (expands).

2:34:02 Charlie: Simple innerstanding. Today we have primarily hybridized

foods. Still have natural seeds – What is coming is removal of fake foods

(poison). Meat, dairy, eggs, the three cornerstones of evil. Fake salt,

sugar, flour gives them a bad name. Processed foods contain these.

Demand the truth (life). Lies are death.

2:39:40 Debbie replies about going through detox. May feel worse when

beginning to eat better, before we get better, because we are so toxic.

Exercise/Hydrate/Pray over food.

2:41:05 Charlie: Prayer is just Intention. Speaks on prayer concerning food.

2:42:22 Debbie replies.

2:42:45 QUESTION: Are the seeds I use in my garden healthy?

2:43:12 Charlie: The seeds from commercial stores are hybrids.

Heaviness/Heat/Mucus. The body spends most of its time and energy

digesting. Massive obesity problem; malnutrition.

2:46:36 QUESTION: Even the store vegetables (are hybrids)?

2:46:45 Charlie: Yes, all hybrids. Be okay with surviving now – Still and quiet

ourselves now. Do our best. Perfection and Grace are coming.

2:49:52 Justin: Given how far we’ve fallen – optimal choice isn’t available. God

knows this, still we can make a better choice with our foods. Emphasizing

that God know we are doing our best.

2:52:07 Eugene: Ordered non-hybrid herb seeds from an Etsy site (expands).

2:53:41 Justin: Caution, Eugene is not saying take iron supplements, they’re


2:53:53 Eugene: Revitalize with mineral salts from plants/herbs, discusses.

2:56:20 QUESTION: Pamela asks about putting your own saliva on seeds

before planting.

2:56:56 Charlie: True, explains. Uniform DNA (we are all man/womankind, our

specific DNA. Junk DNA turns off when we clean our vessel.

3:01:35 Justin: Nourishing the plants we grow, walking barefoot, etc.,

reciprocation from Mother Earth occurs.

3:02:11 Charlie: Movie: “A Good Year”. Transmutation of water into wine.

Master of the vineyard sang to the vines. Our voice is our DNA. Urination

on plants (once vessel is clean).

3:04:30 Justin: speaks about plants from seeds that pass through us.


3:06:12 Charlie: Applauds Justin and all that are doing the work.

3:09:15 Justin: I’ll make the righteous choice even if its unpopular.


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