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  • Justin Carpenter

Quest-i-on - Quest to turn 👁💡17-MAY-24

Artist played: Band of Horses


-is money the root of all evil?

-are birthdays satanic?

-is the day we are born significant?

-are we born the same day each incarnation?

-did we choose our incarnation and experience?

-what do we have to look forward to in heaven on earth?

-do we all manifest differently?

-what's the significance of learning about past lives?

Questions are an invitation to the divine to bring us an answer. As Jesus says in Matthew 7:7 (Christ=77): "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you". So let's spend this time asking and seeking by asking Quest-i-ons on this grand Quest to illuminate the single eye... This Quest I am on...

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Thank you Nancy!

Quest-i-on 17-MAY-24 Show Notes

Artist: Band of Horses Song: Marry Song & No One’s Gonna Love You




Reading from a Bible, the love of money is the root of all evil. Pursuing money for selfish reasons. The pursuit of physical

possessions above all. If we only serve the love of money, the wants of things, then we are lost. Godliness with

contentment is great gain, To be content rather than pursuit of unsatiable pleasure, wants of things. God inspires us to

move/action/take ownership. To go where God requires us God will provide the means. When we are moving with God …

we are content. We have no need to worship money because God will provide. The parasite is what feeds on

fear/lack/limitations. Scarcity is a myth – make up – falsely placed onto us. Creation is abundant. Law of Vibration – we

manifest what we vibrate to, Can’t half-ass trust God. Full space of trust resonates all we need. Content with what you

have. Gratitude for it. Can’t serve two masters. If not serving God, well then, we are serving the other. Potential for

demonic possession (harming force). It’s not the money causing it, it’s the system constructed around us, It’s just a

product of us, our lower selves. The layer of deception, greed, etc., comes from fear of not having enough. I have to con

people out of theirs. Always looking at how much gain can I get from this. The game of scarcity. The wealth of the wicked

is saved up for the righteous. Darth comments, Absolute evil doesn’t exist. Ask In what way is money good? In what way

is money evil? Answer, love uses all things for good. Money in modern western form, special case. Ironic that money

shows value yet money can’t represent value. Love can’t be represented by money. Money is synthetic holy spirit.

Difference between the Holy Spirit and money is the Holy Spirit is not diminished. When a person shows love, everyone

benefits. A dollar is finite, only used in the material realm. In the New World here, money will continue for a while but not in

the modern western form. This it won’t mean anything. Love overrides. Justin: money invented to keep us locked into

limitation and lack, scarcity. What future transactions will look like was discussed. Value moves to what we can create.,

Time and attention is the true currency. No need to demonize money, to repel from it. Avenue to help us do what we need

to do. Let go of the attachment to it if it was the end all be all.


To quote Anton LeVay, Birthdays are the highest holiday to Satinists … self-worship …only ungodly people celebrated

birthdays. We don’t need to stay in a black and white approach, Augmenting the lower self – ritual (eat garbage) blowing

out the candles, blowing out the light. Birthday party ritual is purpose. Focus on time, Chronos, inverted time dominate

force. A prison, counting off the years until our death. We aren’t ships birthing (we were lost in the shadow of the sea), we

are born. On a born day (be earth day) ritual, transmute the intention – draw attention away from self. Be a bright light on

that day. The goal of all this is to allow light (God) to flow through us. Let’s be in service on that born day. Like the Hobbits,

give gifts to others. Maybe be in silence that day, connect with Mother Earth …. Connected with Heavenly Father … shift

intention from hyper focus on self to service to others. Lila: Talk about mentioning the virtues and falling to either side,

Falling into a space where she didn’t value her life, and working through that space. Encourages everyone to see the

middle road to value your life. Talks about fasting during holidays, brings mindfulness. Some people don’t share their

birthdays. May be missing the love poured out to them – just for showing up, being in this space. Gratitude for each other.

Find the middle path, the balance.

1:11:01 IS THE DAY WE ARE BORN SIGNIFICANT? Are our birthdays the same in each incarnation? Will we have the

same archetype each incarnation?

Life path from born day mostly based on astrological and numerological ways they fit together. Luminaries, planets, have

our energy signature, they help create the blueprint for us. The energy signature that is you, can exist in other timelines,

realities, ways, energy signature will move, changes archetypes, to help us learn who we are …It was our choice to be as

we are in that incarnation, We have free will to choose. No wrong choice. The day we come in is significant, it’s a clue …


Probably not born on the same day each incarnation.


Discussion on discovering ourselves, we are on a quest and there is treasure to uncover. Are we staying in that childlike

sense and wonder or are we falling into hell attached … Enjoy the pursuit of truth.


Why the process of perceiving to lose everything? We are choosing to go through this ahead of time. Our houses were

built on sand and not on the rock. Our foundations are built on lies, the sand, how society is crafted. Even if that house

looks ‘really good’ it’s not built to last because it’s built on lies. … We’ve all been invited to have that storm role through

ahead of time … rebuild on solid rock, foundation of truth. … fighting the mechanisms of society … stepping into the

courageous new You in a bold way … before reveal … will be easier after revelation to move into new way of existence …

accruing spiritual wealth … early investment … Building our lives on truth. … we don’t know the weights we are carrying

until we take them off … we can take the backpack of rocks off, anytime … an attempt to bury us not realizing we are

seeds … creation is designed to reward what is in alignment with Good … We are building strength in this most

challenging time, before reveal … Spiritual rewards

What to look forward to? Difficult to perceive fully. Challenging to see this clearly because of the weight we’ve been

subjected to … indoctrination on the way one is to live to have a “successful” life … school systems teach us to be

obedient slave … people will see this and decide to pursue leaning for the sake of learning … what do I want to learn

about? … No need … what to do with free time? … Creature comforts will be taken care of … all are provided for, having exactly what they need with no problem and easy ability to pursue whatever avenue of extravagance that you want. There

will be pitfalls for pursuing luxury simply for the sake of luxury. Things in alignment can be luxurious and we can enjoy

ourselves, it’s the worship of the money and physical things that will bring the karma in …. With no need to pursue money

to survive, what do you do with your time? … people will be traveling … New modes of travel … we are using archaic tech

for travel … Magnetic force can propel lots of things. Hi speed rails, magnetic levitation vehicles, ancient portals, physical

teleportation, dematerialize and re-materialize in another place. Live in beautiful spaces and then convene somewhere

else together because of rapid travel available, cities, but we live in spaces connected to the Mother. Moving away from

transactional idea because nobody needs anything. … When scarcity, lack and fear gone, we’ll shift into love. Community

makers and travelers. Druids were traveling nomads; they were the Essenes. More trust and love for everyone because

no one is without.


Lila: There are specific and and non-specific manifestation for each energy type … Looking at these can be very helpful.

Creating dreams. A manifestor may need to create a vision board etc. … For others, being to specific may hinder their

creation. … Generator not work the way a manifestor would in creating things. A projector isn’t either. Projectors, seeing in

your mind’s eye. Creating a film or a song about it, project it out to the ethers. … Generators have yet a different way …

Make sure the idea of dream is not holding it in dream space, and not allowing it to come into reality. So, be mindful

around our words … are you saying what you view as just a dream – semantics - if belief is ‘only a dream’ then it is.

2:16:10 Justin: The importance of knowing thyself. … how does my energy flow… where is my best alignment to operate

in this space … what am I vibrating at … this dream am I creating it as an impossibility or a fantasy or something I believe

will come into reality. … we are creating that separation in our minds … if I know that that dream is here, really know it, I

am in a timeline prior to that manifesting … and that is what is inviting it to come into fruition. When I am vibrating in a

space of knowing that it will be here, I’m commanding to the Force of Love to make it happen. … Lila: there is negative

space and everything has to be existing on what we are seeing and feeling in this specific plane.

We are learning by contrast.


Picking up puzzle pieces. Not to distract us from the here and now. Falling into victimhood, distraction for taking away the

moment, takes us away from knowing myself. We were/have been/are all of these roles. We are drawn to certain souls,

it’s true. An element to this experience to explore and discover. Balancing act. Past lives do matter and they can be a

distraction from the here and now. Justin doesn’t know an exact person he was in past life. A tool, discovering past lives,

where God leads. It will all show up to each of us how it needs to. Tracey: Fascinated by learning from Lannette and what

she found out about herself. It’s been a journey to realize what now is and will stay here now. Justin: Be in communication

with our angel guides. Act when we are called to. Lila: Has remembrances of past lives and has done hypnotherapy,

Concern is that someone would be too wrapped up in past life and not concerned with what’s here now, distraction.

(Shares her experience) The Life Between Life Work, Michael Newton, hypnotherapy, smoking cessation, patient went to

past life and life between lives, the Spiritual realm. He didn’t believe … Years of case studies. We are spiritual beings

come to earth … They have life between life sessions …

2:57:00 Artist: Band of Horses Song: The Funeral

Recognizing that each moment in life is precious. Ready to let go of the past reality to embrace what is now. Fully be here.



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