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What is the real meaning of "baptism"?

Here, Charlie Freak beautifully breaks down the true meaning of baptism as referenced in the Bible and how it relates to our spiritual journey. And I chime in a bit as well. In short, there are 2 baptisms we must receive. One of water and one of fire. The baptism of water is cleansing the body, our temple. This is purity of food, drink and breath so that we are healthy and capable to move about this physical plane in a comfortable and efficient way in this body.

But even more important and challenging is the baptism of fire... This is purity of the mind. Cleansing our metaphysical self with the cleansing fire of Truth. Not allowing the wandering mind (ego) to knock us off course with tempting lies. The baptism of fire is what Jesus Christ came to do... to burn away all lies, both within and without.

This process of baptism is continual as we become more refined in our connection with God. Each day we cleanse new layers of our self, both physical and metaphysical, symbolically with water and with fire. All to maximize our potential, be the best version we can possibly be all while living in blissful perpetuity with God at all times... Everlasting life...



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