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  • Justin Carpenter

LivalittleRaw... Liv's Healing Journey - Gift Recipe Book!

Liv Macdonald reached out with this incredible comment below. And she agreed to come on and talk with us! Along with sharing this absolutely BEAUTIFUL transitional book on how to shift our food back to vitality - life. See her amazing share:

"Justin. Just listening to your amazing live about transitioning to a fruit lifestyle. I started this lifestyle almost 5 years ago when I began to detox my body on a cellular level after being severely vax injured almost 10 years ago now. I was bed ridden for 2 years and VERY weak and sick for 7-8 years and also FULL of anxiety and panic over this. I’ve been on the food and spiritual journey for about 8 years now removing small things at a time until I jumped into vegan ( my soul cried EVERY-TIME I ate meat and I knew intuitively I had to stop ) then almost immediately raw then fruit and fasting ( almost 5 years ago) which I continued with for 18-24 months. I’m now raw til 4 but ONLY eat cooked veggies because well I have some addictions and programs I’m still working through. I created a transitional recipe eBook about 4 years ago and it was for sale. I actually stopped selling it about 18 months ago and been handing it to people who feel ready. My intuition kept telling me to stop taking money for it. I truly feel in my heart that I’d rather just help people. It’s not the money I want. Not when it comes to the EVIL that’s been indoctrinated into us when it comes to food 😭 …. I would LOVE it if you guys took my book and post it and have it available for anyone who wants to transition! It’s full of tips and suggestions and things and about 80 recipes that worked for me on my journey! Please let me know and I’d be happy to send you a digital copy so you and Charlie can look through it and decide if it fits and feels aligned! I’d LOVE to give back. I healed so many things ( I basically had Lyme disease ( does not come from ticks ) , MS, Parkinson’s, early dimentia at 38 years old, FIBRO, CFS,… you name the autoimmune I had it!) fruit and fasting and doing the emotional and spiritual work gave me my life back! I’m a total freak in society now. I use to be the perfect and ideal zombie. 300 lbs fully medicated for 12 years on SSRI’s and compliant. I’ve lost my ENTIRE family not since convid but since I woke up after my injuries and changed my entire life and took my power back … it made everyone very uncomfortable and now I have no family at all except my husband ! I just want to share so badly with those who are ready! 🙏🏻🧡"

Here's the absolutely beautifully pictured and detailed book "LivalittleRaw: Feed your soul and detox your life" that we discuss on the show below.

LivalittleRaw eBook
Download PDF • 12.06MB

Now this is not her idea at all... As you can see she's written in her initial comment above. But this is something I'd like to do. This gift she is sharing is so incredibly valuable. It's loaded with delicious recipes, but also structured perfectly to help people transition to that which is the simplest... Fruit. I absolutely love it! So if you feel inclined to thank her for this incredible energetic exchange, you can donate to her on paypal via . So if you use and like the book, please send her some thanks, even if it's just a few dollars. This is how we shift our realm from debtor based "charging" and lack mentality to creditor based where we always act in abundance, giving and exchanging fairly. If you aren't able to, please pay it forward! Help yourself and others heal so we can heal the whole earth...

Find Liv at the following:




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