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Charlie Freak Q+A 03-JAN-2023

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Justin Carpenter with Charlie Freak Q&A

January 3, 2023

3:10 Lisa - from a female body perspective and myself being premenopausal I’m not sure how old Colleen is but when changing to a frugivore lifestyle was there any struggles, cravings, or issues that she came across that could help us ladies?

30:02 Grant - can you explain the meaning behind Jesus calling his father Aba and calling his mother Ema? ( please forgive if I missed spelt)

52:13 Juan - How is Colleen doing?

1:03:53 I heard the Pope died. What’s your thought on all these world figures like the Pope, the Queen passing and why did we even have a Pope to begin with?

1:17:11 ( wow great number) Kim Marie - what is the true birthday date of Jesus and who/why decided it to be December 25?

1:41:50 What is the truth behind April fools day?

1:57:46 Charlie ends the chat with an explanation regarding all the markers we are seeing , what it all means and why it’s taking this long to the finish line.


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04. Jan. 2023

Justin can you speak on the Vincent Vendetta comment ? I thought VV was gone and John John took his spot, Is he back? Is John john still there or did they switch again or are they both there now? Can't wait for that show, FYI my favorites or when you just open up the lined to allow to to ask questions or just share, It really shows what a magical family we

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