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Quest-i-on - Quest to turn 👁💡24-MAY-24

Artist played: The Black Keys


-Severed mind/Split personality? How do we identify and deal with the ego?

-Is Satan the Ego?

-Essene Gospel of Peace and Earthly/Heavenly Angels

-Sharing truth and setting boundaries

-The food journey and being in relationship

Questions are an invitation to the divine to bring us an answer. As Jesus says in Matthew 7:7 (Christ=77): "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you". So let's spend this time asking and seeking by asking Quest-i-ons on this grand Quest to illuminate the single eye... This Quest I am on...

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Thanks Nancy!

Quest-i-on 24-MAY-24

Artist: The Black Keys, Songs: Sinister Kid and Everlasting Light

8:10 Song Decode

17:17 Introduction

18:30 Prayers for Mike

Marlena explains. It has happened so trust that it needed to work out this way. Stay in that space of faith and trust that its

working out s it needs to. Maybe an opportunity as a catalyst for a system that must be exposed. Send him love and

support and any help especially if familiar with the legal system.


Letting traumatic events throw me off and desiring unhealthy things for comfort-food. We all can relate. Its. Manifestation

of our ego. It takes over and we experience a split personality when it occurs. Ego show up in lots of ways. Tuning

frequency to other stations. Ego leading brings harm to self. Identifying with the separation. Not to take on shame and

guilt, ego constructs. Pride – Better than, Self-deprecation – Less than, Balance is Humility, the realign. Example of eating

fried foods, just notice, no shaming self. Ask is this the experience I wish to have? Maybe the answer is yes. Open a layer

of conscious awareness versus using only the will. Systems using shame and guilt aren’t effective in getting total behavior

change. Conscious awareness and experiencing the consequence of choice. Challenge ourselves through deeper

cleanse to see our relationship with foods. Say give up coffee awhile.

54:16 During the month of June, Justin is doing a fruit cleanse and Noa is hosting a guided juice cleanse starting June

12 through the solstice and onwards into July. Small shifts into better decisions. Find the balance, not through a

suggestion or comparison to another. Do it because it’s something you want to do.

Like in LOTR, Golum and Smeegle talking. Be mindful when we’re stepping into lower ego constructs. Identify the signs

when we’re in it. Reacting vs. Responding. Emotional outburst (no conscious thought) vs. Calm conversation. Find

balance so egoic construct is not running the show. Demonic Possession, De - Take away, mon – the oneness, Demon=

take away the oneness. Viewing another as separate allows one to cause harm/neglect/etc. Ego in full control when belief

is separation is absolute.

1:04:30 Satan is the energy driving us away from God/Goodness. Remember to avoid the shame and give ourselves

Grace. We know all this yet forget to execute it sometimes when we find ourselves there. Respond vs. Reaction. There

are so many wars In the external world. The war is within us. Realize how powerful and strong we are. [There is some

good video content here]



Yes, Satan is the deceiver. Ego isn’t always a bad thing, it’s a part of us/this experience. Yet when ego is dominating our

consciousness that’s when it’s Satan and has potential to cause wide-scale harm … all in serving of the self … Satanism

is the worship of self above all else – justifies any behavior. Society has constructed us to unknowingly fall into … the

experience of separatism … taking our roles/characters seriously … without letting that ego construct (our role) run the

show. It’s not wrong necessarily, it’s there to learn from and grow. It’s all withing. Internal battle aligning with connection or

falling into separation.



Justin has only read parts of this gospel. What are the true teachings of Jesus. The Christed path is the Essene way;

Jesus was an Essene. Angels of Mother Earth examine the duality within this experience and the Angels of Father God

examine the divinity with each aspect of the duality. Mother Earth – Physicality – Body – Connect with Earthly experience

and bring that into a higher expression. There are physically oriented angels. Mother gives us grounding-stability.

Heavenly Angels – unseen – beyond physicality. Both elements are vital. Important to give homage to … These gospels

give a better view of Yeshua and his teachings.



Most of the ”truth community” says Freemasons are bad or evil and responsible for all the trouble on earth. True

Freemasons are on the side of good. Some are parading as Freemasons that have done things not good. They do it to

tarnish the Freemason reputation. Freemasons are protecting and upholding Christed path, the Essene way. Cabal wants

to destroy the Christed path. Same as people parading as Jews, that are not Jews. A jew is one who goes within, not a

race of people. A lot of this is brough to us by the White Hats, the movie. Freemasons are White Hats, example, Tom

Hanks and Issac Kappy … Fear of exposure – the Cabal won’t expose themselves. The white hats are showing us what

was happening. Because the real bad players names are unknown to us, exposing them by their name would not get

much notice/publicity because we don’t know of them. Exposing Tom Hanks is a different story, bercause most people

know of him

What to do with it – How much are you willing to share. No need to prove anything. Set boundary. Respect each other.

They get to believe what they want. Problem if either side is pushing it on the other. Blocking may be necessary.



Reframe mindset about falling back on your path. Great opportunity to refine and see where these temptations are coming

from, the root cause, and where they surface. Communicate that it is a challenge for you, that these tempting foods are in

the home and consumed. Find a game plan that suits you both, may compromise … examples listed … Plan of ways we

can do this together. May not be able to cook the way partners wants so partner can cook it themselves. Bridge the gap.

Respect to have the spade to eat as each other believes. Communicate how you feel. Relationship may not be a

requirement. Expectation lead to suffering. Expect them to do as you do … will lead to suffering. We can communicate that we aren’t comfortable preparing this food, the temptation is too great. Respect each other, Do that together. Find

those moments and ways to do this. Raw til 4, then eat whatever … Dealing with protein indoctrination … Stay consistent

where we want to go allowing others theirs.

2:07:45 The Black Keys Meet Me in the City


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