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Justin Guest Q+A 15-JAN-23

This was a great Q+A where I answered a lot of amazing questions!

Some more amazing timestamps from Lyndee from the 15-JAN Q+A on @awakenedfreedomthinkers. Thanks Lyndee!

Awaken freedom thinkers

Guest Justin Carpenter Q&A

January 15, 2023

Elena gives an introduction explaining about her book project.

Elena starts off our chat with a beautiful prayer.

7:11 TB (Brian) - Do we need a book like the Bible or a sacred text to connect with God?

24:50 - In this situation how do people connect or pray?

33:51 - How can I raise my family outside of this matrix/society?

40:48 Elena reads a question from online.

Allan - i’ve heard a lot about the EBS being pushed back 4 to 5 months, possibly even July due to giving time for all these troops coming out in msm. Soften the shock so to speak.

I’m still in the 2 to 4 week mindset can you speak on this ?

47:23 Paula - I would like to ask Justin what he thinks about rallies and if they’re a good source to Connect with people and get truth or should I not be searching truth in that direction?

51:10 There will be one speaker there that will be talking about taxes, he is called a freedom attorney. I was interested in talking to him and asking him about taxes that we pay that are not legal. I had mixed feelings about going and not going. Do you have any comments on a speaker like that?

55:57 Elena responds to Paula‘s question sharing her experience at rallies.

1:01:10 Lyndee - when I Share my story about my diet I always get the question back “well when I did keto I never felt better how do you explain that?” Can you help me give them an answer to that?

1:08:54 PaisLea - Shares feedback regarding keto, removing grains from her diet and the cause of her migraines.

1:10:45 Lily - Shares feedback on the question about Keto regarding the parasites that are created from it.

1:12:23 Elena - how effective is ivermectin to cleaning out parasites?

1::15:11 Barefoot in Florida - Shares a channel on Telegram called “Dirt Road Discussions” the host Danny talks about curing Lyme disease and all the infections that come with it caused by parasites. It’s Open to testimonies.

1:17:22 Lynn Ewy - Shares her knowledge and experience with parasites and also its connection to the lunar cycle. Also shares some great suggestions of some foods to help with parasite cleanses.

1:20:20 Jamie E - shares her experience with the following of Danny’s protocol from Dirt Road Discussions and ivermectin, and how effective it has been for her and the family.

1:21:40 Allisa212 - Shares her experience with ivermectin paste when Allan battled with “Covid”

How they implemented it and it’s successes.

1:25:16 Lyndee - Can you give a brief explanation about project looking glass.

1:29:31 - Is this something we’re all going to be able to access, experience and benefit from?

1:33:42 - Elena - is it true that the deep state had project looking glass in their hands, when they were watching it, looking at the great awakening and the future. To their horror they saw they weren’t going to win and they went back to try and change events,to try and win. It never worked for them. Can you comment on this?

1:34:37 Goldilogs WWG1WGA - Im looking for a better understanding of negative energies, negative attachments, sending out energies, can people cast spells on us?

1:43:56 How do we undo it for the kids looking forward for all of us. How is it going to look? How will they be able to take it?

1:49:27 Lyndee- Shares some insight on how children will receive the truth.

1:53: 08 Elena- Shares her insight on how children will receive the truth.

1:56:22 Goldilogs WWG1WGA - asking about 9/11, and the evil it represented. All the hardships her friends involved endured, people went to war.

1:57:59 **Justin addresses beautifully the explanations of the truth behind 9/11*

2:00:08 Goldilogs WWG1WGA - addresses her thoughts about 9/11 and knows people who died, widows. States also there were horrific repercussions from what had happened and wonders how far the White Hats intervened.

Justin Carpenter, [1/23/2023 11:15 AM]

2:02:28 Firewifer - Shares support with her stories of people she helped, saw parish, and suffered due to 9/11 Struggles with the the White Hat analogy and explains. The pain her community endured from 9/11.

2:06:27 - What does it mean when we Parish? Where is the endgame? If we keep redoing this over and over until we rise above then what’s the end game from God? If the white hats did intervene where did they all go ?

2:13:24 - So regarding the body the physical body, are we living through the same body or are you moving from body to body with the same soul? If we all become angels what does God have in store for us?

2:16:20 -What if you die in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault? Do you think your soul knew about it before and will you go back into another life because yours was cut short?

2:18:32 -I’m trying to Understand eternity from what I was taught vs what I’m learning through Charlie and trying to understand it all.

2:29:05 Elena - Shares her experience with the stresses of trying to wake people up. How she seeked personal peace.

2:31:21 - Brings up 9/11 and soul contracts. The similarity between the Covid deaths and 9/11 deaths.

2:35:12 Lyndee - shares a thought regarding soul contracts and how grateful we are for their contract and how it woke us up.

2:39:32 Briana - Speaks a little about world war two, 9/11, the injections, and give credit to that I know. Speaks a little to Firewifer and her bravery to open up, touches on about the other questions asked. Firewifer’s question created incredible Magnetism between the group. Justin could you touch on Magnetism?

2:51:02 Elena reads a Question online - it’s regarding CLONES I’m confused about the information on this out there, do they really exist?

2:52:37 Chase - Comments on 9/11 and shares some strength and comfort!

2:55:47 Lyndee - I need a little more understanding with ego. Could you give us some examples or scenarios of what it looks like to be in the left brain ego. If it’s coming from love and from a good positive place is that still ego? I want to help people and it makes me feel good inside to do that, is this considered ego? Can you help me understand the difference?

3:13:01 Firewifer - shares her experience with the feeling of gratification within her job and the balancing of it being ego. Does it bring you joy or self gratification.


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