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  • Justin Carpenter

What does "Doing the Work" actually mean?

This time I'm joined by Ben Carter of and Mike "Sherlock" of as we go over the most important topic of all... What does it really mean when we say "doing the work"? What is the Christed path? What does it mean to be "born again"? Ben dropped an absolutely 🔥🔥🔥 set of posts (referenced below) as he does on the topic in the healing is a feeling chat and gave the most beautiful advice to Mike who's going through some of the most challenging situations. So we're going to expand on this greatly and bring everyone in to learn from this experience. So grateful to have these beautiful brothers to share this space with!

Here's one of the amazing chats we have on my Telegram Channel "Justin Carpenter". To join in live for future conversations or for updates in Telegram, feel free to join my channel If there notes/timestamps have been submitted, they will be below the show video. Don't see notes/timestamps and you'd like to help out by writing them? That's always very much appreciated... You can reach me on telegram or on my connect page

Ben's posts which inspired the show:

Hi Mike and Justin.

Loved what you shared Mike.

I listened to the show and have so much information to share on what the solutions are for Mike and what inner work is required to heal these traumas.

I've had many similar experiences I've healed.

It all comes from these existing contracts we have made with the demonic entities either consciously or unconsciously.

All related to the ego and it's control over us.

Let's have a chat this week some time.



In summary, the solutions are:

First there must be forgiveness to yourself and then the others involved in your traumas as you and them could only act in accordance with your current level of awareness. If you don't know any better you can't do any better.

Next must fully commit to the straight and narrow path, with all contracts being with god and the divine.

Next we must remove all old existing contracts we have with the dark and demonic entities/energies.

These are all attachments to the lower 5 chakras that are keeping us in hell. They are the deadly sins.

All old friends, family members, and relationships that involved contracts with these demonic entities/energies must be let go of. You attracted them in the past due to being in electromagnetic alignment with them. (From your past life karma etc) Now they no longer serve you and are either consciously or unconsciously holding you back.

This is the matrix system in general - they have all made contracts with the devil. We all did as that's all we knew. As Charlie said restitution is the only way to ascend. There must be inner reflection and not deflection of what is being shown to us from God. The mirror is always being put in front of us to show what we need to change inside of us. It's not the others around us who are the problem. It's our vibration that is the problem in attracting it as we continue to contract with demonic forces/energies.

Be kind, practice the heavenly virtues while being in a constant state of gratitude and practice meditation daily and watch your life change very quickly.

The old will disappear and the new will enter your life as you have lifted your vibration and raised your current level of awareness.

So it's practicing the heavenly virtues in every moment instead of the deadly sins.

That's heavenly contracts in every moment and not sinning.

What's sinning? I made a good post on this on my channel but here is a summary:

Sin can be seen as:

1 - Impurity of body & mind; (acidity instead of alkalinity - including food, beverages & breath/thoughts)

2 - Attachment to the senses and lower chakras; (7 Deadly Sins)

3 - Forgetting the indwelling self/soul who breathes life into our body and controls everything we do;

4 - Restlessness from not breathing properly.

We have 50 types of breath - 49 cause restlessness and delusion.

Only 1 breath is heavenly/spiritual and creates calmness.

Sin can also be seen as "missing the mark" as in the arrow not hitting the target.

The 7 Deadly Sins relate to the attachment to the senses and lower chakras.

They can be seen as:

1 - Pride - Inflated sense of one's accomplishments; (Practice the opposite Heavenly Virtue in Humility)

2 - Envy - Jealousy towards another's happiness; (Practice the opposite Heavenly Virtue in Kindness)

3 - Gluttony - To over-indulge, especially by over-eating; (Practice the opposite Heavenly Virtue in Temperance)

4 - Lust - Unrestrained sexual craving; (Practice the opposite Heavenly Virtue in Chastity)

5 - Wrath - Uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger; (Practice the opposite Heavenly Virtue in Patience)

6 - Greed - The excessive desire for material items; (Practice the opposite Heavenly Virtue in Charity)

7 - Sloth - Laziness or lack of effort. (Practice the opposite Heavenly Virtue in Diligence)

We are told that we are sinner from the time we were born and that there isn't anything we can do about it.

Programmed with the 7 deadly sins, all of these untruths about life and that God is outside of us, we are stuck in the funnel of limitation with dire consequences.

Most people are programmed to believe money, material possessions, fame & status are their god. We all make and have existing contracts with Satan.

This is just "Satan the deceiver."

Everything in this world is inverted, perverted and flipped upside down.

To make it worse most people like to drown their sorrows with more sinful behaviours like: drinking, smoking, taking drugs, eating junk food,

partying, lustful sex, playing video games, watching excessive tv, shopping etc

The fact of the matter is, we are the pinnacle of God's creation and a perfect divine form.

It's time to "sin no more" by "doing the inner work" so we can be "born again" of "Christ Consciousness."

Doing the work is doing the opposite to what we have been programmed to do and mentioned above.

We need to:

1 - Purify the mind & body so that we become an alkaline man - this means eating an alkaline diet (mainly of fruit) and drinking filtered water.

It means detoxing the body of toxins & heavy metals and cleansing the filtering organs such as the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, colon etc.

It also means purifying the toxic thoughts and removing negative beliefs that no longer serve us and replacing them with the ultimate truth.

This requires "FASTING."

*** We must remove the physical parasites inside of us that are impacting our thought patterns and eating. The gut/brain connection is damaged and perverted. The existing contracts we have with the devil must be severed at the same time as the parasites only came into our bodies due to these contracts. Fasting will release our bondage to food, the parasites and the attachments to the solar plexus chakra, therefore freeing up life force energy so we can become more aware.

We must replace our beliefs in relation to Astrology, the history of this earth, religion, financial system, education, health/medical system, our eating habits (frugivore),

and our connection to God & our soul.

This process is the "baptism of water." (We get to see the kingdom of God within at the 6th and 7th chakras and not outside of us)

2 - Remove our attachments to the lower chakras and 5 physical senses that result in the 7 deadly sins. This is a huge topic that I have lots to discuss.

This can be done through fasting, breath control and meditation.

In doing this we begin to practice the Heavenly Virtues in every moment instead of the Deadly Sins.

3 - Become fully devoted to God, know thyself & love thyself fully.

From breath control, meditation and going through the final stage of the baptism of fire we can fully surrender to God

and become the Phoenix rising from the ashes to enter into the kingdom of God.

4 - We can learn to breathe properly through the nostrils 50/50 (satvic/spiritual) which is the only heavenly breath out of the 50 that doesn't cause restlessness.

This keeps us in a constant state of calmness, connected to our soul who breathes life into our bodies and allows us to control our mood and emotions.

So instead of constantly missing the mark let's make an effort to sin no more and hit the target.

Our aim, focus & awareness should be on the bullseye, the 7 Sacred Crossings Point located near the ajna chakra. (3rd eye)

This point enables us to proceed towards self realisation/godhood and is symbolised as Christ by the two petal lotus. (divine union of matter & spirit)

Through breath control and focus on the atom point (bullseye), we gain self control.

Through breath mastery, we gain self mastery.

So much more to talk about as it is so deeply connected and interwoven.




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