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  • Justin Carpenter

Bridging the Gap: Dark to Light 03-MAY-23

In this series, I'm joined by Harry the Soul Coach where we examine the major gap we face in this great awakening, the gap between the truth and the lies. How can we bridge to those still attached to the lie? How can we maintain our foundation as we share with others? How have the white hats been bridging the gap for all of us through various media? We'll cover various aspects related to these questions each week and always open up for questions and discussion from everyone. GrammySue1776 wrote about this show "Listened to this in recording…IT IS WONDERFUL!!! Justin.. you had so many brilliant points!!! SO MANY!! The one about ‘burning your painting” was such an eye opener. I am an artist and each painting is calculated.. almost picture perfect. To just paint to CREATE!! In the moment! I love it. And not as a legacy to be left for others. How freeing! Just one of many great thoughts from this chat! Harry was also wonderful. Thank you so much."


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And for the offer of 2 for 1 for the FreaQuency community, reach out to Harry on his site or through @harrythesoulcoach


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