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  • Justin Carpenter

Bridging the Gap: Dark to Light 01-MAR-23

In this series, I'm joined by Harry the Soul Coach where we examine the major gap we face in this great awakening, the gap between the truth and the lies. How can we bridge to those still attached to the lie? How can we maintain our foundation as we share with others? How have the white hats been bridging the gap for all of us through various media? We'll cover various aspects related to these questions each week and always open up for questions and discussion from everyone.


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This was from one of the amazing chats we had on Thank you Mike of for putting together this clip! "In this clip, Justin answers my Quest-i-on abou


Mar 12, 2023

AMAZING I am sharing the heck outta this ❤️💪🙏


Janet Robinson-Gillmore
Janet Robinson-Gillmore
Mar 02, 2023

The unbeliever you had on the phone today has put 'doubt' in other's minds. Their question would be 'what if'. One has to go back into all that has transpired and realize that the people who want to enslave us would have never told us so much about how we have been robbed and lied to and abused.

Mar 05, 2023
Replying to

So, I agree with you, Your capture doesn't show you the door, or give you a map to your freedom. I had a hard time with at first because I've been told by many elder truthers, that in order for them to no dodge cosmic justice, They has to tell you the truth in plain sight .for example If I have a basket of poisonous apples and put a sign up saying apples for sale and you buy one eat it and it kills you, That's on me and I will reap what I sow, But if I have the same basket of poisonous apples and I put a sign up saying poisonous apples and you buy it and e…

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