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JC Community Chat 06-JAN-23

Here's one of the amazing chats we have on my Telegram Channel "Justin Carpenter". To join in live for future conversations or for updates in Telegram, feel free to join my channel If there notes/timestamps have been submitted, they will be below the show video. Don't see notes/timestamps and you'd like to help out by writing them? That's always very much appreciated... You can reach me on telegram or on my connect page

Thank you so much Paislea for these incredible notes and timestamps!!

00:01 Justin ~ opening announcements

3:52 Bob Eden ~ a man with a mission to eradicate suicide & depression. Offers his 2 basic principles KISS: Keep It Simple Sovereign ~ SUE: all are Sovereign Unique and Equal ~ our body always knows what it needs...get out of your own way.. All Soul-utions are found within. ~ Google The Gift of Depression by Bob Eden

11:08 Lyndee speaks about her struggle with depression. been 9 months now since weaned herself off meds and now meditates, etc...Bob Eden responds ~ the message is to do your healing from feeling. once you spot the "deception" you are free, your issues are within your tissues...reads a quote from Louise Hay - ...

25:07 Justin responds.. speaks of the eucatastrophe..of that miracle moment..turning the ship around...worthy of a listen! IMO

30:25 Bob Eden responds...

36:33 Justin responds...shares more esoteric wisdom. Forgiveness Is For Us...

41:13 Bob Eden speaks about contacting his mom through a Spiritual Medium..the message from his mom was; "thank for for writing and sharing that story, because I am now doing the same work with my own parents in the beyond"

42:15 Justin responds...

43:36 Bob Eden responds..."since the 21st of Dec 2012, we have been leaving the age of power and entering the age of integrity" ...etc..

45:01 Justin responds..absolutely, the truth is always simple. the lie complicates it...the only thing complicated is disconnecting from the complicated mess, and requires that leap of faith, that knowing and the trust...fear is just false evidence appearing real..etc...

45:45 Bob Eden responds...shares his pivital moment in 2007.

49:13 Justin responds...God likes to give us these moments that stick with us....

50:11 Jay Vee speaks of his traumatic bike accident amidst a 17 day water fast. He's currently on another water fast, 6 days in... asks Justin about his own water fast experiences? Justin responds..water fasts are a powerful tool..Jay Vee also speaks about his amazement at how quickly he healed. speaks about removing meat from his diet in august of 2021 dairy and eggs in Sept 2021...

57:33 Bob Eden responds..using his "SUE" principle, Bob then proceeds to speak about his experience switching onto a carnivore diet. It is what his heart has guided him don't see any cave paintings of veggie gardens, the cave paintings are of men chasing down bison...

59:19 Justin responds Respect is always a good thing..on the cave painting aspect, those are all a fabrication in order for us to believe that we evolved from cave men...those aren't real...Bob are just saying what you believe and not what works for me...there's no argument, only difference. Justin responds.. there's a difference in perceptions of how our body is wired and what we're wired for...

1:02:08 Bob Eden responds well it goes back again to the SUE principle..all I hear is you saying we we we and thats the fundamental difference between you and's only ego that claims to speak for all ...

1:02:40 Justin responds...but there is a species specific diet for every species that exists on this Earth...I say "we" because we share the same dna structure, are of the same species, constructed of the same...Bob laughs and says it's only your is a sickness and nature is a cure...Justin responds, right! nature is the truth of all things, if we ignore nature then we're doomed to suffer the consequences...a gazelle doesn't go out there a pretend to be a tiger and eat meat, it doesn't work...etc...well, it looks like he might of left...that was fun. (Bob Eden obviously wasn't keen on where the conversation was going IMO and so, has just left the building) 🤷‍♀️

1:04:53 Katie Meert Thank you Justin for being so kind and speaking the truth. Really, there is Only One Truth and that's Gods Truth...I appreciate you for showing us how to handle these types of situations.

1:05:31 Justin responds..You are so welcome...The Truth is simple... The One Truth is Immoveable..align my Truth with The Truth as much as possible...Justin continues to share some beautiful gnosis...listen in! ✨

1:13:07 Jay Vee speaks of Simplicity, Free Will....through experimenting we learn...and there's so much we have to unlearn...getting back to a state of well being....a horse's diet is pretty simple, uncomplicated....

1:16:30 Justin responds: it is very simple and we try to over complicate kill an animal is a complicated task...greatful to have had this conversation, greatful that Bob brought that forward. He brought some great points around trauma, but quickly showed itself when he's on camera smoking a cigarette, talking about meat is the best thing ever while he's hacking up a example of, if you want to go in that direction...

1:19:06 Katie Meert it's a full moon & I am fasting... I'm a Capricorn & the moon is in Capricorn... how do I know when I am supposed to be fasting when the moon is in Capricorn, aren't I supposed to do it for two and a half days and I'm wondering if somebody could teach me a little bit more about that? thanks! ✨

1:19:55 Justin responds when the moon is in our sun cycle, this is when physiologically, this is the most ideal time for our chrism oil to rise within us. etc...

1:28:54 PaisLea just clarifying Katie's question ..what I heard was Katie ask about fasting when the moon is in her sun that correct? If so, then to clarify, the moon is in Capricorn on the 19th,20th & 21st of this month..Katie responds: yes! I was wondering where you get those 2 and a half days so if someone could teach me how I find out what those days are..Justin responds with a useful website called 2023 astro moon phases, etc....✨

1:31:30 Justin reads a question from ShawnSandra sp*: what is the difference between the lifting of the veil and the third eye it the same or is one an inside process and the other an outside process? My thoughts are that the third eye is something that happens within you and that the veil is something that happens for the world to see but, was wanting to see what your thoughts are on this.. Love you from the East to the West Brother.✨ Justin responds with such beautiful gnosis..a must listen IMHO 😉✨

1:41:25 Lyndee : my question is about About Q...Do you think that Q was created to get people on the earth to teach us and within that we are going to create this new earth? Is is also not only to wake us up but also to create the amazing incredible earth that we are expecting to come very soon?..

1:43:22 Justin responds: watch Charlie's video of the breakdown of we hear more of Justin's amazing gnosis on this subject ... lean in to listen! IMHO😉✨

1:56:12 Lyndee Am I allowed to ask about more info on the Kennedy bloodline? ....

1:56:55 Justin: the best video in regards to this is Charlies video on Jeheshua and Mary of Magdala..(John John's son Ezra confirmed that Charlies gnosis was spot on!)...again also Justin's beautiful gnosis given~ must listen! IMHO 😉✨🙏🏻💖

2:12:28 Jill-Conspiracy no more: IYO, do you feel like the Kennedy curse for example, did the cabal always know that certain figures didn't really pass on...and that the Q team always one step ahead? Do you know what I mean?

2:13:40 Justin responds: ... John Galting and the best kept secret of JFK, The Knights Templar is all about Guarding the Bloodline, etc... (Keep it Secret Keep it Safe ~*my own addition here 😉)... a must listen! IMHO✨

2:21:46 Jill - Conspiracy no more: I wanted to touch on one other thing...I'm here in Buffalo NY..I'm sure everyone here knows what happened on Mon with the football game here? I follow a man whos been doing gematria on professional sports for 10 yrs. Gematria25 on YT The SuperBowl is on 2/12 this year and what happened on Monday when someone actually collapsed in cardiac arrest, that he died on the field..everything seems to be coming to a head here in Buffalo, etc....then Lyndee responds about the ambulance on the field has no city name, no word Ambulance on it, etc.... Justin responds: all of these events are WH led....etc...

2:37:43 Rowan McLeod (first time speaking): Can you do a fast and still exercise, build muscle and still have the ability to heal on a physical sense? Justin responds..glucose from fruit as the fuel to utilize the building of muscle while just eating fruit is so very possible!...mentions JoshX & Michelle testing the building of muscle as frugivores. also The Free Melon Society on YT ...etc ✨(heads up! loud environment noise...Rowan's at the gym! 😉)...Justin shares more beautiful gnosis about food, etc...✨

2:52:06 Rowen McLeod responds to Justin gnosis about fruit as fuel, etc...pasturized is "past my eyes" alone "all one"....also mentions the book The Cellular Regeneration Handbook

3:01:30 Justin how you said...we're all addicted to crack! we've been spoon fed "crack" since we were born! fallen so far into the food addictions...etc...also gives a shout out to Liv MacDonald's gracious giving of her LivaLittleRaw Recipe ebook!

3:19:53 Lila suggests "saltwerk" as a much healthier option.

3:21:30 Edward Peters puts a link in the chat for the website that Lila just mentioned. Edward also gives his thanks and gratitude..Its not about how much you do, its more about doing better..if you fall just get up and keep on trying! ✨

3:23:34 Mike can you speak on the esoteric versions of Eve (Lyra) on His Dark Materials and also as Evey on V for Vendetta? please shed some light on that... Justin responds...again beautiful gnosis..Mike responds...all a must listen! IMHO✨... the One True Story told over and over again! 💖

3:37:44 Chase Freedom mentions currently watching the 15th round of the Election for SOTH...looks like McCarthy might get elected in the 15th..Justin responds: All that is just a charade ...part of the movie...our time is very short for what's happening next....we'll see how that shitshow unfolds...thanks for reporting

3:39:27 Leah Melb (first time speaking) the signage for MacDonald's has been taken off, just the golden arches you know why that is?

3:41:53 Justin wraps up the evening✨... ThanQ @JustinCarpenter this was a Beautiful Bright gathering this evening Brother...Love You! 🙏🏻💖


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