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  • Justin Carpenter

Mankind's Quest for True Health Series with Vegetable Police

In this series, I had the one and only Kasey Stern aka "Vegetable Police" join me as co-host for a whole bunch of incredible conversations - all centered around health. Each episode, we had a guest expert join us to share their knowledge and experience in the pursuit of true health. Guests included Charlie Freak, Josh X, Eli Martyr of "The FreeMelon Society", Shane Sterling and more! The more we can share our experiences as we find more effective routes to health, the better we can all learn and each episode is full of good, practical advice. Enjoy! *Note* Some users are reporting issues with playing videos in Odysee. It seems the Safari mobile browser is not very compatible with the player. If you experience issues, please try using a different browser. I like and have used "Brave" as a browser with no issues on mobile or computer.

Bonus Episode: The Whole Truth About What Food Is


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