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  • Justin Carpenter


Another beautiful discussion with Joanne. Here's her description: "In this wonderful heart exposing show we discuss some of the ancient texts on their true relationship, their holy bloodline, and the messages they both taught us about how we Save Ourselves and our Divinity Within.

“The Great Awakening Show” airs on U.K. Health Radio- world’s No 1 ‘Heath Talk Radio’ and has 1.3 million listeners; it also plays on 20 podcast platforms worldwide including Sportily, Apple, and Google. The “Great Awakening Show” is about spiritual truth, guided inspiration, infinite wisdom, and sacred secrets being revealed.

We have inspirational interviews with people from all around the world; light-workers, way-showers, truth speakers, earth keepers, love embracers, healers, authors, therapists, visionaries, and all those who are benefiting others and our planet.

Connect with Joanne Kundalini-Third Eye Healing, Awakening, Manifesting Workshops, and Yoga and Wellbeing go Facebook-

Peace, Love, and Abundance to you All!"

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