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  • Justin Carpenter

Only at the Precipice will People find the will to Change

Only at the precipice [moment of destruction] will people find the will [strength] to change [to participate] and break the system of control [be free]...

Above is taking the combination of 3 Q posts pictured below. Q references "precipice" 4 times. What is the precipice and why must we reach this point?

Just as a cold glass of water can wake someone from a deep slumber, the precipice acts as the same to help us snap into reality and realize what's happening around. The system of control that is organized society was/is so deeply imbued into our collective psyche that it requires quite an intense catalyst to break free from. Every ounce of that system is designed to control, ensnare and enslave - all while giving no time to look up from our own misery to see what's happening around us. We're scared into a lack-based fearful approach of not even being able to care for the self fully, thus never able to care for others. This then develops into an apathetic "its not my problem" attitude. And before you know it, we're firmly in hell. And we are also quite addicted it... like a victim clings to and even defends its abuser despite the bruises, we hold onto our tools of enslavement through pop culture, food, sports, money and other forms of idolatry traps that have been placed for us.

So with this level of unhealthy psychic attachment, the precipice acts as that jolt of electricity to zap us back into awareness. We might not still be aware of what's going on exactly, but we are then in a state of openness, looking for answers. This is exactly where we need to be to give us the best opportunity to pass through this next phase. Humbled to the point of being ready to receive the truth...

"It had to be done this way" -Q


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