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Quest-i-on - Quest to turn 👁💡 09-JAN-24

Questions are an invitation to the divine to bring us an answer. As Jesus says in Matthew 7:7 (Christ=77): "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you". So let's spend this time asking and seeking by asking Quest-i-ons on this grand Quest to illuminate the single eye... This Quest I am on...

Here's one of the amazing chats we have on my Telegram Channel "Justin Carpenter". To join in live for future conversations or for updates in Telegram, feel free to join my channel If there notes/timestamps have been submitted, they will be below the show video. Don't see notes/timestamps and you'd like to help out by writing them? That's always very much appreciated... You can reach me on telegram or on my connect page

Thanks Nancy 💛

Quest-i-on. 09-JAN-24



Pardon Me



We are angles of Light projected into this world.

We are Star seeds, starlight, photonic light

Pink Floyd album cover with white light through prism and out from prism are the

7 colors, the rainbow, colors of purple chakras.

We are these 7 colored beings. This light -rejected in stemming from that singular

photonic light bouncing through the trinity, Father/Mother/Child, that Divinity that creates

this experience through the three, creates us, the seven.

We are angels of Light here pretending that we’re physical. This physical reality

is very real and at the same time it’s just light waves condensed and slowed down to the

point to,where it seems that things are physical.


Frequencies manifesting as physical.

Explaining how we can transcend .

Within this conscious experience, there are many layers of consciousness

interwoven and wrapped up on top of another. It’s all God manifest in variations

experiencing oneself through the lens of different vantage points. There are beings,

angels, that exist in higher realms, a layer of consciousness, a layer of you, manifest in

different ways.

Angelic realm

Guides (you in higher realms) that strength within you

It’s good to ask for help


Dr. Robert Gilbert

Self-initiation school

Decoding The Storm would like to have group study on these subjects

Mysticism and Meta-physics

Supporting each other

Escaping lack mentality

Recognize tireless efforts of those serving us and creation

Sharing these teachings



3 versions of reality

Old World (hell manifest, unconscious state, fear driven)

Existing in Heaven (fully conscious, not letting the world of illusion affect


existing outside of limitations

consistently in a miraculous way of being

consistently connected with divinity

not concerned with those existing in the hellish reality

no overlap in these two realitiesThe Bridge Between Heaven and Hell

We cannot exclude the transitional period way of being, moving that

hell into Heaven.

Must be a conscious way of being so not to fall back into hell.

Recognize not fully existing in Heaven - Important step

Middle way - Path that Jesus walked - Where we should all be

Union point, in that figure 8, the cross point, X marks the spot

Pivot point, zero-point where heaven and hell do meet.

Darth’s 1st presentation, Q-based Meta-physics, How we got

flipped upside down, defines how goodness is the foundational aspect of creation. Any

deviation away from goodness is unnatural. It requires work to maintain this unnatural

way of being. There is some artificial mechanism driving us away from the natural

balance that creation exists in. That’s what’s been sustaining for so long is this deviation

through this creation of evil, which is not a necessary part of creation, we manifested it.

We will learn it. It’s something we will let go of to move back into the natural way of

being which is divine goodness. We can’t even I,aging the magnificent divine goodness

which will flow. It is for everyone, however not everyone will accept it.

Those that cling to the lies, especially the internal lies people tell

themselves, adopting these false fake personas will have a hard time in this transition.

Those that are unwilling to do the shadow work.


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