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  • Justin Carpenter

Watch the Water

Sea is mer in French, mar in Spanish, mare in Italian. Mer, mar, mare, mary... Our Divine Mother Mary. The ocean or sea always represents the divine mother, constantly in motion, spreading the life-giving water and minerals (salt) throughout the earth.

The sacred mother has been systematically purged from our society... The cultivating care and compassion she provides is beaten back and stifled while only the ruthless imbalanced masculine remains. The obelisks such as the Washington Monument in DC and within cities all over the world symbolize this unhealthy masculine energy in the form of a raping, stabbing, erect penis that these monuments represent...

So here, John F. Kennedy is paying homage to our connection to our Divine Mother—how we are all drawn to her loving care from the moment she born us into this physical realm. And it is through connecting with her, connecting with our inner divine feminine, that we will both heal the world around and also inspire that divine masculine to rise up as the protector, and restore what is right. It starts with her. Together to-get-her we must go...



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